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Vertical Files from the McMinnville Library in McMinnville, TN by:
Cyndi Dryer Galati
PO Box 893
Fairland, OK 74343

Northcutt Vertical File at McMinnville Library—Misc papers
“Francis Northcutt born in 1760, in Amelia County Virginia, married
Lucy Haley, May 26, 1794 in Henry County Virginia. He was a private in
the 10th Virginia Regiment. (Vir. Hist. Mag. Vol. 21, p. 279) Died
after 1834, in Rutherford County, Tenn. Revolutionary War Record,
Veterans Bureau of Pensions, S21401”
“Tennessee, Warren County, April 8, 1834. Age aboout 74 years, drafted
in the Army of US in Prince Edward Co. Va. Sept. 1777. In Capt. Samuel
Scotts Company. Marched to Savannah River and Stationed at Savannah
Town. There a year...In no particular battles...Discharged Sept. 1778,
returned to Prince Edward County, Va. Where he remained for about two
years and six months. Until just before Cornwallis was taken. When he
enlisted again in service, as a Volunteer...Arrived at Little York,
immediately after Cornwallis was taken. Discharged at Little York,
after having served six Weeks. Went home to his residence in Prince
Edward County, in 1781. Remained there about a year, and did not enter
service any more. Signed Francis Northcutt, his mark.”

“Francis Northcutt, Born in 1760, the month not recollected, in Amelia
County, Va. Once had record of age in Family bible, but is torn up.
Lived in Amelia for many years, from there he went to Prince Edward
where he was drafter. After the war closed he moved to Charlotte County
Va. Where he lived about eight years. Then he moved to Henry County,
Va. Where he remained about twenty, as well as he recollects, when he
removed to Warren County Tenn. Where he now lives. Barnabas Haley and
his wife, Rhoda Northcutt, who was Francis Northcutts, sister, they can
prove his service for one year. They reside in Rockcastle County, Ky.
Write to them and get their Affadavitt.”
“...Given under my hand at the Auditors Office, Richmond, Virginia,
this the eighth day of May, 1834. (unreadable Signature.) Looks like
John E. Steith, Auditor.”

“Warren County, Tennessee. Affadavit of Edward Haley, will be 79
years old Dec. the 19th next.”
“Became acquainted with Francis Northcutt, during the was of the Rev.
in Charlotte County, Va. That their fathers, lived in one mile of each
other. After Northcutt left for the Army, between 1777 and 1780, Haley
father sold out in Charlotte, and moved to Henry County, Va. Before
Francis’ Northcutts return. Ln a few years, after Haleys father moved
Francis Northcutts father, purchased a tract of land, in one mile of
wittness’ father, in Henry County, for said Francis Northcutt. Well
acquanted with him ever since. Edward Hailey, his mark”

“Auditors Office, 9th of May, 1834. Enclosing Certificate. It does
not appear that he ever drew Land Bounty from the State of Virginia.
Certificate of Pension issued Dec. 17, 1834. (No wife or children

“John Northcutt, brother of Francis, born in 1758, in Virginia.
Served in the Revolutionary War, as private in the 7th Virginia
Regiment. (From Virginia Historical Society.)”
“In Capt. Charles Flemings Company, under command of Alexander
McCleahachan, Esq. Commencing June 1st and terminating the last day of
June 1777. Removed from Lee County Virginia, to Wrren County, Tenn. In
1806. Settleing on Town Creek, not far from where the present Irving
College, now stands.”
“The children of John Northcutt, and wife Lynchia England, who was
born in Va. About 1738, were as follows----
1-Richard Northcutt, b. 1790, in Va. Died Jan. 9, 1815, at battle of
New Orleans.
2-William Northcutt, b. about 1782, according to the US Census of 1830,
he lived in Rutherfor County, Tenn.
3-Hosea b. about 1784 according to US Census of 1830, lived in
Rutherford County, Tenn.
4-Archibald Northcutt, b. 1796, No record.
5-John Jr. Northcutt, He was a Tenn. Volunteer in the Creek Indian War
and was later with Andrew Jacksons famous Tennessee Riflemen, at New
Orleans, died at the Battle of New Orleans, 1815.
6-Nancy Northcutt, married Ezekiel Hobbs.
7-Mina (Miancy) Northcutt, married Johnathan Tipton.
8-Virginia Northcutt, (Jennie) No record.
9-Isaac. No record.
10-Adrian Northcutt, b. Oct. 13, 1799, in virginia, died 1869, married
Sarah Cope, born Nov. 23, 1803, died Jan. 24, 1872, both buried
Armstrong Cemetery, Irving College, Tennessee.”

