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From: "Galati 4" <>
Subject: [{HALEY}] Warren County, TN Microfilm Roll 100+Census
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 00:29:14 -0500

Microfilm Searched at the Nashville, TN Archives by:
Cyndi Dryer Galati
PO Box 893
Fairland, OK 74343

Roll 100 Warren County Register's Office Deed Books Vol 4-5 Dec
1870-Jan 1874
Deed Book 4 Dec 1870-May 1872
Haley, Joshua 81-82
Haley, Riston 300

Deed Book 4 Page 81
Joshua Haley assigning Robinson his attorney from Lawrence County,

Deed Book 5 Page 327-329
George W Haley, JA Haley, Mary C Haley (now Mary C Magill) and her
husband John Magill all residents of Coryell County Texas—Estate of
George W Haley... legal heirs and representatives of John Haley
Deceased. Who was the Son of George and Lavisa Haley Decd.

Deed Book 5 May 1872-Jan 1874
Haley, George and others 327-9
<Did not find a final settlement for George Haley! There should be one
there somewhere!>

Roll #101 Warren County, Tennessee Deed Books 6-7 Jan 1874-Oct 1876
Volume 6
Northcut 74, 49-50
John A ?86
Jaco, Uriah pg ?

Volume 7
Northcutt, ER 194-195
Jaco J 225-226
Jaco 188

Roll #184 Plat Book Index and Plat Books 1-4
Index Books--Page listed in book (page in actual)

Plat Books
Plat Book 1
Pg 355 Woodson and Francis Northcutt
242 Geo Haley #1297--<Copied>
<Transcribed, in part, by Cyndi Galati:
By virtue of Entry No 1297 dated the 6th day of January 1826. I have
surveyed for William Bates....Bates now lives on.....near the stage road
on the South boundary line of a t??? ??re tract belonging to George
Haley thence east with said line ???ping the Stage road... including one
hundred & twenty seven acres of granted lands in said Survey 107 acres
belonging to said Bates and 20 belonging to Geo Haley. Surveyed 2nd Oct

303 Geo Haley #1827
<Transcribed, in part, by Cyndi Galati:
By virtue of Entry No 1827--dated the 28th of April 1826--I have
Surveyed for William Par???. Two hundred acres of land lying in the
County aforesaid on the waters of the barren fork of Collens
river...West of the west boundary of line of a two hundred acre tract in
the name of William Bates.....including ten acres of Granted land
belonging to Geo Hailey. Surveyed 3rd April 1827

John 86, 95 (261 CC--John Tolivar land) (286 CC w/ John Toliver)
Plat Book 2
Pg 4, 81, 153, 173, 244-5, 255, 344
Book 2 Page 4
<Transcribed, in part, by Cyndi Galati:
By virtue of Entry No 754 dated 4th of October 1824--I have Surveyed
for Wootson Northcutt Eight acres of land lying in the County aforesaid
on the head waters of the east fork of Stones river....on the West
boundary line of said Northcutts fifteen acre Survey...including said
Northcutts deeded lands & his peach Orchards. Surveyed 19 May 1827....

Haley 84 (Page 173) Haley's north boundary
George 40, 73, 119 (Page 81, 153)(255 Chain Carrier)
Plat Book 3
Pg 12, 38, 59-60, 212-3, 246, 249, 283-4, 300, 325, 344-5
<Transcribed, in part, by Cyndi Galati: Book 3 Page 12
By virtue of Entry No. 4290 dated teh 27th of September 1838. I have
Surveyed for James Lance thirty acres of land in said County on the
barren fork of Collins river...running then South with line of said
Lnaces 200 acre tract thirteen poles to a Post Oak on Haileys then East
with his line one hundred and two poles to a rock then north with his &
??????? lines one hundred and seventeen poles to a stake in a branch
???????? corner then West with his line thirty four poles to stake o
Lances line then South with his line.....Surveyed the 15th of September

