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Subject: [HANNA] Will - Archibald HANNA - Fairfield Twp, Westmoreland Co., PA - 17-May-1793
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 02:19:58 EST

Will of Archibald HANNA - Deceased, Page 112, Number 139

(Transcribed by Jim McNamara, from FHLC Film # 1,316,409 SLC, UT on

In the name of God Amen. I Archibald Hanna of the County of Westmoreland and
the Township of Fairfield, a blacksmith finding myself to labour [labor]
under some bodyly [bodily] disorders but blessed be God of perfect mind and
memory do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament. In the
following manner and form, I leave to my last dearly Beloved wife her living
out of my land during her natural life she continuing my widow, and I allow
her the House I now live in with the Bedding, Spinning Wheel and Dresser
Furniture to be at her disposal, and also she is to have the use of all the
moveable that is contained in the House as long as she continues my widow,
and at her Death or Marriage then the House with all the Furniture that it
now contains Except the Bedding and Dresser Furniture which belong to my wife
will fall to my second son William, and I do allow my wife two cows, the cow
that carrys [carries] the bell and the Black Cow, all the sheep and Hogs that
is now on my farm and also, I allow her to have Fourteen Pounds to be
collected of my book accounts or a horse of that value with her saddle and I
also allow her my Negro Cato resting her Widowhood, I allow my beloved son
Hugh all the Debt Due me from William Brown of Virginia and also my Negro
Cato at the decease or marriage of my wife - and I allow my second son
William my land I now live on with the cow I bought of James Brady and her
two Calves [and] also Fourteen or fifteen [pounds] to be collected of my book
accounts or a horse of that value to be given to him at anytime before the
decease or marriage of my wife that at the discretion of my executors when
they may think he has need of horse or at any time when he may expect he will
work the land willed to him, Together with all the farming utentials
[utensils] that is now on the farm and allow Mary, Robert William's wife
seven shillings & six pence, and Robert Williams my daughter Mary's Husband
seven shillings and six pence, if my son William should agree to work the
land from and after my Decease and give his mother a sufficient Mintainance
[maintenance] he may hereby have all that he can raise of the land, & if he
do [does] not give her a good living then she is to have the power of renting
it to the Best advantage she can for her. Mintainance [maintenance] of after
my just Debts and Funeral Charges is paid, I allow My Daughter Hannah all the
money that's Due from my customers or Due from any person to me Except that
parts of my accounts that is other ways [otherwise] willed and also my smith
tools I allow to be sold and the price of them with the other money I allow
to be put to Intrest [interest] for her until she arrives to the age of
Eighteen years and I also allow her a two year old Heffer [heifer] that is
now on my farm. I hereby disallow my son William to sell my land willed too
him or any part thereof During the Widowhood of his mother, Thereby, appoint
my friends James Pollock and James Brady Junior to be Executors of this my
last will and Testament. I hereby utterly Disallow or revoke and Disanul
[annul] all other former Wills, Legacies or Bequeaths by me in any wise
heretofore willed or Bequeathed. Ratifying and confirming this and no other
to be my last will and Testament in witness, where of I have here unto set my
hand and seal this seventeenth day of May in the year of our Lord
one-thousand seven Hundred and Ninety-three.

Archibald HANNA - <Seal>
Recorded June 20th 1794

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced to be the last will and Testament of the
said Archibald Hanna in Presence of the subscribers
[Signatures follow: ARCHIBALD, McGUIRE, SAMUEL (His 'X' Mark) PHILLIPS]

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