“Francis Northcutt—b. 1760, Amelia Co., Va.
m. Lucy Haley, May 26, 1794, Henry Co., Va.
Rev. soldier, private, 10th Va. Regiment (From Va. Historical Society,
June 21, 1938) Removed to Warren County, Tenn., Before 1834 where he
applied for a Pension. D. after 1834, Warren or Rutherford Co., Tenn.”
“Rhoda Northcutt b. (no doubt Amelia Co., Va.) sister to Frances. See
Pension Record. M. Barnabas Hailey, (no doubt Va.) 1834 they resided
in Rockcastle Co., Ky.”
“John Northcutt...brother to Francis...See letter from Mrs. Cleo Martin
Duke....(From Va. Historical Society June 21, 1938)...”
<I am just going to list the information here that was not in the
earlier record I typed. The next is from a list of John’s children:>
II. William 1830 US Census, Rutherford Co., Tenn.
Males Females
1—40-50 years 1—40-50 years
2—20-30 years
1—15-20 years 1—15-20 years
1—10-15 years 1—10-15 years
3—5-10 years
III. Hosea 1830 US Census, Rutherford Co., Tenn. 40-50 years of age.
V. John Jr. m. Hattie Hogan, Tenn. Vol. In Creek Indian War, 1811,
(ala), later with Andrew Jacksons famous riflemen at New Orleans.

“Revolutionary Soldier—John Northcutt”
“About 1806, John Northcutt, a soldier of the revolution, brought his
family, consisting of his wife, Lyncia (England) Northcutt, and eleven
children from Lee County, Virginia, and settled on Tom’s Creek (not far
from where the present Irving College stands) in Warren Co., Tennessee.
Little is known of his early life. He was present with Washington when
Cornwallis surrendered. At the outbreak of the Creek Indians in Alabama
in 1811. He was among the first Tenn. Volunteers to avenge the massacre
of Fort Minn. Later he was one Jackson’s famous Tennessee riflemen at
New Orleans where on Jan. –, 1815 he was killed. Richard, his eldest
son, was killed or died in this same battle. John Northcutt’s wife,
Lyncia, was left on the farm—children—
Richard—died in New Orleans
Four daughters (who went West, of them I know nothing) Nancy, Mina,
Adrian—Married Sarah Cope
James—Married Susan Hammon
<My note: This lists 11 children. It says 4 daughters, but only 3 are
named. It also does not list Hosea, but adds James. Could James and
Hosea be the same child?>
“John Northcutt, private in Capt. Charles Flemming’ Co., 7th Va.
Regiment under command of Alexander McCleanachan, Esq., commencing 1st
of June and terminating the last day of June 1777. (From Washington
D.C. Dept. of Archives, War Record Dept.) John Northcutt received 62/3
dollars (or 2 pounds) permonth. He served 2 or more months, but
disabled off and on and in hospital in Philadelphia. John Northcutt
(born Va., probably 1758, Married Lyncia England, probably 1786 or 1787
in Va. Moved to Tenn. 1806—Revolutionary soldier, Tenn. Volunteer in
Creek Indian War. Died Jan 1815 New Orleans La. Battle of New Orleans.”

“Francis Northcutt (Va. Hist. Mag. Vol. 21, pg. 279)”

“(This letter was sworn to and accepted by the “Daughters of the
American Revolution” at a board meeting, Apr. 18, 1931, for Mrs. Martin
of 3801 Richland Ave. Nashville, Tenn. The date was given her by Rev.
LN Northcutt).
Supplement to the above article. “I am enclosing you a copy of the
Northcutt record and the one on which Mamma joined the D.A.R. in 1931
(the above). Also, I am giving the names of John Northcutt,s children;
Richard, the oldest who died in the battle of New Orleans; Adrian,
Mamma,s (Mrs. Martin) grandfather, born 10/13/1799, James, John,
William, Nancy, Mina, Jennie, Archibald and Isaac. This John Northcutt
was a private in Capt. Chas. Flemings co. of the 7th Va. Regt. (Taken
from a letter from Mrs. Cleo Martin Duke, letter dated 6/14/1936.)”