Haily 143 (283)---Line
Geo 9-10 (Page 12)
George 143 (283-4)
<Transcribed, in part, by Cyndi Galati:
By virtue of Entry No. 2907 dated Jan 30--1830 I have Surveyed for
John Young One hundred and twenty five acres of land in the County afors
on the waters of the barren fork of Collins river.....on the south
boundary line of a hundred acre tract belonging to said Lance and moving
???? George Hailys 100 acre tract twenty poles to stake then North with
Wm Travis's line twenty four poles to his corner thence East with said
La???s line twenty poles... The above Entry called for 100 acres

Haley, Geo 10, 162 (325)
John 9-10, 23 (12 CC) (*38*)

Book 4--Haley, Barney 36 (114)--Chain Carrier
George 42-43 (142,143, 147)
Transcribed by Cyndi Galati:
Book 4 Page 142
State of Tennessee
Warren County
Surveyed the 13th of March 1852 for George Haley Three hundred and
ninety two acres of land. By virtue of an Entry bearing date the 13th
of September 1849 No. 5101, situate in said County on the waters of the
barren fork of Collins river. Big <? Looks like a sideways small g> on
a Hickory standing on the South bank of the barren fork running North
crossing the barren fork at six poles and on with the widow Grissums
line one hundred and forty four poles to Post Oak her corner. then East
with her line forty poles to double Post Oak and dogwood Pointers, then
North with Josiah Spurlocks line Sixty poles to black Oak on Jackson
Brewers line then West with his line forty poles to black Oak, then
north with his line One hundred and forty poles to black oak, then West
one hundred and sixty poles to Stake on or near the line of a tract of
land in the name of James Anderson then South with the same one hundred
and sixty poles to Sowerwood?, then West with James line thirty two
poles to Stake then South with his line passing his corner and on
crossing the barren fork in all two hundred and twelve poles to stake,
thence with the mianders? of the barren fork. North eighty two and east
one hundred and sixty four poles to the big <? Looks like a sideways
small g> John Haley and George Haley C. C. A. Higginbotham
(L or S)
<Note: Could the above Jackson Brewer be related to Jane Brewer that
married Barney B?>

Book 4 Page 143
State of Tennessee
Warren County
Surveyed the 12th day of March 1852 for George Haley. Two hundred and
fifty acres of land. By virtue of an Entry bearing the date the 13th
day of September 1849. No. 5102 Situate in said County on the waters of
the barren Fork of Collens river. Big <? Looks like a sideways small g>
on a Maple in the fork of the Creek known b the name of Alexander Creek
near where an Old Mill used to stand running North with Elam line.
Formerly Travis? One hundred and ninety poles to Post Oak his corner
thence East with Lamus? Line. Ninety poles to White Oak his corner then
North with his line sixty two poles to White Oak on John Wades line,
then East with his line ninety two poles to Black Oak, then South Two
hundred and fifty two poles to Post Oak and Hickory then West one
hundred and eighty two poles to the big <? Looks like a sideways small
A Higginbotham P (L or S)

<Transcribed, in part, by Cyndi Galati: Book 4 Page 147
Surveyed the 31st of January 1853 from James H Elam....(in a swamp)
George Haley's corner of his 100 acre tract, thence north with his line
one hundred and fourteen poles to Pointer the South East corner of James
Lances tract the West with his line twenty poles...The above Entry
called for 25 acres but could not be got.

John 42 (142)--Chain Carrier
Haynes, 34, 36 (108,113)-------Haynes line
GW 36, 44, 54-55 (113, 149, *197-8*, 199)---Chain Carrier

Roll 191 Warren County Registers Office Trust Deeds Volume 1, 1-A
Sept 1870-Nov 1899
Volume 1 Sept 1870-April 1890
Jaco, JW 238-239, 266-267, 351
Northcutt, JA 204, 230-231
LH 284
JJ 519

Roll #263 Warren County, Tennessee City of McMinnville Minutes Aug
1859-Dec 1915
No Index

Census Records

1810-Rockcastle County, KY Census Pg. 166-
M Under 10--M 16-26---F 16-26
George Haley----1-----------------1----------------1

1820 Rockcastle County, KY Census Microfilm Roll Number M33 Roll 27 Vol
Pg 248
George Haley
Male Under 10--------3
Male 10-16--------------1
Male 26-45--------------1
Female Under 10----1
Female 26-45----------1
People in Commerce---1

