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Subject: RE: [HAGLER] Re: abraham,isaac,jacob, info please help
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 14:43:27 -0600
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Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me how it is known that the father
of Rebecca and Suzanne was Jacob Hagler? Is there a single document that
makes this clear or are there bits of information that add up to make this
connection clear?

I have seen information on the Internet that links Rebecca and Suzanne to
the Jacob Hagler who lived in what is now Lancaster Co., SC. I have also
seen them linked to the Jacob Hagler from Friedrichstal (now in Germany) who
came to the Orangeburg area of SC. They can't both be correct.

You asked about my connection to the Haglers.

My ancestor George Christman married an Elizabeth Hagler (b. 1772 or 1773)
about 1788, as their first child was born in early 1789. They first lived
on Dutch Buffalo Creek in the part of Mecklenburg Co., NC, that later became
Cabarrus Co., NC. In 1791 they moved a little to the south and located on
Rocky River which was still in Mecklenburg Co., NC. By the time they sold
the second property in 1799, it was in Cabarrus Co., NC. They are in the
1800 US Census in the part of Camden District that is now Lancaster Co.,
South Carolina. They later moved to Christian Co., KY, then to Morgan Co.,

I am trying to determine the father of Elizabeth Hagler. As I have reviewed
the research of others, different researchers give different fathers, and
none of the researchers gives an explanation as to how he/she arrived at
his/her conclusion. My approach has been to identify all of the early
Hagler men in North Carolina and South Carolina that were old enough to have
been her father then look for their descendants.

1. There was a John Hagler who got land on Dutch Buffalo Creek in
Mecklenburg Co., NC, in 1765. There is a good possibility he was the John
Hagler in South Carolina land records in 1749 and 1752. Court records for
Mecklenburg Co, NC, indicate his children. His daughter Elizabeth did not
marry a Christman. This John Hagler had died by May 1772.

2. The five sons of the John Hagler of Dutch Buffalo Creek were named
Jacob, John, Peter, Philip, and Paul. John, Peter, Philip, and Paul did not
have a daughter Elizabeth who married a Christman. John's son Jacob is one
of two persons I believe could have been Elizabeth's father.

3. There is a lot of information about an Isaac Hagler who was born about
1750 in North Carolina who later went with his four sons to Jackson Co.,
Illinois. Since such a person would have been of the right age to have been
the father of my Elizabeth, I have investigated this possibility quite
thoroughly. I am convinced there was no such person.

I believe somehow some misinformation got recorded before 1925 which has
been perpetuated. I believe Jacob Hagler the son of John Hagler of Dutch
Buffalo Creek was the father of the Haglers who went to Jackson Co.,
Illinois, although I do not believe Jacob went with them. I believe Jacob's
eldest son Jacob was one of the four and that he later returned to
Montgomery Co., NC.

4. There was a Jacob Haigler/Hegler from Friedrichstal, (now in Germany),
who arrived in Charles Town, South Carolina, 19 September 1752 on the Ship
Cunliffe. With him were his sons Peter (bap. 1740), Philip (bap. 1743), and
George (bap. 1747). Jacob became a widower at some point; he remarried and
had two more sons John Frederick (b. 1755) and John Jacob (b. 1758).

These Haiglers settled in Orangeburg District/County, South Carolina. I
need to do a little more research on these Haiglers. I will not tell what I
do know about them at this time. However, so far, they do not appear to be
likely candidates to be the father of my Elizabeth Hagler.

5. There was a Sebastian/Boston Hagler in Camden District (now Lancaster
Co. and Chesterfield Co.), South Carolina, as early as 1764. I will not
give all of the information I have on him at this time. He is the other one
of the two persons I believe could have been my Elizabeth's father.

Sebastian/Boston was of the right age to have been my Elizabeth's father.
My ancestor George Christman had a brother named Michael Christman, Jr.
Michael Jr. married Elizabeth Weidner/Wydner/Whitner/etc. Sebastian/Boston
Hagler bought some acreage on Lynches Creek from Elizabeth Weidner's father.
However, Elizabeth Weidner's parents did not leave the area. They still had
some land there.

Michael Christman, Sr., of Mecklenburg Co., NC, had been murdered by 25
November 1780 "on the pretense he was a Tory". I believe it is possible
Michael's widow took her children and crossed the nearest state line which
would have taken her into the part of South Carolina now called Lancaster
County. Many people at this time fled from North Carolina to South Carolina
and to Virginia. This is a possible explanation for how Michael Jr. could
have met and married someone from the Lynches Creek area. If Michael Jr.
married someone from that area, George might have married someone from the
same area for the same reason.

6. There was a John Hagler, wife Elizabeth Van Hooser, who got land in
Anson Co., NC, in 1765. He later moved to Wilkes Co., NC. He left a will
which named his children including the married surnames of his daughters.
His daughter Elizabeth did not marry a Christman.

