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From: Gary & Ann Blakely <>
Subject: [HALEY] Copiah Co., MS 1870 census
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 21:28:51 -0600

This is a list of all the Haley's I found in the 1870 Copiah County
Mississippi census. I think that the bottom listed family, Mary E. Haley
(widow of Robert H. Haley) may be my family if I can prove that Albert
to be my Elbert! Would like to hear from any descendants of these
Gary Blakely

- -------------------------------------------------------------

1870 Haley's in Copiah County, Mississippi Rev 11-14-99

P. O. Hazlehurst 2 July 1870 Page 123
Josephus M B 24 MS Farmer
Rosa F B 26 MS Keeping House
Aley F B 10 MS
Harriet F B 8 MS
Samuel M B 6 MS
James M B 4 MS
Joseph M B 1 MS

P. O. Crystal Springs 22 Jul 1870 Page 156
William Haley M W 31 MS Farmer
Charilla F W 29 MS Keeping House
Myrum F W 13 MS
Elbert M W 10 MS
John M W 8 MS
Mary F W 6 MS
William M W 4 MS
Alley M W 2 MS

P. O. Crystal Springs 26 Jul 1870 Page 161A
William Haley M W 31 MS Farmer
Susan J. F W 24 MS Keeping
Jefferson Sandifer M W 17 MS
Mary Barron F W 30 MS
Elizabeth Barron F W 4 MS

P. O. Crystal Springs 26 Jul 1870 Page 161B
Jacob O. Haley M W 55 TN Farmer
Elizabeth. F W 48 MS Keeping House
Josephus M W 19 MS
Sarah E. F W 11 MS
Olive M. F W 9 MS

P. O. Crystal Springs 26 Jul 1870 Page 162B
Thomas Haley M W 49 MS Farmer
Nancy. F W 47 MS Keeping House
Jane F. F W 20 MS
Willie M W 1 MS

P. O. Crystal Springs 26 Jul 1870 Page 162A
James M. Haley M W 26 MS Farmer
Mary C. F W 20 MS Keeping House
Fannie E. F W 4/12 MS
William Franklin M W 21 AR Labors on Farm
Harriet Allen F W 12 MS

P. O. Hazlehurst 12 Aug 1870 Page 194B
Warr? Halley M W 34 MS Farmer
Myra H. F W 26 MS Keeping House
Mary L. F W 3 MS
Emma C F W 1 MS

P. O. Hazlehurst 13 Aug 1870 Page 197B
Jacob G? Haley M W 20 MS Works on Farm
(Living with James Corley family)

P. O. Hazlehurst 3 July 1870 Page 352A
William Haley M W 59 TN Lawyer
Eliza F W 56 MS Keeping House
William C. M W 20 MS
Herman M. M W 17 MS

P. O. Hazlehurst 4 Aug 1870 Page 354A
Mary E. F W 45 MS Keeping House
Answell L. M W 18 MS Works on farm
Albert T M W 23 MS Farmer
James R M W 15 MS Works on farm
John M M W 11 MS
Jackson M W 8 MS

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