<This next record just says Northcutt lineage at the top. It looks like
a list of children. Another sheet in the file lists these as the
children of Adrian and Sarah Cope Northcutt, a son of John and Lyncia
“#1—Lydia Northcutt, married Joseph Tipton, emigrated to Fannin County,
Texas.” <Mina Northcutt, daughter of John Northcutt married Johnathon
Tipton. Are they related? Fannin County, TX is where some of George
and Lavicia Haley’s descendants moved?>
“#2—Harris Bradford Northcutt, married Fannie McCraw”
“#3—Lawson Hill Northcutt, married Mary E Myers”
“#0—Johnathon Davis Northcutt, Mar. Minnie Simpson”
“#4—Polk Knox Northcutt, mar. 1st. Sarah Tate.” “married 2nd. Mary Ann
Beddingfield” <Could this be where the Tate Nortcutt plantation came
from? Could it actually be Tate-Northcutt, instead of Tate Northcutt?>
“#5—Mary Frances Northcutt, married James Knox Walling, emigrated to
“#6—John Northcutt”
“#7—Stephen Northcutt, died in Mexico in War of 1846, was member of 1st
Tennessee Voluntary Infantery.”
“#8—James Northcutt born 1827, mar. Esther Miller, their
children—Willis, mar. Ann Brewer....” <Here is another Brewer.>
“#9—William Elihu, born 1823, was a fifer in Company D 1st Tenn.
Voluntary Infantry. Mexican War.”
“#10—Archibald Northcutt, mar. Louisa Scott, 1852. He was born May 20,
1828, died Sept. 19, 1856.”
“#11—Samuel Houston, killed in Coffee Co. during civil war by Houston
Myers.” <Above Lawson Hill married Mary E Myers!>
“#12—Lynchia Letitia Northcutt, amr. Col. Hughes, died McMinnville.”
<John Northcutt’s wife was Lynchia England.>
“#13—Woodson L Northcutt. Killed at battle of the Wilderness, May 5,
1864. Confederate Soldier.”
“#14—Elizabeth Northcutt. Died young.”
“#15—George N Northcutt, born 1815, mar. Sirena----born 1819.”
US Census records
Cemetery records
Bible records
Court records
US Pension records
Roster of Mexican War Volunteers
Va. Mag. Of History”
“I certify that the above record is true to the best of my knowledge.
Thomas J Barnes, Genealogist.”
<Note: He lists 16 children, but says they had 15.>

Haley Vertical File at McMinnville Library—Misc papers
Two of the pages are from a Revolutionary War File for George Haley. I
think we have pretty much shown that this record belongs to George Sway
who said he enlisted under the name of George Haley.
“Pages 40 7 41 Virginia Genealogy—27 Sept. 1733. Returned. Pages
186-88. Will of Edward Haley of Saint Thomas’s Parish in the County of
Orange, being very sick and weak in body, dated 29 Dec. 1752.”
“The plantation whereon I now live containing 140 acres unto my
beloved wife Catherine Haley during her natural life or widowhood and
after her decease or marriage to my well beloved son Thomas Haley.”
“Unto my son David Haley L5 current money.”
“Unto my son Thomas Haley one feather bed and furniture at his
marriage or at his mother’s decease.”
“Unto my well beloved wife one Negro woman Roas, one feather bed and
furniture, one horse cald Prince.”
“The rest of my estate unto my wife during her natural life or
widowhood and at her decease or marriage to be equally divided between
all my children, to wit John Haley, James Haley, William Haley, Benjamin
Haley, Ambrose Haley, David Haley, Thomas Haley, Sarah Oakes, Elizabeth
Christopher, Valentine Herndon.”
“Unto my son William Haley 107 acres with the plantation now called
William Haley’s.”
“My well beloved wife Catherine Haley executrix, Thomas Haley and
Benjamin Haley executors. Edward (EH) Haley”
“Wit: Lancelott Rea, Hump. Haley, Volentine (her H mark) Haley,
Benja. Cave, Wm. Haley.”
“27 Sept. 1753. Presented into Court by Catherine Haley and Thomas
Haley. Proved by Benjamin Cave, Gent., and Humphrey Haley. Certificate
granted executors for obtaining probate, with Benjamin Cave and James
Herndon their securities.”
<Is the John Haley mentioned here the one that married Martha Wells?
Has that John been proven as the father of Barnabas that married Rhoda
Northcutt? Is this the same Edward who wrote the letter for Francis
Northcutt’s Revolutionary Pension?>

There is also a picture of a man on a hourse that says, “Geo. W. Haley,
Dealer in Texas Horses 188 (1 or 7)”

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