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From: "Joe Thurstenson" <>
Subject: [HALLUM] Some Hallam/Hallum History
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 08:10:10 -0600

My wife is of the Hallum lineage. We have been able to trace back to an
Unknown English Hallam who produced three sons, John, William and Henry. It
appears John was born before 1730 and was the eldest son and according to
English laws gained the full inheritance of his father. However, I have
note of his death in 96th District, Pendleton Co., SC, USA. My wife's
lineage goes through the son William. It sounds like he had the typical
"English Spunk" during his Revolutionary War Capture.

Regarding the younger brothers (William and Henry) I copy this from my
"William settled in South Carolina. He and his brother Henry, adhered to the
fortunes of the colonies and became revolutionary soldiers. William was
captured at the battle of Germantown on the fourth day of October, 1777. The
British Officer to whom he was delivered after his capture, insulted him and
slapped him in the face with his sword, and paid the penalty for his
rashness with his life. William promptly killed him, and made good his
escape and settled at Ninety-Six District, Pendleton County, South
Caroliina, after peace was declared.

General Van Rensselaer of revolutionary fame was his warm personal friend
and honored him with several visits at his plantation after the
revolutionary war. he was a cultured gentleman of the old school and one of
the largest planters of his day. When he died, he left a will which was
broad, englighten, and liberal, he cuts through the laws of inheritance by
the first born and divides equally all his possessions between a large
family of sons and daughters.

Will of William Hallum, Box 46, Pack 1040. South Carolina. Will dated
January 9, 1782 in 96 District, Pendleton County, South Carolina. Will
Probataed September 6, Exrs. Wife, Jenny Hallum, Son, John Hallum. Wit:
Saml. Rosamond, Josiah Dowmen, Jno. Preter. Chn: William, James, Josiah,
thomas, Robr. Pickens, and his wife Drakos Hallum, Marsha Hallum. Wife Chn:
William Margaret Griffith. "Bequeath to Joseph Smith and Elizabeth his wife.

Mickey Hallum reports "Two Hallum brothers came to America in the
mid-1700's. They were William and Henery Hallum (original spelling Hallam)
from Hallamshire, England. They were the younger borthers of John Hallum. In
those days the oldest brother inherited all the father's estate; thus I
think that is the reason the two younger ones came to America. William lived
in South Carolina and Georgia. Henry went to North Carolina and on to
Tennessee. his descendents went on into Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas."

Some other interesting notes - while visiting London, my wife and I toured
St. Paul's cathedral and under this church are many graves and we found a
statue with the following inscription (I have a photo of this statue if
someone desires it):

"To HENRY HALLAM, the historian of the middle ages,

of the constitution of his country,

and of the literature of Europe,

this monument is raised by many friends,

who regarding the soundness of his learning,

the simple eloquence of his style,

his manly and capacious intellect,

the fearless honesty of his judgments,

and the moral dignity of his life,

desire to perpetuate his memory

within these sacred walls,

as of one who has abest illustrated

the English language, the English character,

and the English name.

Born July 9th 1777, Died January 21st, 1859.

This Henry is the son of John - the first born mentioned above.

Then we find the son of Henry, Arthur Henry Hallam who is the subject of
Alfred Lord Tennyson's "In Memoriam". Arthur was Alfred's very close friend
who put Alfred into mourning so deeply this famous composition was created.
See the address below and follow some of the links therein.

Hopefully this information may bring some connections into some illustrious
history for your ancestors. I am still collecting Hallum data if anyone is
interested in swapping information.


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