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From: "Hallowell" <>
Subject: Re: [HALLMAN] John Haulman, b. 1788
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 22:27:45 -0400
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Dear Friends,

My name is Martha A. Hallowell (nee Hallman), I'm a ninth generation
descendant of Anthony Hallman and the current Historian for the Hallman
Family Association. The Association has files listing genealogical
information, the earliest of which dates to the beginnings of the
Association in 1908. Our first historians, Dr. D.H. Bergey and Mr. William
Summers, printed up genealogical data sheets and distributed them to family
members. Those completed sheets were the beginnings of these files.
Subsequent Historians have added to and transcribed this collection of

Listed in the Hallman Family Association files is a John Hallman, born
12-23-1788, the son of John Henry Hallman (b. 1-20-1754 d. 5-4-1833) and
Catherine Goessinger (b. 6-3-1752 d. 3-9-1837). The following is a notation
listed for John Henry Hallman: "Farmer, Gwynedd, PA Will dated 5-20-1859
Book 7-235". Both John Henry Hallman and Catherine Goessinger Hallman are
listed in the files as being buried at St. John's, Center Square (Montgomery
County, PA.). This same John Henry Hallman is listed as being the son of
John Hallman (b. 7-16-1710 d. 8-1-1778) and Anna Maria Croesman (or
Cressman) (b. abt. 1706 d. 9-2-1784). John Hallman is the older son of
Anthony and Maria Salome Hallman.

There is some additional information in our local library (Indian Valley
Public Library, Telford, Montgomery County, PA) which may help in the search
for the John "Haulman" born in 1788 in Montgomery County, PA. From
"Pennsylvania Births, Montgomery County, 1682 - 1800" by John T. Humphrey,
Humphrey Publications, Washington, D.C. (Library of Congress #92-97343),
page 184 lists the birth of Johann Heinrich Heilmann on 20-Jan-1754 to
parents Johannes and Anna Maria. The source for this information is listed
as the Records of the Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trappe, in Upper
Providence. Baptismal Registry begins in 1730. Listed on page 169 is the
birth of Johannes Hallman on 23-Dec-ca88 to parents Heinrich and Catherine
Hallman. The source for this information is listed as the Records of St.
John's Lutheran Church, Center Square, PA.

Since many German families used a saint's name for the son's first name
(Johann Heinrich, Johann Jacob, Johann Georg, etc.), the child was called by
his middle name. So it wouldn't be unusual for a child to be listed in his
birth record as Johann Heinrich, but his marriage record and his name in his
childrens' birth records would be listed as Heinrich. Also, since Johann
Hallman was listed in the records of St. John's Church in Center Square, and
Heinrich and Catherine Goessinger Hallman are listed in the Hallman Family
files as being buried at that same church, it's not too much of a reach to
assume that Johann is the son and Heinrich and Catherine are his parents.

If, indeed, the Johann Heinrich Heilmann who was born to Johannes and Anna
Maria Heilmann in 1754 is the same person as the Heinrich Hallman who was
the father of the Johannes Hallman born in 1788, then the following lineage

1st Anthony & Maria Salome Hallman/Heilman/Heilmann
2nd Johannes & Anna Maria Croesman Heilmann
3rd Johann Heinrich & Catherine Goessinger Hallman
4th Johannes Hallman b. 12-23-1788

Unfortunately, there is no information in the Hallman Family Association
files for the 5th generation and onwards for this person. Is there anyone
out there who can "connect" their line to this Johannes Hallman (or is it
John Haulman?), the 4th generation descendant of Anthony

The spelling issue is interesting - there's one other example I've
encountered so far. A Hallman moved to South America and changed the
spelling of his name to Holman. I've wondered if it had something to do with
the way Spanish-speaking people pronounced it; the double L is pronounced as
a Y, so maybe he changed the spelling to Holman so that his new neighbors
would be able to pronounce the name as "Hallman". Any other ideas?

Sincerely, Martha

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Subject: [HALLMAN] John Haulman, b. 1788

> I need help from you Hallmans. I received this message below from a lady
> found my website. I think her John Haulman is a misspelling of Hallman
> he was born in 1788 in Montomery County, PA. There are SO many John
> in our ancestors that it's almost like looking for a needle in a haystack!
> Does anyone have a John Hallman, b. 1788? Thanks for your help. Faith
> >I came across your Hallman Family website, and have a question. I
> found some unverified information that an ancestor from the surname which
> spelled Haulman was born in Montgomery County, PA. His name was John
> Haulman with a birthdate given of 1788.
> In your search for your Hallman ancestors, have you ever come across a
> connection to the spelling of Haulman?<
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