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From: Steve Hall <>
Subject: Hall genealogy mailing list
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 23:47:52 -0500

Hi, all,

[This is a blind mass mailing.]

I'm writing to let you know that I just set up a mailing list for
anyone interested in Hall genealogy connected with Pennsylvania.

If you've never subscribed to a mailing list before, it's really a
very simple concept. Once you subscribe (free), you just send an email
to the list's email address and your mail is then forwarded to
everyone else on the list. If someone else sends a mail, you receive
it. In this way, everyone on the list can have sort of a "group
conversation" about a topic, in this case, the Hall surname in
Pennsylvania. Since I continue to find individuals around the country
interested in the same information, I figured this would be a simpler
way to share and keep everyone informed of the latest research.

This is a completely free and open list hosted by RootsWeb.com, a
longstanding and reliable genealogy site. If you are interested in
joining, just email "" with the single
word "subscribe" both in the body and as the subject. I've included
more information at the bottom of this mail, it's the introductory
message you will receive when you subscribe. And there's no
requirement to post, you can simply read other's comments.

I hope this list can be a good resource for general exchange of
research and exploration of our Pennsylvania Hall genealogy.


Steve Hall
:: http://www.mindspring.com/~steve_hall/trees/hall

Introductory Message from the Hall-PA Mailing List

Welcome to the HALL-PA mailing list!

You will now begin receiving emails posted to this list. If you'd like
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You can also ReplyAll to a message from the list just as you would an
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message to the list to try it out and introduce yourself!

A few notes about your subscription.

o This list discusses genealogy related to the Hall surname and
immediate relatives who have (at some point) passed through
Pennsylvania, but other general discussions of genealogy are
welcome. If traffic ever gets too busy (20+ emails a day) we might
decide to restrict non-Hall-PA discussions from the list, but for
now these are acceptable.

o All messages posted to the list are made publically accessible in
the RootsWeb archives. This is convenient to find emails you may
have lost. But recognize that any personal or private information
posted here will be made available to anyone and found by others
through search engines. Please be respectful when posting!

o Message size is limited to 20Kb. Please do not post lengthy reports
or articles taken from other sources. It is proper netiquette to
post these somewhere on your own web space and forward the link to
the list along with the size of the download for others to access as
they wish. (Remember, over a standard dialup connection, 1Mb takes
more than four minutes to download.)

o You are currently subscribed in "mail mode", which means that you
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this is more traffic than you wish to receive, you can subscribe in
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single mailing.

o HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE. Send a message to

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and no additional text.

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For your verification, a transcript of the original subscription
request is included below.

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