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Subject: Re: Halls of Laurens Co., SC
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 20:37:31 -0400

You should get two letters. One addressed to you and the other addressed to
HALL-SC-L. If you do not let me know.
I do have records for the following. But, for sake of this letter, I am
drawing from memory. I can include specific sources later. This is as short as I
can make it.
As you may remember, my Hall line is through Ambrose Hall of Laurens Co.,
SC, and his son, Ambrose Jr. It was a Clardy mention in Laurens that gave me a
clue to Virginia (James, son of Michael Clardy of Virginia). William Hall bought
his 180 acres with Virginia money. Since Ambrose lived close to William in the
1790's (Little River). And, two names (Abram and Henry Hall) appear as a witness
to a deed for Ambrose. Virginia was a likely target for research.
Several years into research, I found an Ambrose Hall on a tax list in
Mecklenburg County, Virginia, with a son named Henry. Further research....found a
mention in an old magazine (VA....forget the name) that mentioned a sheriff's
advertisement of sale for backtaxes in the mid 1780's that included Ambrose and
William Hall. On to something......
Found an old record in a magazine that listed William Hall who owed the
Upper Mecklenburg County store, who moved to Laurens County, South Carolina,
where he died in 1799. Those mentions caused me to research microfilm for
Mecklenburg County Virginia records.
From the microfilm, I found Ambrose Hall witnessing a deed for William in
1781. In 1784, William sold Ambrose land with a dower resease from his
(William's) wife, Francis. This was recorded in deed and order books.
There is more. I finally found a record in Mecklenburg (1784?) that
mentioned Michael Clardy. That was the glue that sealed the letter.
I have copied all HALL records for Lunenburg (prior to Meck) and
Mecklenburg. I have only one reel to order. Deed books after 1785 that should
hold records of when they sold their land. Many of my records (abstracts) are
available on Karen Groce's home page with many to follow. I will soon upload
those I mentioned soon. However, copywrite laws prevent me from posting on a web
page records others have abstracted. But not in a letter.
I keep warning people about "assume" when it comes to the Laurens HALL's.
Especially the Cunningham and Clardy connection.
Curious? Let me know your thoughts.


> Patrick,
> In answer to your email of 6-9, you amazed me with the idea that WilliamHall,
> died 1799, was married to a Frances. What is your source? I have found
> nothing in all the records I have researched to even indicate he might have
> married a Frances.
> No, I don't forget the Clardy connection, the daughter of James Clardy,
> Nancy, married my James Wright in 1805. James Clardy married Sarah Hall,
> dau. of Wm. Hall, died 1799, in Laurens Co. about 1780's. As for the James
> Clardy that married Susannah Cunningham, widow of Mathew Cunningham, about
> 1815: We don't know for sure which James Clardy he was.
> He was NOT James Clardy, Sr. married Sarah Hall. Sarah was mentioned in
> James' will in 1843 and was in 1850 census with James Clardy, Jr.
> He was NOT James Clardy, Jr. as Junior was born 1797 and too young to have
> married a widow with about 8 or 9 kids.
> He was NOT the James Clardy who lived on Walnut Creek. That was the James
> Clardy that married Mary Wilkinson and Mary was still alive in 1817 as she
> released dower on a deed and they were in the 1820 census.
> No one knows for sure where this James Clardy came from that married Susannah
> Cunningham but the descendants of James Clardy, Jr. have completely ruled out
> any
> marriage between James Clardy, Jr. and Susannah Cunningham. One of those
> mysteries that may never be solved.
> The Cunningham, Hall, and Clardy families were together in their migration to
> Alabama, and some to Georgia but not many. These three families stayed
> together and were very close for at least three generations. I have been to
> Laurens County on several occasions and talked with descendants of these
> families. ALL of them have said that the Cunningham/Hall connection is
> correct. All of them know from family records that William Hall that died
> 1799 did indeed marry Margaret Hall.
> There is just too much information from too many various sources such as
> above not to accept the fact the Wm. Hall died 1799 married Margaret Hall.
> I will be willing to listen to your theories and inspect your sources and
> accept what is right.
> Aquilla Hall was in the militia in Lunenburg County, VA in 1758. This would
> be a good place to look for him as there were several other Hall men listed
> also.
> By the way, I have subscribed two times to the Hall list and have heard
> nothing. Am I getting the right address:
> Waiting to hear from you.
> Marilee

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