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From: Terry McLean <>
Subject: Thos. Benj. Hadley
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 08:22:58 -0800

The following correspondence has been taking place re: Thomas B. Hadley of
Texas - it regards an error in his line of descent. This will be of
interest to those from the George Hadley line of NE as well as the Simon line.
Direct correspondence regarding the following to any of the recipients who
participated, and/or to John Hadley, President of Hadley Society at



From: "John Hadley" <>
To: "Terry McLean" <>
Subject: Fw: Hadley, TBJ Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000

"The HGS data base has this TBJ Hadley as a son of Ben and Betty Kenderson
Hadley (my line). So I have been trying to find out about this fellow
because his name was not in his father's will as were those of all the
other children. John Dean thought he was from Ben and his first wife Eliz
King. This info from Cindy Smith puts this to rest. TBJ was the son of
Moses Hadley and not of our line of Hadleys at all.

I have found records of this Moses Hadley as an early settler of the
Mississippi territory. I'm still looking further but I think it safe to say
you should delete TBJ Hadley as a son of Ben and Betty. He was born before
they were married by many years so the listing is definitely erroneous.
Since this source material comes from Kingston Goddard Hadley, I give it
more credibility as he was one of the best researchers of the Hadley clan
in our short history.
John Hadley"


From: Cindy Smith <>
Cc: ;
Subject: Re: Hadley, TBJ Date: Friday, January 21, 2000

"... have some info on TBJ, Thomas Benjamin Jefferson...

1) A family sheet that J.M. "Mark" Hadley sent me in 1987. The sheet is a
handwritten copy (by Mark) of a sheet he had in his records that was
written by Kingston Goddard Hadley of Media, PA in 1930. It does not
support that TBJ is son of Benjamin by Elizabeth King. He is the son of
Moses Hadley and Anne Grimball Robert. Moses Hadley is the son of William
Hadley (Revolutionary War Soldier) and Elizabeth Warner.

Thomas Benjamin Jefferson Hadley was born about 1793 in SC, married Piety
Smith. His siblings are Ann Hadley, Rachel Hadley, Thirza Hadley, William
Peter Gershom Hadley and Esther Hadley. Esther Hadley married a Randolph
(see 4) and "left a family bible rich in information."

There is a second sheet listing all the children of William Hadley and
Elizabeth Warner, twelve in all.

On the back of the first sheet is this: "Thomas Benjamin Jefferson Hadley,
eldest son of Rev. Moses Hadley, married Piety Lucretia Smith, daughter of
Indian fighter Col. David Smith (see 2). Piety pushed through legislation,
the first of its kind in the US, to give women rights of land ownership.

She and her husband ran the most popular boarding house in Jackson, Miss.
If any of the boarders did not agree with her cause, they ate only hash and
did not dine with the other boarders. I don't have a list of their children
but there was a child who died at age two. Shortley after that a
brokenhearted TBJ Hadley took his family and moved to Harrison County
Texas. They show up there on the 1850 census."

Does TBJ show up in Harrison Co, or did the writer cofuse him with our
Hadleys? I have another note that TBJ was in Houston in 1850 --CS(see 3).

2) From Mississippi Revolutionary Soldiers, p. 250, Ann Grimball Robert
married Rev. Moses Hadley; p. 275-277, Major David Smith, father and
Obedience Fort, mother of Piety L Smith. Piety b. 2 April 1807, died Texas
23 Aug 1898, m. Hinds Co. 14 June 1831, Thomas B J Hadley. Children
Aurelia, Priscilla, Benjamin Quitman (1836-1839), Julia, Margaret, Sallie

3)From The Texas Methodist, Vol. II, No. 27, October 19, 1850, (these are
like personal adds in a Methodist newpaper or quarterly) Christian Smith,
widow, address news of her brother, John C. Morrison, to TBJ Hadley, Esq,
Houston. (Harris County, not Harrison)

4) A handwritten note by me in margin of the photocopy of the Miss Rev.
Soldiers book, Esther Sarah Jaudon Hadley married William Randolph March
20, 1828.

5) You will find more records in Mississippi Court Records 1799-1835, TBJ
was in Hinds Co., Miss. before moving to Texas. Moses' will is in Wilkinson
County, Book 2, p 117, my notes must be from an abstract, does not list
children by name, just wife Ann and children.
Hope this helps,


To: ,
Subject: Re: Hadley Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000

".... So far as I have heard there is controversial and no one has found
any concrete information on Thomas Benjamin Hadley, born 1790, the youngest
son of Ben and King. I show him, listed Thomas B. Hadley, receiving all
those land grants in Mississippi. I think they were approved about 1835?

He was married to Nancy Crain and Piety Smith. He ended up in Texas? Do
you [believe] this is right?
John B. "


From: "John Hadley" <>
Subject: Fw: Hadley line Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000
"...I finally found someone who has the Moses and TBJ Hadley line figured
out. They are from the George Hadley line. Here's what I just received.
John Hadley"


"...Saw your note on Genforum requesting info on MS Hadley's and Moses
My line comes from George Hadley of England = Elizabeth Spooner George
hadley s/o George Sr. married 1. Marie Proctor, 2 Deborah Skilling (a
widow) Joseph Hadley s/o George, Jr. married Mehitabel Tippett (it is said
that the southern line comes from this Joseph. Maybe some of his children
went to GA, AL)
Joseph Hadley s/o Joseph, Sr., Married Rebecca Dyckman
William Hadley s/o Joseph, Jr. married Elizabeth Warner
Moses Lawrence Hadley s/o William married Anne Grimball Robert Children
of Moses Lawrence:
Thomas Benjamin=Piety Lucretia Smith
Anne= ? Dunn
Rachel= ? Catlett
Thriza Anne + William White Yerby
William Peter Gorsham=Caroline Lucinda Howard
Estha Sarah Jaudon=William Randolph
Info on Moses Lawrence:
Moses and his family moved to Wilkinson County, MS about 1808. Moses was
a well known Baptist Preacher, the Hadley family moved into northern
Lousiana and onto Texas.

The family of Rev. Moses Hadley and Ann Robert moved to the Wilkinson in an
emigration of approx. 97 people from the Robertville, South Carolina led by
Captain Peter Robert. (Father in Law) The Hadleys helped settle the
Woodville, MS area.
1810 Census
Hadley, Moses heir of & overseer --- 7-21-3-4-0-0
Code for columns.
1. white taxable inhabitants
2. slaves
3. white male
4. white females
5. deaths
6. births
Wilkinson County, Mississippi 1813 Tax Record A-K
Moses Hadley 75 Thompson Creek USA 0P 8S
I have not traced them to Texas, but have found tidbits of info that I am
working on. I have most of the sibling of my Hadley ancestors. Let me
know if this helps straighten out the two Hadley lines. The other line is
from Simon Hadley of Ireland.

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