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From: StarGael of the Clan MacStar <>
Subject: Virginia Hancocks
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 13:52:52 -0400

I do not have much more than what I gave before -- but I can type out
what I do have. (sorry none of this is in my program yet) The validity
of the information is questionable. Most of the early information came
from a Hancock Book that someone "threw together" in the 1920's. The
dates I can be more exact on as soon as I get my Patrick County Marriage
Records book back from a friend.

John Hancock born 1730-35in New Kent County, VA (?) Pvt and Capt in the
Louisa County, VA Militia ( appt 13 April 1779 ---pg 344 of John H
Gwathmay's "VA-ians in the Revo) died 1802 in Patrick County, VA ( I
have seen the will though I did not copy it at the time -- wd 10 Nov
1802-wp Dec Ct 1802)
John married Elizabeth Maddox/Mattox 16 Oct 1755 in Goochland Co, VA (
this marriage record is NOT there)

Second Generation Children:
1) Benjamin born ca 1759 Died 1817 ( on the way to his son's house with
the younger children) married Anna Corn around 1780 Moved with his
father and family from Fluvanna County between 1777 and 1790
2)Major married 30 Dec 1793 Jeaney Perry Morrow in Patrick County VA
4) William
5)Nancy married a Corn ( from the will)
6)Rodue married a Lane ( from the will)
7) Elizabeth married a Mayo ( from the will)
8) Judith married Valentine Mayo 1 Nov 1794 ( the numbers may be
transposed as I do not have the originals with me at the moment)
9) Susannah Hancock
10) Mary married Nathan Morrison 27 August 1795 ( Mary was deceased at
the time of her father's will -- her two children Allen and Jincey are
named as her heirs)

Third generation
Benjamin's Children:
1a) Richard born 16 April 1783 went to TN
1b) John born ca 1785 stayed in Patrick Co, VA married Elizabeth Witt
Feb 09 1804 ( ditto for the tranposed numbers)
1c)James born ca 1794 went to Arkansas
1d) Benjamin born 30 Oct 1803 moved to Alabama
1e) Lewis born 25 Oct 1787 moved to TN
1f) Major born 1792 moved later to Ohio married 11 Oct 1814 ( ditto
for the transposed Month and Day) Elizabeth Adams -- daughter of Wm
Fuson; widow of Joshua Adams - Benjamin Hancock Security.
1g) Charles born 28 May 1798 moved to TN
1h) Mary ( ? married Peter Rule)
1i) Martha married Peter Smith in PAtrick County, VA 05 Nov 1804 ( ditto
with the month and day)
1j)Nancy married (?) Jerry Turner
1k) Elizabeth married (?) Brid Spurlock

Fourth Generation
1b) John Hancock and Elizabeth Witt's children

1b1)Charles married 14 Jan 1830 Nancy A Koger in Patrick County
1b2)Greenville Lewis married 7 April 1839 ( ditto with the month and
day)Elizabeth Stegall in Patrick Co
1b3)Benjamin F married 13 Jan 1840 Lucy Harris in Patrick County
1b4)Martha married Joseph Edwards 4 Dec 1840 ( same with the day and
month) in Patrick County
1b5)John Witt Hancock married Jane Edwards ( daughter of Brice and Jane
Edwards) 14 Oct 1841 in Patrick County, VA
1b6) Peter G Hancock ( born 1820) married Betsy Edwards ( daughter of
Brice and Jane Edwards) 25 Dec 1839 died around 1891 served in CSA

Fifth Generation
1b6) Peter and Betsy Hancock's children

1b6a) Martha J born 1841 died 1890 married Brice Casse
1b6b) Elizabeth born 1845 married and had seven kids married George
Washington Moran ( son of Billie and Mary Moran) and this is where I
come in four generations after...
1b6c) Nancy born 1844 two children
1b6d) Lewis P born 1846
1b6e) Susan born 1848
1b6f) Sarah born 1850
1b6g) Benjamin born 1854 6 kids
1b6h) Samuel born 1853 eight kids
1b6i) William born 1856
1b6j) Lucinda born 1858 married a Weddle five kids
( this information came from a letter two of the sisters wrote back and
forth -- there is also mention of Ann has five kids and Lumey Salmon's
has three kids)

Other Patrick County Marriages
Absalom Hancock married Martha Graham 15 Dec 1800
Sarah Hancock married Richard Whitlock 8 March or 3 August 1804
Polly Hancock married Solomon Clay 20 June 1806
Elizabeth Hancock married Nathan Hall 28 Jan 1808
Thomas Hancock married 12 April or 4 Dec 1821 Salley Washburne
John Hancock married 13 August 1845 Mary Joyce
Elizabeth Hancock married 16 Nov 1844 Joshua Murry
Daniel Smith married Exoney Hancock 06 Sept or 09 June 1841
Celia Hancock married James Hamilton 9-10 1827
Carrie Crawford married Olive Hancock ( daughter of Martha) 24 Oct 1843
(Meanwhile I will check on the validity of these other marriage records)


Dana Whisonant-Schulter

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