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Subject: Re: [HARDMAN-L] John Hardeman and Dorothy Edwards of Virginia
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 23:30:04 -0400

You probably will want to borrow the book on interlibrary loan or try to
get it thru a rare book dealer.

I just ran a check and there are at least 30 Wilderness Calling copies
available to buy thru bookstores on the internet. Please note that I am in
no way getting any kind of compensation for the sale of the book. I am just
a researcher who avidly loved the book and appreciated the tons of research
that Professor Hardeman did for the book. When I first learned of the book,
I tried to contact Professor Hardeman only to find that he had died the
previous year. He taught history at Cal State--Long Beach.
p. 39...Thomas Hardeman was aided in his chores by his two sons...Nicholas
Perkins and John. They had a general store in Franklin, Tn.
p. 40 The eldest son was called Perkins and he was born in the Dan River
region in 1772. He was a blue eyed youngster of 13 or 14 when he had to
shoulder the emotional and physical burdens of an adult on the flatboat
trip down the Tn. River. ...at 21 he assumed the duties of sheriff in
Davidson County.
Perkins seems to have been outgoing and a loyal business partner but
somewaht volatile and intemperate... Perkin's imbibing aggravated a liver
ailment that eventually claimed his life. Oddly he made a better living
during the years when he drank heavily.

The records of the Williamson County Court reveal that the former peace
officer was convicted on a charge of assault and battery.
Perkins Hardeman married Ann Neely, a friend of Martha Washington. Ann was
to outlive him by nearly half a century. ...There is a copy of a painting
Ann Neely Hardeman.

Since the whole book is the story of the family...I will not go on except
that on p. 306 there is a genealogy chart which traces for 4 generations
most of the descendants of John Hardeman and Dorothy Edwards and tells what
states the families went to.

John Hardeman (1716-1790)m. Dorothy Edwards
.Deborah m. Strong (Ga.)
.Thomas m. Mary Perkins (Tn.,La, Mo)
.Susannah m. Owen (Ga)
.Elizabeth m. Stone (Tn)
.Jane m. Rafferty (Va)
. Judith m. Strong (Va)
.John m. Nancy Collier (Ga)
.Esther m. John Everette (Tenn)
. Lydia m. 1) Crunk 2) Wortham (Tenn)

Children of Thomas Hardeman and Mary Perkins are:
1.Isabella m. John Holt (Tn)
2.Nicholas Perkins m. Ann Neely (Tn)
3.Nancy m. Seth Lewis (Tn. and LA)
4.John m. 1)Lucretia Nash 2. Nancy Knox.(Tenn.La. Mo. N.M. Mex)
5. Constantine m. Sarah Marr (Tn)
6.Eleazar m. Eliz.Foster (Tn)
7.Julie Ann m. 1.) Davis 2.) Thos Bacon (Tn, Tx)
8.Peter m. Susan Stone (Tn. and La)
9.Dorothy m. Geor Burnett (Tn, Mo)
10. Thomas Jones Hardeman m. 1)Mary Polk 2)Eliza Dewitt Davis Hamilton
11.Blackstone m. Anna Bunch (Tn and Tex)
Elizabeth m. Glen Owen 2) Reece Corzine (Tn, Mo. Tex)
12.Bailey m. Rebecca Wilson (Tenn, La, Mo, NM, Tex)

Professor Hardeman carries each one of these children for one more
generation and 4 of that generation on to another generation.

Hope this helps.
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