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From: "Nancy Royce" <>
Subject: [HANKS] Lucy Hanks Sparrow
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:18:57 -0500

I welcome any comments on the opinion below and especially any
documentary proof or disproof.

Nancy Royce

Lucy Hanks Sparrow of Mercer Co. KY.

Karen Fowler Caldwell's question, " Now how do we get Lucey away from
her father's home (before his death) in south west Nelson Co. to being
in Mercer Co. by 11/24/1789 when she was indicted by the Mercer Co.
Court?", is of paramount importance in establishing a relationship
between Lucey and other area Hanks families.

To my knowledge, the only connection between Lucy and any other Hanks
family is based on Dennis Hanks statements that she was his aunt, a
sister of his mothers and the mother of Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Again if I
am correct, he was somewhat confused about the relationship, made
contradictory remarks, and other members of his family disputed the

Dennis Hanks was born 1799, the illegitimate child of Nancy Hanks and
Charles Friend. He went to live with his childless aunt Elizabeth Hanks
who had married Thomas Sparrow in 1796. That Lucy Hanks Sparrow is his
aunt is correct since his adopted father Thomas Sparrow was a brother to
Henry Sparrow. There is no other evidence that I am aware of that
supports Lucy being a member of the Joseph Hanks family. Like Karen, I
wonder what a single girl was doing in one county while the rest of her
family is in another. I know there are some who theorize she was
disowned by her family for the birth of Nancy, but that would have taken
place before the move to Ky. If this scenario is true then why did she
even bother to come to Ky? Or why would they let her?

Henry Sparrow, according to his pension record, was born 1765 in
Mecklenburg Co., Va., married Lucy Hanks 30 April 1790. Using census
and court records it appears that Lucy was born between 1765 and 1768.

One other Hanks is noted in Mercer Co. records and that is:
Alsee Hanks married James Brown 15 Mar 1799, consent of George Hanks
for daughter, surety Hickaway Bailey

Though nine years after the marriage of Lucy to Sparrow, George Hanks'
brothers were in the area.
25 Jan 1791 - hands on the road from Delany's Ferry on Ky. River to road
from Harrodsburg to Lewisville, hands include Abner Hanks and Elijah

George, Abner, Elijah, and John, all sons of John and Susanna Hanks,
settled for a time in Mercer and Woodford Counties. George was on
Fayette Co. tax lists in 1788 and 1789. John (wife Susanna) was a
brother of Joseph Hanks of Nelson Co.

An alternative theory for Lucy:
1. A daughter of John and Susanna Hanks.
2. A widow of a son of John and Susanna Hanks.

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