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This is part 1 and will be followed by remaining records on the subject.

Kay G.

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<HTML><PRE>PREFACE KWG: The Chancery Court (Cannon Co., TN) - scribe's =
handwriting at first looks as though it's going to be easily readable, bu=
t turns out not to be. He has an unfortunate habit of making spaces WITH=
IN words, not closing "O-s" and "A-s" and frequently using abbreviations =
for unfamiliar terms. It is virtually impossible to tell whether the def=
endant's name is spelled "Louis" or "Lewis" Hancock, because of the slopp=
y writing of the court scribe. I have attempted, where possible, to reta=
in the original format, but that has not always been possible. Having sai=
d all THAT, let's begin with the lengthy proceedings Gale has sent me in =
photocopies of the originals concerning disputes and final divorce betwee=

PART I (transcribed 6-22-98 by Kay=

TSLA Cannon Co., Tenn. Roll 2 Chancery Ct. Minutes, Vol. "A" (1840-1852) =
pp. 294-95-96, 315-16, 217, 236-7-8, 249.

P. 217 Fri Septr 6th 1850.
FRANCES HANCOCK by her next ) Interlocutory Decree
vs )
LOUIS HANCOCK ) Upon fa cts disclosed by
affidavitt of the defendant, It is ordered by the Court
that the same be referrd(sic) to the Clerk &Master(sic), for the
purpose of taking proof and report to this Court,
<U>in stanter</U> [KG: a.k.a., "immediately"], whether or not the Compt [=
KG: "Complainant"?] and the defendant, since the filing of this bill have=
been living together, and if so whether [smudged] or not they have [word=
obliterated by smudge] that time agreed to compromise & dismiss this sui=
t; and if so by what authority, the said next friend in Said Suit is now =
pros e cuting the same in this Court; all thes(e) things being reversed[?=
] &c...

P. 236
FRANCES HANCOCK by her next friend
In this case it appeared to the court from
The report of the Clerk & Master that $75
would be a reasonable allowance to the
Complain ant for her Support until the
next time of this Court and thus $100
would be reasonable Sum to allow
her for her Solici tors fees for the pres ent
It is therefore ordered by the Court
that Said allowance be made and
that CHARLES J. HANCOCK the next
Friend of Compl ain ant and the
Secur[ity] appoin ted in the Case be assis ted
to Sell any of the personal property necessary
for that purpose other than the slaves and
payover the Sum according to the allowances herein made

P. 237
Saturday Septr. 7th 1850
FRANCES HANCOCK ) Upon facts disclosed
vs ) to the Court upon
LEWIS HANCOCK ) affidavi(t) after deft
This case is continued until the next term

P. 238
Saturday Septr 7th 1850
Until the next term of this court and
by consent of the par ties by their attornys(sic) the sub
ording[?] this cause to be refed to the Clerk & Master, to
take proof & report Instante &c is disallowed by the Court
it is per the afsed by the par ties by them allows that
there is some personal property belonging to said
defendants, Such as pork &c which may be nece ssary
to dis pose of before the next term of this court
it is therefore agreed that the Deft have the
____lys of Selling the Same upon his Secy
bond and surety to refund accor ding to Law & in
defaut(sic) of his so doing that C J HANCOCK be authorized to sell
and dis pose of the Same upon his entry in bond & Secrty to
Repyd as ___ to law &c.

P. 249
Fri day Septr 5th 1851
FRANCES HANCOCK, by her next friend CHARLES C (sic) =3D
HANCOCK ) Be it re______ned that this
vs ) Cause, came on to be Issued
on this the 5th day of Sep tember 1851, before the
HON B. L. RIDLEY, CHAN CELLAR &c. and it approved
to the Court that this cause had been Compro
=3D mised and the Com plainant dismisses her
bill and assesses the pay ment of the Costs
Therefore it is ordered that this suit has dis
=3Dmi ssed and that the Complainant send JAS PER
RULE* & ABRAHAM BURGER**, _____(blotch) Securities, in
the prosecution bond pay the costs of the cause
for which execution may issue as at law.

THY HANCOCK (b. 1814) m. ELIZABETH RUYLE 1834 MO, this JASPER RULE is lik=
ely part of the family into which Timothy subsequently married. Frances =
Hancock and several of her ch. are (by trad.) reported to have left for M=
issouri 1853, possibly part of what I know to have been a more general re=
moval into MO among friends/neighbors from this area and as well from N. =
AL, 1835.

** KG: ABRAHAM BURGER. In a letter from Mrs. Wood, June 26, 1947 to Tho=
mas J. Barnes [genealogist], McMinnvile, Tenn. among other remarks about =
the family of CLAIBORNE GUNTER, she stated that SALLIE [GUNTER] married A=
BRAHAM BURGER. That she was his 2nd wife, the Burgers lived and died in =
or near Woodbury [TN]. This shows other of the connections between the s=
everal families HANCOCK-GUNTER-BURGER-THOMASON, as Lavinia Arline Thomaso=
n m. JOHN G. GUNTER [CLAIBORNE (1) GUNTER'S nephew], while her younger br=
other, Zachariah Thomason, m. MATILDA HANCOCK, dau. of FRANCES/LEWIS HANC=
OCK of the foregoing court records of Cannon [Warren] Co., TN. As report=
ed to me, in the "Half-Acre Cemetery" in Cannon Co., in some numbers, the=
early Burgers and Gunters were buried.

P. 294
Thurs day the 30th Sept 1852
next friend W. L. ADAMS*** ) Final D e ever (sic)
vs ) Be It Remembered that on
LEWIS HAN COCK ) this the 30th day of September
1852 this cause was heart before the Honorable
Replication and prof in the Cause when it appeared
to the Court that som firty [forty?] years ago - the complaint
FRAN CES and the Defendant LEWIS inter married in the
State of Tennessee and that they now were and had been citizens
of said St ate fer(sic) two whole years next before filing
of said Bill It further appeared to the Court
from the proof in the Cause, that the said Deft
LEWIS HANCOCK had been guilty Cruel and Inhuman
Treatment of the Said FRANCES & have offored Suc(h)
Indignities to her person so as to Render her conditio(n)
In tolerable It was therefore ordered adjudged and
De creed by the court that the said FRANCES HANCO(CK)
be Divorced from the said LEWIS and the Bond
of M atrimony existing between them be Dissolved
and that she be Restored to all the rights and
privileges of a <U>Feme</U> <U>Sole</U>
And it further app earing to the court that
the said LEWIS HAN COCK was the ow(n)er of
The poperty(sic) Described in the Complain ants
Bill (to wit) the Tract of Land upon which
The Defendant now lives Supposed 500 acres -
Supused(sic) to be worth about 2000 Dollars.

***KG: "W. L. ADAMS" would have to be part of Frances (Adams) Hancock's =
kinfolk, but I do not see a brother ("W. L.") of Frances's among the chil=
dren of her father, Jacob Adams. Might this be an unaccounted brother? =

(to be continued)
Kay G.


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