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Subject: [HARRELL-L] Some Col. and Rev. Families of N.C. Part 5
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 18:04:33 -0500

Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of N.C., Vol. II, by Marilu Burch

Part V
Colonial Records of N.C. by Saunders, Vol. IV, pages 348-9: "Patents June 7,
1739 to Thomas Harolds, Andrew Bass, Richard Bass, Wm. Pate". (This was
Craven County.) Abstracts of N.C. Wills by Olds, page 108: Thomas Harrell
will 1763 Simon, Edward and Sabra. Thomas Harrell was witness to will of
Jacob Green, Bath Co., N.C. Jan. 9, 1751. (Page 218 Vol. I, No. 2, N.C.
Register by Hathaway) Page 213 Vol. I No.2 N.C. Register: John Martin
Franck, will Craven Co., N.C. Nov. 3, 1744; 1745. Wife Sevil, Sons Edward
and John; daughters Sevil, Barbara, Catherine, Mary Worseley's children;
grandchildren, Thomas Harrold's children. Wife, son John and Luke Isler,
Executors. Test: Christian and Frederick Isler, Wilcher Remier. (Note:
Descendants of Thomas Harrold, or Harrell (who married a Franck) are now
living in Twiggs County, GA. Also some other descendants of John Martin
Frank are living there, notably the Faulks. See "Faulk Family" in book:
Burch, Harrell and Allied Families Vol. III by Mariulu Burch Smallwood.)
Page 218 Vol. 1 No. 2 by Hathaway: Christopher Gerdin Sr. Will Edgecombe
Co., N.C. Apr. 2, 1748, Feb. Court 1749. Son Christopher; grandsons Lot
Harrell, Christopher and Zachariah Harrell, grandson Abel Harrell; daughter
Mary Harrell. Test, James Boswell, Benj. Brasswell, Abraham Dew."
(Edgecombe County was formed in April 4, 1741 from Bertie County. See page
412 Vol. 2, No. 3 by Hathaway)
N.C. Hist. and Genealogical Register by Hathaway Vol. 2 No. 3, carries on
pages 336, 337 and 338 the following abstracts of Bertie Co., N.C. wills:
Lemuel Harrell, Bertie Co., June 13, 1780; Feb. Term 1781. Wife Mary, son
Lemuel, my four children, Jonh Nancy, Elijah and Reuben Harrell, Amos
Harrell, Thomas Rhodes and William Andrews to divide my estate after the
death or marriage of my wife, Amos Harrel and Thomas Rhodes Exrs. Test,
William Andrews, George Williams.
Kader Harrell, Bertie Co., 1775; August Term 1781. Wife Agnes, son Samuel,
Kader and Drewry Harrell (wife, James Moore and Noah Hinton, Exrs.) Test.
Elizabeth Harrell, Samuel Grimes.
John Harrell, Bertie Co., June 3, 1781; Aug. Term 1781. Thomas House (son
of my sister Ruth House), half brother George William, mother Ann williams,
sister Winnefred Harrell, George Williams and George Hose, Exrs. Test, Noah
Hinton, Thos. House, Malachi Chamberlin.
Israel Hardy Harrell, Bertie Co., Aug. 3, 1780; May Term 1783. Mother
Alice Owens, sister Grace Pierce, sisters Patience, Esther, edith, Keziah,
and Delila Owens, Noah Hinton, Josiah Harrell Jr. and Jesse Harrell Exrs.
Test, William Rasco, Josiah Harrell, Noah Hinton.
Josiah Harrell, Bertie Co., Aug. 20, 1783. Nov. Term 1783. Daughters
Fanny and Anna Harrell, Bailus House and Noah Thompson Exrs. Test, Geo.
House, Noah Harrell, Noah Hinton.
Selah Harrell, Bertic Co., May 13, 1783. Nov. Term 1783. Sister Penny
Harrell, brother William Harrell, George Williams, Lewis Bryant, sister
Penny Harrrell and James House, Exrs. Test, James House, Sarah House.
Francis Harrell, Bertie Co., March 1759; Wife Mary , sons Jacob, John and
Francis, daugher Mary Averit, daughters Sarah Saulsbury and elizabeth
Harrell, sons William and Shadrach, daughter Martha Harrell, wife and Elias
Hodges Exrs. Test, William Turner, Wm. Williams, Jas. Churchwell.
Ezekial Harrell, Bertie Co., April 11, 1764. Son Israel Hardy Harrell,
wife Alee, daughter Grace Harrell, (Noah Hinton, Jesse and Josah Harrell,
Exrs.) Test, David Harrell, Sommerwell Barfield, Moses Wimberly.
