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Subject: Re: [HARDWICK] William W. Hardwick 1754-1850, and others
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 12:15:31 -0700 (PDT)


This is what I have on the children on Robert Marion and Sarah S. Watt Hardwick
1. Edmon L. Hardwick
2. William McTyeire (Mack) Hardwick, Colonelb. 2/10/1834, d. 5/16/1919
3. Mary Elizabeth Hardwick, b. 2/15/1836,
4. James H. Hardwick, b. 4/8/1838
5 Kessiah (Kitty) Nancy Hardwick, b. 8/17/1840, d. 9/23/1873
6. Robert Samuel Hardwick, Bo, b. 6/10/1844, d. 3/18/1890
7. George S. Hardwick, b.11/5/1846,
8. Louisa Caroline Hardwick, b 6/20/1849, d. 12/11/1876
9. Charles Alexander Hardwick, b. 5/25/1852, d. 6/16/1926

I found in the Coosa County census that in 1850 they were living in oosa County, Alabama. Since Charles Alexander was born in Geneva County Alabama in 1852, then his father Robert Marrion moved to south Alabama between 1851 and 1852.

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Subject: Re: [HARDWICK] William W. Hardwick 1754-1850, and others

WOW! THANX! Wayne Sewell. At one time I had a lot of "color" and background on Col Mac (Wm McTyiere) Hardwick but it, and a lot of other info, pics, etc, were lost a number of years ago during a computer "crash."

I'm still chaecking all of this out and adding it to my history on this (your) illustrious family.

One of the things I was particularly happy to get was the correct spelling on McTyiere. Over the years I had it spelled so many different ways it was hardly recognizable.

Also, I was happy to know Col Mac had a sibling, your ancestor, Charles Alexander Hardwick. I have many, many Hardwicks, but only four (until now) Charles, all of whom predated your Charles.

I, and I am sure many others, are happy to get all of this background and I, personally, look forward to exchange more info as time goes by, especially some of Wm Norton's history on Henry County and the Hardwicks of Hardwicksburg. I'll go into my archives and look at some of the things he sent to me. One thing that stands out was a letterhead or invoice from Hardwicksburg Hardware, General Store, or something, which would possibly be the store you referred to.

More later . . . and THANX! again.

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