1830 Warren County, TN Census Page 333
John Haley
Male Under 5----------1
Male 20-30-------------1
Female Under 5--------1
Female 20-30----------1
George Haley
Male Under 5----------1
Male 5-10--------------3
Male 10-15------------1
Male 15-20------------1
Male 40-50------------1
Female Under 5-------1
Female 5-10-----------1
Female 10-15----------1
Female 30-40----------1

1850-Warren County, Tennessee Census-M432-898
1065-1065-George Haley-58-M-Farmer-1500-VA-1/1(over 20 cannot read and
Lavica------------57-F------------------------VA-1/1 "
Allen--------------30-M-----Farmer-------KY-1/1 "
Lavica E---------2--F-------------------------TN

1850 Warren County, Tennessee Census Page 58
Phillip Jaco—58—Farmer—GA
Mary Jaco—40—GA
Martha Jaco—23—TN
Franky Jaco—18—TN
Sarah Jaco—17—TN
James Jaco—15—TN
Jeremiah Jaco—13—TN
Ann Jaco—12—TN
Richard Jaco—9—TN
??ly Jaco—7—TN
Phillip Jaco—5—TN
Thomas Jaco—3—TN
Willard Jaco—?—TN
<This should be the family of Sarah and Annie Jaco that Vance Allen and
George Haley married. Notice that Annie was the younger sister! This
would have made her about 20 when George and her were married. There
are probably more children that may have already left home between
Martha and Franky.>

1860 Warren County, Tennessee Census pg. #7
George Haly—69—VA
Ann “ --21—TN
Philip “ 1—TN
Louvica “ 12—TN
<Living next door is Luny Rhea. George, Jr. married Abigail Rhea could
this be her parents? Louvica is the daughter of Vance Allen. Is Philip
George or Vance Allen’s son? Where is he in 1870? Where were Vance
Allen, George Jr. and Joshua Haley in the 1860 Census????????????? This
seems strange that 3 of George’s sons are missing! Where are there
families? It is strange that Lavicia, George and Vance Allen all died
about the same time!! Too many mysteries!!>

>From Betty Haley:
<From there we go to p 7 of the 1860 Warren Co Census, and this is where
appears to get "squirrely." We find George Haly (sic), age 69, b Va,
Ann, 21, b Tn, son Philip, age 1, b Tn, and Louvica, age 12, b Tn.
is the d/o Vance Allen. who was age 2 on the last census when she was
living w/good ole George and her grandmother, Lavica (Callahan) Haley.
Philip is in fact Phillip Alexander, b 1859, Warren Co, s/o George and
Annie, m Narcicus Corthern (sic) 24 Dec 1884, Warren Co.
The Luny Rhea found living next door to George and Annie in 1860 is
the father of Abigail Rhea/Rea, who married George, Jr in 1848 in Cannon
(keep in mind these people lived on the Warren/Cannon Co lines). >

Pg. #8
Calvin C Brewer—33
Jackson Toliver—18
<This is an interesting household! Barney B married a Brewer and John
married a Toliver! Is this the Calvin C Brewer who suited on Lavicia’s
behalf? He was young when he died if it was!>

1870 Warren County, Tennessee Census pg. 122
Hammi? Josiah—21—TN
Haley, George—8—TN
<Two doors down! The records show that Sarah Haley, wife of Vance
Allen, married a James Newby. Is this Mary Vance Allen’s daughter? I
have been told that George, Sr and Ann Haley had a son named George. I
have a hard time believing that he would name another son George. I
think it is very likely the George is a son of Sarah and Vance Allen
Haley. Why was his daughter with the senior George in 1860? Where did
Ann go in 1870? Did she remarry? Why is this George Haley with the
above family????>
Newbe? James M—50—TN
Whaley ?—2—TN
Haley, Mary—12—TN

Census Records Needed Still
1820 Warren County, Tennessee Census Page 14—Harter Haley
1830 Warren County, Tennessee Census Page 312—Francis and Woodson
1840 Warren County, Tennessee Census Page 326—Ryston Haley
Page 327—George Haley
1840 Cannon County, Tennessee Census Page 119—Woodsome Northcut
Page 134—JJC Haynes
Page 143—Thomas Haynes

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