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8. Jinny Handley, married George McKay.

James first appeared in the court records of Botetourt County, Virginia
1770. He made several appearances, being sued and bringing suit. One of
interest was November 14, 1770, James was suing Thomas Carpenter for a
to be repaid. The court had previously ordered Carpenter to turn over a
penknife as payment for the debt. He had not done so. In November the
penknife was handed over to the sheriff, sold by the sheriff, and the
received therefrom given to James Handley. The debt amounted to 7 pounds
interest from February 14 1769.

James appeared young and brash when he and David Galloway told the court
would pay the debts of Dennis Driskell, Robert Galloway and John Galloway
go to prison if they couldn't pay. This was the court record of October

James was listed in the Dyer's Index under Heads of Families in
County, West Virginia. during the period of 1783-1786.

On October 9, 1787 James bought 129 acres from John Muldrough for 25
The land was situated on the Rolling Fork of the Salt River in Nelson
Kentucky. (later Washington County and today Marion County).

Nearly three year later on July 22, 1790, Grisal Handley, daughter of
and Mary Handley married John McColgan. John McColgan, with his bondsman
Muldrough, paid bond in the Nelson County, Kentucky on July 13, 1790, to
marry Grisal.

On February 7, 1797, James Handley registered his brand with the
County Court. The ear mark was "A crop of the right ear and an under bit
the left and his brand as follows -1-H on the near shoulder.

James Handley and his son, Alexander, appeared in Washington County Court
report on Thomas Doran's petition for a grist mill on July 4, 1797.

On November 6, 1798, James was paid 1.40 pounds for three wolf scalps
six months old by the County Court.

James and Alexander twice viewed (surveyed) a road from the mouth of
Fork to Thomas Doran's, first on September 3 1799, and again on November
1800. Alexander Handley was appointed overseer of the road from Stewart's

Creek to Muldrough Hill a by the same November Court.

James and Mary Handley sold 12&1/2 acres of their 129 acre farm to Thomas

Doran for $20.00 on September 6, 1804. The 1810 census showed that James
Mary were over age 45, a male age 26-45 and a male age 16-26 and two
daughter.This would have been Sarah and Margaret. James and Mary sold 31
acres on January 1, 1816 to Martin Everhart for $155.00 for. There would

have been only 85 and 1/2 acres left of their farm at that time.
Martin Everhart had bought Thomas Doran's grist mill before this

James Handley died in 1817. He had written a will April 11, 18l7, and it
recorded by the court June 9, 18l7.

"In the name of god, amen, this eleventh day of April, one thousand eight

hundred and seventeen.
I, James Handley, of the County of Washington and State of Kentucky being

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