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From: "Galati 4" <>
Subject: [{HALEY}] Cannon County, TN Microfilm +
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 00:55:11 -0500

Cannon County, TN Microfilm Searched at the Nashville Archives by:
Cyndi Galati
PO Box 893
Fairland, OK 74343

Microfilm Searched
<Haynes, Haley, (Searched Northcutt also on Roll 2, 7, 41)>
Deed Book or Marriage Book A?
6, 29, 30, 33, 86, 97, 99, 106, 114, 120, 131

Roll #1 Cannon County, Tennessee Chancery Court Enrollment Books Sept
1852-Feb 1890
Sept 1852-March 1857
Pages 1-18 Missing--No Index

Sept 1865-Feb 1890
No Haley or Northcutt
Not crossed indexed

October 1865-Nov 1874
Haley, Mary

Roll 2 Cannon County, Tennessee Chancery Court Minutes A-B Aug 1840-Apr
1861 & D Oct 1865-May 1870
Volume A, Aug 1840-Oct 1852
Northcutt Index page missing
No Haley or Haynes
Volume B, March 1853-April 1861
Haly, Mary & Isaac J Haley 140-141
No Haynes or Northcutt
Volume D, October 1865-May 1870

Roll 6—Cannon County, Tennessee Circuit Court Enrolling Dockets 1847-8
Vol 1—
<No Indexes. I will need to search this sometime!!>

Woodson Northcutt Pg. 16
<Check pg. 116 Volume 1 I did not copy it or the one above!>
Volume 1, Pages 3-5
Barnabas B Haly vs Franklin Coleman for a debt of fifty cents. There
was a jury trial with Jessie and B Brewer on the jury. BB Haley won the

Roll 7—Cannon County, Tennessee Circuit Court Minutes A-B Feb 1862-Feb
Volume A, Feb 1862-June 1867
Northcut, J 629
No Haley or Haynes
Volume B, Oct 1870-Feb 1873

Roll #12 Cannon County, Tennessee Settlements, Admin. & Exec., Guardians
Feb 1854-Jan 1872

Roll #14 Cannon County, Tennessee Enrollment Books B, A, D Mar
1848-June 1916
Cannon County Court Enrollment Book Volume B, Mar 1848-June 1916
No Index
Volume A, Jan 1872-June 1875
Volume D, Dec 1874-July 1879

Roll #16 Inventories of Estates April 1848-Dec 1926
Administrators' Bonds, Feb 1897-June 1908
Insolvent Estates Feb 1888-Dec 1926
Inventories of Estates April 1848-April 1859

Roll #17 Cannon County, Tennessee Settlements, Admin. & Exec. Jan
1868-May 1876
Claims Against Estates Aug 1871-Sept 1914
Haily, WB 971
Haley, William 233
No Haynes

Settlements, Administrators, Executors Jan 1868-May 1876

Roll 19 Cannon County, Tennessee Marriage Records Vol A-E Mar
1838-Oct 1898
<Note: Indexed By Groom--Only searched Haleys>
Vol A March 1838-Feb 1850
Haley, James to Miss Elizabeth Dickens Pg 33
Haley, Joshua to Eleanor Haynes Pg 86
Haley Allen to Martha Young Pg 99
Haley, David to Miss Sarah Ann Duke Pg 106
Haley, Gerge to Miss Abigail Rhea Pg 114

Vol B March 1850-Nov 1866
Haley, Wm to Nancy Good 44
Haley, Geo to Mary Bowen 54
Hailey, Jas to Amanda J George 67
Hailey, Caphus to Sarah Burn 77
Haley, Umbrian to NRJ Du?e 103

Roll #27 Cannon County, Tennessee Will Books Volume A-B June 1836-Aug
Volume A June 1836-May 1895
<Haynes, Haley>--None
Pg 304-306 Annie Hailey—Daughter of John Doak 7/1881
Volume B September 1895-August 1926

Roll #40 Cannon County, Tennessee General Index to Deeds 1-2, April
1836-Nov 1917
Volume 1 1836-1897
Haley, BB 180
James 71, 110
JT 67
JM 265
Jas. & wife
WB 439, 342, 526
JW & Others
VH 591
John 550, 720

Roll #28 Cannon County, Tennessee Deed Books A-C
The first few pages of Book A are a Plat of the town of Woodbury. It
lists the original owners of the lands and then the owners in 1943. It
is very interesting and I copied it, but still need to read names.

