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From: Mary G Moyer <>
Subject: re: Washington Co, PA Hanna family
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:33:03 -0700

Here is part of the copy of the privately printed manuscript of Dr. Hugh
Hanna of Washington Co, PA title The History of the Hanna Family. It is
very wordy and long-winded. If anyone wants a copy, let me know. I
have also included my notes from a book title Ohio Valley Genealogies
about the Hanna family.

the Hanna Family Reunion, Washington County, PA
Our family origin may be traced back to the thirteenth centure, when
Patrick Hannay, a resident to the southwest coast of Scotland, built and
occupied a castle known as "Castle Sorby." The family came into
prominence about the time of the "War of the Roses" and some of the
occupants of "Castle Sorby" wielded a commanding influence in the affairs
of England, at the time when quaint old Phillipe de commines wrote that
"England was the country where the public weal is best ordered and where
least violence reigns over the people." .... The Hannays occupied many
useful public positions. They were members of Parliament during several
generations, and in 1630 Sir Robert Hannay was made a Baron....Several
Hannays have occupied high positions in arms, literature, politics, and
commerce. James Lennox Hannay was a prominent of the English bar. James
Hannay, Esq., was appointed editor of the Edinborough Courant in 1860...

In accordance with this disposition [to take advantage of favorable
circumstances], when land was offered in Ireland free to all Scotchmen
who would come over and settle upon it, we find the Hannays in the front
rank among the fortune hunters in the new El Dorado. One branch of the
family then became Scotch-Irish. It was this branch that sent a
contingent to this country....

In the same year that Benjamin Franklin returned to the colonies, 1764,
Thomas Hanna, the great-great-grandfather of Marcus A. Hanna, United
States Senator from Ohio, sailed for the new world and arrived in
Philadelphia in the fall. He at once pushed out into the wilds, and
settled in Southern Pennsylvania, where he found quite a number of his
countrymen engaged in the herculean task of felling the primeval
wilderness. About a year after his arrival in this land of promise he
died, leaving two sons, Robert and Thomas Hanna.

According to the custom of that day, they were both bound out until of
age, and Robert became a member of a family belonging to the Society of
Friends, readily adapting himself to their ways on account of his having
been educated and reared as a Scotch Presbyterian.

We are unable to give the dates of birth or death of Robert and Thomas

Thomas Hanna was the father of our great-grandfather, Hugh Hanna, whose
sacred name has followed through five successive genertaions, and two of
these are in your midst to-day....No record has obtained thus giving even
the name of Thomas Hanna's wife or more than one child....

Hugh Hanna first was the son of Thomas Hanna, cast his lot among the
vigorous farmers of Washington county, Pennsylvania, choosing as his
companion for life Rebecca Vance, who was born December 16th, 1760, and
died August 26th, 1834, ages 73 years.

They were married February 6th, 1781. To them were born nine children,
viz.: Agnes Hanna was born May 3d, 1783; Elizabeth Hanna was born July
4th, 1785; Thomas Hanna was born December 20th, 1787; John Vance Hanna
was born February 15th, 1790; Rebecca Hanna was born August 26th, 1793;
James Hanna was born February 1st, 1796; Eleanor Hanna was born August
20th, 1798; Hugh Hanna second was born May 24th, 1802; Martha Hanna was
born February 11th, 1805.

With Agnes, the eldes child, we possess no further history, not even a
knowledge of her death occurring in childhood, or more mature years....

John Vance Hanna was born February 15th, 1790, too late to see the first
President of the United States elected, and grew up to honor the
husbandman's occupation, tilling the fertile soil that the field might
bring forth an abundant increase. He loved the sweet sounds of music,
and was known as a teacher of vocal music in his day. Possessing a voice
that could render high and clear tenor strains, and an ear that could
very quickly detect the discordant note. John Vance Hanna married Lydia
McCollum March 30th, 1815. Some years later he purchased this farm,
where we are celebrating to-day, from Dennis Drake and Daniel Drake,
brothers, who held it in two separate tracts. John V. Hanna's home was
blest by the advent of two sons and seven daughters - nine children, who
all lived to some years. of maturity. After lingering from the effects of
apoplexy (paralysis) many months, John Vance Hanna was called to an
etrnal home April 4th, 1865, having passed man's allotted three score
years and ten by five, one month and twenty days.

Lydia McCollum, his wife, was born October 8th, 1792, and died August
28th, 1860. The record also gives paralysis as the cause of death.

A total of 143 people attended the John Vance Hanna Family Reunion in
Sept. 1900, Upper Ten Mile Creek, Washington County, PA.
1977, 929.3771 HAN
Thomas Hanna of county Monaghan, Ireland (probably from Ballybay), m.
Elizabeth Henderson, and emigrated to America about 1763, supposed to
have seettled in Pennsylvania; d. about 1764-5; had issue:
1. John, d. about 1763; when the family reached Newcastle, Del.
2. James (twin), b. March 7, 1753; d. Oct. 31, 1827; m. Hannay Bayless,
(2) Elizabeth ___.
3. Robert (twin), b. Mar 7, 1753; d. New Lisbon, OH, Jul 17, 1737 (had
descendant Marcus Alonzo Hanna, US Senator and one of the most powerful
men in America in the late 1800's)
4. Hugh, d. August 1820, m. Rebecca ____, and settled on Ten Mile Creek,
Morris township, Washington County, PA, abt 1790 had issue; John Vance
Hanna m. Lydia McCollum, etc.
5. Martha, b. Jan 7 1758, m. ____ Saunders, and settled on Ten Mile
Creek, Washington co, PA
6. Thomas, b. 1760, d. Apr 9, 1839, m. Jane Cowden, b 1759, d. near
Cadiz, OH, Apr 4, 1839, settled in Buffalo twp, Washington county, PA
before 1793, moved to Harrison county, OH, 1835.
*many more descendants listed
**John Vance Hanna is the second cousin twice removed to Marcus Alonzo
Hanna, US Senator and one of the most powerful men in America in the late
1800's, would have been nominated for President of the United States
except for his early death in 1902.

Mary Lindley Moyer

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