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Subject: Re: [HARMAN-L] Harman-Harmon Genealogy and Biography book 1928
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Dear Vickie,

Bingo, I found several things on Zachariah Harmon I will type directly from
the book with all of the spellings and dates just as they are.

Page 92
"Zachariah Harman came from Holland to America about 1747. He had a son,
Zachariah Edward, born in Virginia and went to North Carolina in 1760. Died
at Pittsboro, Chatham Co., N.C. He had a brother, Hezekiah in N.C.

Zachariah Edward Harman married R. Fetty, born in N.C., died in Munroe Co.,
GA. Buried at Holly Grove church.

Zachariah Edward Harman had a son, Zachariah Edward Harman, born in
Pittsboro, N.C., 1797, died in Munroe Co., GA and buried at Holly Grove
church. He married Harriett Scott King, born in S.C. and died in Munroe
Co., GA Buried at Holly Grove church.

The latter couple had a son, Zachariah Edward Harman, born in Pittsboro,
N.C., Dec 10, 1810, died at Forsythe, GA, Feb 1863. He married Apsyllah
Holmes Calloway, Dec 10, 1842, born in Jones Co., GA and died at Atlanta,

The latter had a son, Charles Edward Harman, born at Forsythe, GA, Oct. 12,
1852, died in Atlanta, June 10, 1925. He married Bessie Scott."

In an address given by the Hon. Artemas C. Harmon of Washington DC at the
Harmon Reunion, held at Harman, WV, Aug. 27, 1927:
On page 383 he says:
"The following is an incomplete list of the Harmans who enlisted in the
Revolutionary War in Virginia: Adam, Charles, Casper, Curtis, Custus,
David, Ezekiel, George, Israel, John, Levin, Lewis, Nicholas, Harris, Jr.,
Richard, Sacker, Stephen, Michael, Thomas, and Zorobabel. Among those
enlisting in NC were: Henry, Sr., John, John, James, Robert, and Zachariah.
The Herman family were pioneers in NC. In Georgia there were John Harman,
Sr., in the Cherokee Land Grants in Elbert Co., and Alexander Herman was a

In the census of NC taken in 1790, appears the following heads of families:
Abraham, Elizabeth, Henry, Nicholas, Stephen, and Thomas in Bertie Co; Adam,
Adam, Philip and Valentine in Rowan Co; Henry, John, Peter, and William in
Lincoln Co; John and Zachariah in Chatham Co.; Leonard and William in
Randolph; Micajah and William in Rutherford; Jacob in Guilford; John in
Halifax; and Thomas in Perquimens."

On page 442 there is another item about Zachariah
"Zachariah Harman, the First, came from Holland to America about 1747 and
appears to have settled in Virginia and possibly later lived in NC.
He had a son Zachariah, born in VA, who married Rebekah Peddy of NC.
Zachariah Harman II resided near Pittsboro, Chatham co., NC served as
sheriff of his county for several years; was a soldier in the Revolutionary
War and participated in the battles of Cane Creek and Kings's Mountain. He
had a brother, Hezekiah who was also a soldier in the Revolution before he
was of age and fought in the battle of Cane Creek. Hezekiah was born Jan.
16, 1763.
While Zachariah II was in the army the Tories captured several of his
Negroes and took them into the British camp, and his wife mounted a fleet
horse and pursued them. When she arrived at the camp, she told the sentinel
she must see Gen. Cornwallis. The sentinel refused to let her pass, but she
laid whip to her horse and sprang past and ride up to the general's tent and
demanded her property. The general asked her to point out the Negroes,
which she did, and he sent an armed escort with her home, saying so brave
and fearless a woman should be rewarded.
Zachariah Harman III, son of Zachariah and Rebekah (Peddy) Harman, born in
Pittsboro, NC, married Harriett Scott King and their children were:
1. Zachariah Edward 4th, who married Apsyllah Ann Holmes Colloway; 2.
Alexander King (no further information); 3. John King (no further
information); 4. Miles King (no further information); 5. Elizabeth Barre
King, who married-----------Lassiter; 6. Harriett Scott King, who married
John Caidenhead; 7. Mary King, who married Jos. Collins; and 8. Rebekah
Peddy King, who married -----------Clark.
Zachariah Edward Harman IV, born at Pittsboro, NC, Dec 10, 1810 and who
married Miss Colloway, resided in GA; was admitted to the bar and practiced
law there for more than 25 years; was a slaveholder; served in GA Senate;
accumulated considerable wealth which he lost in the Civil War; was a
Christian gentleman and a man of great intellect and much influence in his
community. Died at Forsyth, GA Feb 1863.
Children: Zachariah Edward 5th (died in infancy), Mary Elizabeth Milner,
Zachariah Edward 6th, (girl), Kate Burner, Charles Edward 2nd and Sallie
1. Mary Elizabeth married Horace Durrell Randall, one child, Kate died when
8 years old.
2. Zachariah Edward Harman the 6th, dau. of Zachariah Edward Harman the
4th, married Capt. Eugene Pinkard Black. Children: a) William Harman
Black, now Judge of the Supreme Court of NY, residing in NYC, married Edith
Loughborough; b) E. R. Black, Governor of the 5th District Federal Reserve
Bank, resides in Atlanta, GA, married Gussie Grady; children Eugene R. Jr.,
m. Dolly Blalock - children Betty and Eugene R. III; Grady m. Eloise Allen,
children: Grady, Jr., and James Allen; Julia m. Walter Neddlebone, children:
Julia and Walter Jr.
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>Hi Jeannie ,
>I hope you can look up another name. The name is Zachariah Harman b.16
>1741 VA. and d.10 July 1808 in Chatham Co NC.He md Rebekah Petty and they
>nine children Catherine,Hezekiah, Frances "Fanny" ,John, Mary"Polly"
>,Elizabeth ,Merriman ,Zachariah Edward , Rebekah. I was wondering if you
>any info on this family. Would love to know his parents and sibling. Thank
>for any help.
>Vickie Bell
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