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From: "Velma" <>
Subject: Manlius V Thomson, older brother of Melita Thomson Smith
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 18:18:44 -0500

The following data is taken from "Governors of Kentucky, 1792 - 1942" by
G. Glenn Clift; published in 1942 by Hobson Press, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Page 182-183

Manlius Valerius Thomson

September, 1840 - September, 1844

Born in Scott County, Kentucky, the eldest son of General
David and Betsey (Suggett) Thomson. Mrs. Elizabeth Thomson, wife of
General David Thomson, died in Pettis County, Missouri, April 11, 1857,
in her 74th year. His father, General David Thomson, was a son of
General David Thomson, of Virginia, and Anna (Rodes) Thomson. He came
to Scott County, Kentucky, with his mother and her large family after
the death of General David Thomson, Sr.; here he became a successful
farmer. He fought in the War of 1812 and commanded a regiment at the
Battle of the River Raisin. Tradition is that he killed Tecumseh. He
was a State Senator from Scott County from 1811 until 1820, and in the
latter year United States Deputy Marshall. Betsey (Suggett) Thomson was
an aunt of Colonel Richard M. Johnson, who became Vice President of the
United States.

Manlius V. Thomson lived in Scott County, Kentucky where he
died in Georgetown, July 22, 1850.

Chronology: studied in the common schools of his community
and received an A.B. degree from Transylvania in 1822; 1833, elected
Presidential Elector; elected to the State Senate from Scott County;
1840, elected Speaker of the Senate; 1840, elected Lieutenant-Governor
over John B. Helm. The vote, Thomson, 52,423; Helm, 35,890. He served
the full term, ending in September, 1844. In 1843 he was again elected
Speaker of the Senate; 1847, appointed by the Governor as Colonel of the
Third Kentucky Regiment of Infantry for service in the Mexican War;
1849, elected Presidential Elector. 1850, died of cholera at his home
in Georgetown.

Manlius V. Thomson married Mary Ann Thomson.
To this union was born one child:
(1) Henry Clay Thomson, of Georgetown, Kentucky, and one
time of Missouri. He committed suicide at the Phoenix Hotel, in
Lexington, Kentucky, October 7, 1870. He was about 40 years of age.

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