As I have indicated, the two men I believe most likely to have been the
father of my Elizabeth Hagler are Jacob the son of the John Hagler who got
land on Dutch Buffalo Creek in Mecklenburg Co., NC, in 1765 and
Sebastian/Boston Hagler who was on Lynches Creek in South Carolina as early
as 1764. These are proving the most difficult of the Hagler lines to trace
forward in time. From what I have seen on the Internet, it seems to me that
some people are mixing up the two lines.

I say this because the Jacob who is the son of John of Dutch Buffalo Creek
is in the 1790 US Census for Mecklenburg Co., NC. Next he is in the 1800 US
Census and 1810 US Census for Montgomery Co., NC. I don't think there is
any question about who the Jacob Hagler is in these three censuses.

There is a letter written by the widow Rebecca Cagle and her son Benjamin
Cagle both of Montgomery Co., NC, to Rebecca's son David (Benjamin's brother
David) and Rebecca's daughter Elizabeth Cagle Hagler wife of Jacob Hagler
(Benjamin's sister Elizabeth Cagle Hagler) dated November 1816 with the
address of Henry Co., Georgia. Because of this letter, this Jacob Hagler in
Georgia in 1816 is believed to be the same Jacob Hagler who was in
Montgomery Co., NC, in 1800 and 1810.

I do not know what happened to the Jacob Hagler, son of John Hagler of Dutch
Buffalo Creek, by 1820. Until recently, I have thought the Jacob in the
1820 US Census for Walton Co., GA, was the same Jacob Hagler who had been in
Montgomery Co., NC, in 1800 and 1810, because according to one source,
Elizabeth Cagle Hagler wanted to be near her favorite brother David Cagle.
In the 1820 US Census for Walton Co., GA, the name David Cagles (sic)
appears two lines above that of Jacob Hagler.

Perhaps when I get into the land records for Walton Co., GA, Henry Co., GA,
Jasper Co., GA, and a few other counties in Gerogia and look at all of the
land lottery records for Georgia, things will be clearer. The name Jacob
Hagler appears several times in Georgia censuses. I believe some of these
are the same Jacob as is in the 1790, 1800, and 1810 US Censuses for the
Lynches Creek area (present-day Lancaster Co.) of South Carolina. I won't
go into more detail at this time.

The information from Goodspeed's Biographies does show the Haglers being in
Tennessee before being in Georgia. Two censuses show Rebecca Overton being
born in South Carolina. Perhaps her family moved from South Carolina to
Tennessee for a time then later moved to Georgia.

If you have found Haglers in land records in Georgia, I would appreciate it
if you will share them with me. I will share those that I find with you, if
you would like me to do so.

Even though I am not a descendant of Suzanne Hagler Overton, I would like to
have a picture of her. She may be a descendant of Sebastian/Boston Hagler
of the Lynches Creek area in South Carolina. Although I cannot prove it at
this time, I believe Sebastian/Boston Hagler of Lynches Creek and John
Hagler of Dutch Buffalo Creek are blood relatives.

You may have noticed in the 1790 US Census for Camden District, SC, there is
a Lanard Hagler. I believe that is a mistake and should say Lanard Cagle.
The reason I say this is I have a survey for property of Leonard Cagle.
This land has a common boundary with Sebastian/Boston Hagler. Also I have a
deed for another piece of land for Leonard Cagle; Sebastian/Boston Hagler is
one of his neighbors.

The names H-a-g-l-e-r and C-a-g-l-e are quite similar. They both have
a-g-l-e in them. Sometimes when I mean to say Hagler I say Cagle and vice
verse. I think the census taker got mixed up the same way.

Thank you again for responding to my questions.

Carole Cook

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Jacob Hagler was Rebecca and Suzanne's father. I have found nothing on the
mother. I have included an excerpt I found on John, which is Rebecca and
James' son.

>From Goodspeed's Biographies on James Overton and Rebecca Hagler.

"Rev. John H. W. Overton was born in Henry County, Ga., and is a son of
James and Rebecca (Hagler) Overton, the former of whom was born, reared and
educated in South Carolina, his removal to the State of Georgia taking place
after he had reached man's estate, and there he was married. His wife was
brought up in Tennessee, but removed to Georgia with her people, where she
met and married Mr. Overton. After the birth of the subject of this sketch
they removed to Lafayette County, and after a residence of ten years there
they settled in Marion County, Ala., where they made their home for four
years. They then took up their abode in Carroll County, Miss., this being in
the fall of 1848, and in October, 1849, they emigrated to Arkansas and
settled on the farm on which the subject of this sketch is now living, which
was then in Bradley (now Cleveland) County"

I have found some references to the Hagler's having been in SC also but
can't remember what I did with that information. Jacob ended up in Wedowee,
AL where I believe he past away.

I have a picture of Suzanne that another family member shared with me. I
can e-mail it to you if you would like.

I have more information on Suzanne than Rebecca since that is my line. What
is your connection?

Jan Crawford

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