Deed Book A
Deed Book A
Pages 188-189—Deed No. 213 Frances Northcutt is selling 45 acres Feb.
10, 1837
Pages 223-224—Woodson Northcutt, of Warren Co., selling land August

Deed Book B
Pages 399-403—No 806 Woodson Northcutt Deed of Trust September 26, 1839
Pages 409-410—To Woodson Northcutt September 13, 1839

Deed Book C
Pages 61-62—Julie Haynes buying 640 acres March 1840
Haley, John W 109 <not him?>
Adrian 114 <not him?>
Pages 204-207—Woodson Northcutt Deed in Trust
290 <?>

Roll #29 Cannon County, Tennessee Deed Books D-F
Deed Book D
Page 93-5 Haley, John W <copied>
Judgement in favor of John W Haley.
Page 310—J Woodson Northcut selling land

Deed Book E
E46 <?>, E93 <copied>
Haley, BB 180 <not him?>
Smithson, John C 185 <copied>
James, et. al. 269 <copied>

Deed Book F
Page 180—Barnabas B Haly buying 110 acres of land, Cannon County Civil
District #5 on the head waters of the Barren fork of the Collins river.
December 17, 1847.
<This copy is not very good.>

Roll #30 Cannon County, Tennessee Deed Books G-I
Deed Book G
71, 283, 435 <not mine?>

Deed Book H
Pages 71-72—100 acres to James Haly
Page 416—<Not Mine?> Supposed to be Haynes
Pages 435-436—Everett Haynes to Charles E Haynes

Deed Book I
Hanes, Gabriel 104 <Not Hanes--Hines!>
Pages 192-194—John C Smithson Deed in trust to Joshua Haley—200 Acres
Bounded by the lands of John Pendleton on the East, By lands of Isaac F
Smithson on the North... Also sold to Joshua 4 head of cattle, 25
hogs...I am indebted to one George Haly Sr in the sum of three hundred
dollars...due on the first day of March 1834...if I should pay the debt
at the time aforesaid...if I shall not then the said Joshua Haly as
trustee...public sale...February 1833

Roll #31 Deed Books K-L (J?)
Deed Book K
Northcut, A 100-1 <copied>
1854-Adam Northcutt sold 837 acres.
Haynes, E 116-7 <copied>
Everett Haynes sold land. Hard to read, but mentions Charles E
Haynes and may be Stones River.
Smithson, IF 324 <hard to read copied for later>
Still hard to read will have to be scanned and worked with.

Deed Book L
IT Haley 67 <copied>
1855--Isaac T Hailey bound to pay John Hays $2140
GN Northcut 370, 566-7 <copied>
Pg. 370 1856--GN Northcutt sold 39 acres in the 9th District.
Pg. 566-7 1856--George N Northcutt bought 161 Acres on Mountain
Creek, District #9.

Roll #32 Deed Book M-N
Deed Book M
Haley, James M 110 <copied>
1858--James M Haley bought 89 acres.
Northcutt, CC 165

Deed Book N 50-1, 56-7 <copied>; 265 <not mine?>
Pages 50-1 BB Dickens to James Haley and his wife Elizabeth, BB
Dickens daughter. Their interest in his estate.
Pages 56-7 1860--JM Haly sold land to (Y or J)F Dickens. 39 acres in
Dist. #12.

Roll #33 Deed Book O-P
Book O Pages 169-170
JF Dickens to Elizabeth Haley—Jf Dickens, Executer of the will of BB
Dickens, decd. Her husband is James M Haley

Book O Page 591
VH Haley 1868

Book P Page 439
WB Haley September 19, 1870

Book P Page 550
JW Haley, Trustee

Roll #96
Deed Book U 212-3 <copied>
I George Haley...convey to Calvin C Brewer...one undivided half of a
certain tract of land situated in Warren County Tennessee & in the North
fork, of Barren Fork of Collins River in Civil district No
1(3?)...supposed to contain 330 acres...one half of all the personal
property...The following considerations that is to say my wife Lavica
Haley has filed a Bill against me in the Chancery Court at McMinnville
Tennessee asking for a divorce and allimony & I being desirous to make a
settlement upon her for her support & maintenance & in consideration of
her agreeing not to act against me...to hold for said Lavica...7th day
of September 1857.