David Harrell, Bertie Co., Jan. 5, 1767. Wife Charity, sons David and
Noah, daughters Charity, Sarah, Mildred and Chloe Harrell, (Joseph Harrell,
David Harrell and Noah Hinton Exrs.) Test, Benj. Wimberly, Wm. Vann.
John Harrell, Bertie Co., July 21, 1767. Sons Moses, Baley, Lemuel, and
Solomon Harrell, daughters Judah Higgs, and Lucy Davenport, sons Amos and
gideon, sons Baley and Lemuel Exrs. Test, Nicholas Skinner, Jacob Harrell,
John Higgs.
Christopher Harrell, Bertie Co., March 24, 1772. My wife. Test, William
Gupton, Mary Abington.
Samuel Harrell, Bertie Co., Jan. 19, 1770; Sept. Court 1772. Wife
Elizabeth, children Cader Harrell, Dorothy Bullups, Kesiah Bond and Ann
Harrell. Son Cadre and James Moore Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Jacob
Jernagan, Josiah Blanchard.
Benjamin Harrell, Bertie Co., July 11, 1775; Aug. Court 1775. Son John,
Charles Yeates, brtoehr Elisha Harrell, wife Winney, Lemuel Harrell and wm.
Andrews Exrs. Test, Demsey Harrell, Benj. Williams and Mary Skinner.
Henry Harrell, Bertic Co., Feb. 27, 1773; Feb. Court 1777. Sons Reuben,
Benj., Henry, Whitmell and John Wimberley Harrell, sons David, Joseph and
Edward, daughter Pharaby Pulle, daughters rachel, Barbara and Elisabeth
Harrell wife rachil, sons Reuben and Benjamin Exrs. Test, Jas. Purvis, John
Higgs, Jacob Harrell.
John Harrell, Bertie Co., Jan. 10, 1777; Feb. Court 1777. Wife Ann, sons
Zachariah, John, Lott and James, daughters Mary and Elizabeth Harrell,
brother Lott Harrell and John James Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Elizabeth
James, Fred'k Hollar.
David Harrell, Bertie Co., May 24, 1781; May Court 1779. Wife Celia, also
appoint her my executor. Test, Arthur Thompson, Edea Moore, Charity Vann.
James Harrell, Bertie Co., April 2, 1781; Nov. Term 1785. Sons Arthur,
Willis, James and Joel, daughters Sarah, Elizabeth, Grace and Mary Harrell,
grandsons Ephraim, Titus and Allen Page (sons of daughter Priscilla),
daughter Grace Purvis, wife Grace, sons James and Joel Exrs. Test, Wm.
Higgs, Elizabeth Harrell, and Mary Harrell.
Jesse Harrell, Bertie Co., Sept. 19, 1786; Feb. Term 1788. Wife Fereby,
daughter Priscilla Vinson, Rachel Kittrell (daughter of my daughter
Priscilla Vinson), son Josiah, Judith Rountree (daughter of my daughter
Ferebee Rountree), grand-son Joab Rountree (son of Fereby), grandchildren
Turner and Tempe Harrell (children of Jesse), son Joshua, grandson Jesse
Harrell (son of Jesse), daugher Rachel Rascoe and her daughter Ferebee
Rascoe, sons Josiah, Joshua and Jonathan Harrell Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton,
Noah Harrell, Robert Adams.
Joshua Harrell, Bertie Co., Jan. 23., 1780; Nov. Term 1789. Wife Ann,
children Christopher, Catherine, Ann, Hodges, Elizabeth, Wynnah, Josiah,
Hezekiah and Jeremiah Harrell. Test, John Holland, Jewel Holland, Allen
Thomas Harrell, Bertie Co., Sept. 15, 1786; Aug. Term 1791. Wife Angelica,
eldest son John, youngest son Joseph, daughters Elenor Jordan and Mary
Lassiter, son Joseph and wife Exrs. Test, Herbert Pritchard, Isaac Harrell,
Patience Harrell.
Elijah Harrell, Bertie Co., Oct. 16, 1795; Nov. Term 1795. Mother Mary
Harrell, brothers Lemuel and John, James Swinhow Grover Sr., and brother
Lemuel Exrs. Test, James Swinhow Grover, Sr. , John Spencer, James S.
Grover, Jr..
N.C. ....Register by Hathaway, Vol. 2, No.4 carries on pages 516-517 the
following Bertie County wills: Hezekiah Harrell, Bertie Co., Feb. 24, 1801;
Nov. Term 1801. Sister Ann Harrell, my brothers and sisters. Test, Wm.
Higgs, Jeremiah Harrell.
Margaret Harrell, Bertie Co., Jan. 20, 1803; Feb. Term 1803. Daughter Mary
Churchwell my interest in the estate of wm. Harrell, dec'd. Husband. Test,
Henry Pugh, Denis Lenton.
Amos Harrell, Bertie Co., Sept. 16, 1805; Feb. Term 1806. Wife Elizabeth,
children Betsey, Parthenia, Sally and Nancy B. Harrell, daughters Renna
Peele and Charity Powell, wife, JOse Horne and Jesse Powell, Exrs. Test,
Jos. Horne, Elijah Daughtry, Catharine Kenehorneher.
William Harrell, Bertie Co., Sept. 10, 1806; May Term 1807. Wife Jemima,
daughter Mary McClellan, Elizabeth and Priscilla Harrell, son Josiah,
grand-daughter Leedey Harrell (daughter of Hughs Harrell), my
daughter-in-law formerly Polly McDowell, then Harrell now Mizell, son Josiah
and son-in-law George McClellan Exrs. Test, Jesse Bird, Mary McClellan,
Elizabeth Harrell.
Benjamin Harrell, Bertie Co., June 30, 1809; Nov. Term 1809. Sons George,
Henry and Powell Harrell, daughters Rachel Harrell, Celia Carney, and
Winnefred Carney, my mother-in-law Anne Powell, grand-son Right Harrell,
wife Jemima, brother Reuben Harrell, son Henry Exr. Test, Jo. Horne, John
H. King.
Joshua Harrell, Bertie Co., June 26, 1810; Aug. Term 1810. Son Jesse Bryan
Harrell, sons Josiah and Elisha, son Josiah and John Ruffin Exrs. Test,
Jas. Sw. Grover Sr., Wm. Hollowell, Eliz Hollowell.
James Harrell, Bertie Co., Sept 27, 1809; Nov. Term 1810. Sons James,
Cader and Reuben, my two daughters, son James and Jos. Horne Exrs. Test,
Moore Higgs, Christopher Harrrell, Bennett Bruce.
John Harrell, Bertie Co., Oct. 6, 1814; Nov. Term 1818. wife Winnefred,
sons Thomas, Joshua, James and reddick Harrell, Martha Harrell (daughterj of
Ephraim), daughters Ritty Hughs and Zilpha Harrell, son John, daughters
Penelope, Mary and Cynthia Harrell, Jas. S. Hunter Exr. Test, Charlton
Hobbs, Riddick Hunter.
Isaac Harrell, Bertie Co., Apr. 13, 1815; May Term 1815. Wife Patience,
daughters Jemima, Sally, Betsey and Jennett, grandsons Noah, Isaac, Thomas
and George Harrell (sons of Job), grandson John Harrell (son of Amos),
grandsons Samuel and Henry Harrell (sons of Joseph), son Meredith Harrell,
Miles and Elijah Rayner Exrs. Test, Josiah Harrell, Elizabeth Rayner.
Jemima Harrell, Bertie Co., Sept. 19, 1822; Aug. term 1826. Daughters
Rachel, Winnefred and Celia, son Henry Exr. Test, Mary Harrell.
Powell Harrell, Bertie Co., June 14, 1837; Aug. Term 1837. Wife Harriet,
daughter Ann P. Harrell and son Jno. P. Harrell (children by Celia
Willoughby), daughter Mary P. Harrell and son Powell A. Harrell, Wm. Bishop
Exr. Test, Perry C. Tyler, Wm. Britton.
Mary Harrell, Bertie Co., March 11, 1840; Nov. Term 1840. Daughters
Lavinia, Milly and Eliza Harrell, brother Thos. Ward dec'd, children Noah,
George, Lawrence, Milly and Eliza Harrell, son Noah Exr. Test, Wm. J.
Hardy, Sarah A. Dukes.
Arthur Harrell, Bertie Co., Nov. Term 1850. Daughter Rhoda Peele,
son-in-law Exum Peele, Exr. Test, Benj. Hempstead, Isaac Horne, Turner
Penelope Harrell, Bertie Co., Feb. 3, 1853; Nov. Term 1853. Daughter Sarah
Harrell, daughter Martha (wife of Jos. Hogard). Test, Jos. W. Coan, Stephen

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