Roll #26 Deed Book 3
319--W Haris, not Hains

Roll #184 Deed Book 4
Pg. 142-3, 197 <copied>

????Roll 100 Deed 4 Page 300????
Higginbothem don't copy?

????C 185-6 (91) <copied>

????E93 (92) <John Warren Hintsucker?>
E63 John Haley

Roll #41—Cannon County, Tennessee Land Entry and Surveys May 1836-Nov
April 1869-November 1881 Oil Leases
Haley, ET 193
No Haynes or Northcutt

May 1836-Jan 1897 Entry Takers Book

June 1836-Nov 1860 Surveyor's Book
Haley, Allen 43
No Haynes or Northcutt

Page 43 Surveyors Book—Surveyed for John & Allin Hailey—one hundred and
forty-eight acres of land lying in the County...on the waters of the
Barren fork of Collins River. Beginning on a Redoak, John Tolivers
NorthEast Corner...

A33--John Haile
--------A188-9 Frances Northcutt
--------A223-4 Woodson Northcutt
--------B 399-403 Woodson Northcutt
--------B 409-411 Woodson Northcutt
--------C61-2 Julie Haynes
?C 109 John W Haley
?C114 Adrian Northcutt
--------C204-7 Woodson Northcutt
?D 93 John W Haley
--------D 310-1 Woodson Northcutt
E46--BB Haley
E93--John W Haley
?E180--BB Haley
--------E185--John C Smithson
--------E269--James Smithson, et. al
--------F180--BB Haley
G71 <1851>--Haley, James
G283--CJ Haines?
G435--Everett & Charles Haynes
--------I104--Haines, Gabriall?
--------I192-4--Joshua Haley
<J Deed Book is not microfilmed>
--------K100--A Northcutt
--------K116--Haynes E
--------L67--Hailey, JT
--------L370--GN Northcutt
--------L566--GN Northcutt
--------M110--James Haly
--------M165--CC Northcutt--Did not Copy
--------N50--Jas Haley
--------N56--JM Hally
N265--JM Haley
--------O169--Elizabeth Haley/J Dickens
--------O591--VH Haley
--------P439--WB Haley
--------P550--JW Haley
<The ones with lines in front of them I have. I was not able to locate
the others and did not have enough time to look again.>

Roll #44 Cannon County, Tennessee Tax Books 1853-1889
<Did not have time to search all of these, so I just pulled individual
1853 District #5
Haly, BB
Haley, George

1854 District #2
Haly, Fr???
Haly, BW

1855 District #2
Hailey, Isaac
Hailey, PJ (?)

1856 District #5
Haly, James
Haly, BB
Jaco, Cornelius

1856 Tax Book
District 4---Wm Haly
District 10--JW Haly

Made a note to myself on Cannon County Page:
Book A pg. 6, 29, 30, 33, 86, 97, 99, 106, 114, 120, 131
<What is this from???>

Following note from Woodbury, Cannon County, Adams Memorial Library:

Cannon County, TN Court Records Circuit Court Enrolling Dockets
1846-1847 Haley 3-4, Northcutt 116 <Should be Roll #6>

Cannon County, TN Court Records Chancery Court Enrolling Dockets—
Haley 199-202 1852-1856 <copied from the book>

Copied Vertical file for Haley--most info from "Gone To Texas"

Need to Check 1860 Census of Cannon County book

Only Checked for Haines, Hanes, Haynes 1840 Cannon County Census
Page 134
J.J.C. Haynes 1000100000000 * 0110110000000
<Check further into this one. Eleanor would have been 12 and this may
be her father. I believe she was living in Cannon County because of the
marriage in 1846.><JJC maybe a woman?>

Page 143
Thomas Haynes 0000001000000 * 0000000100000
<This one is old enough to be the parents of the above JJC so should
also be checked out.>

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