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Subject: [HARRELL-L] Some Colonial and Rev. Families of N.C. Part 6
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 18:04:50 -0500

Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of N.C., Vol. II, by Marilu Burch

Part VI
Martin County was created in 1774 from parts of Tyrrell and Halifax
Counties. Halifax was created in 1758 from Edgecombe which was created in
1741 from Bertie. Bertie and Martin Counties are only separated by the
Roanoke River. the following Martin County wills were copied there (in
Clerk's Office) by author:
Pages 405-406 Book 1 Will of Samuel Harrell of Martin Co., N.C. mentioned:
"my son William Harrell (five shillings); my two sons Ephraim Harrell and
Jesse Harrell ("land I bought of William Harrell"); my daughter Pegge; Nanne
Harrell my daughter; Courtney Harrell, my daughter; Sarah Cockburn my
daughter; Sarah Harrell, my well beloved wife. Executors: William Harrell
my son; Jesse Harrell my son; Silas Ballard and Elisha Ballard. (Dec. 24,
1801) Witnesses: Elisha Ballard, John Sherrod, James E. Ballard.
Book 2 page 28: Jacob Harrell will Martin Co., N.C. March 1814 proved June
Term 1815 mentioned: Jacob Parker and Benjamin Harrell; wife Amelia; brother
Parker. Witnesses: Levi Harrell and Daniel Lilley.
Page 39 Book 2: Will of Hezekiah Harrell, March 7, 1815, (proved Sept. Term
1816 Martin Co., N.C.) by the witnesses, John Harrell Jr.; Thomas Cain or
Hain.) He mentioned wife Judah Harrell; son James Harrell; daughter
Elizabeth Harrell. Executors: My friend James Moore, and my friend James
Will Book 2, page 39: Martin Co., N.C. Elizabeth Harrell's will made Dec.
12, 1814, Martin Co., N.C. mentioned son John Harrell; Daniel Parish and
James Moore were testators.
Book 2 page 39: Hezekiah Harrell's will, March 7, 1815, mentions wife
Luciah, son Hezekiah, daughter Elizabeth, friends James Moore and James
Wiggins to be executors. Thomas F. Cain and John Harrell Jr. witnesses.
The following Martin County records were copied from Index to books in
Office of Register of Deeds, Williamston, North Carolina. In most
instancves the pages have no been copied: Book E Deeds, 1805-1809 (Martin
County) Wm. Gilbert deed to Levi Harrell. Lott Harrell deed, Oct. 7, 1774
to Abel (or Abill) Harrell, "land lying on Conohoe (Conetoe) Swamp. Lott
Harrell, deed in 1787 to John James. John Harrell deed 1787 to Wm.
Anderson. Adam Harrell of Bertie deed, Apr. 7, 1783 land in Martin Co.
beginning at Turner Everett's line--along Ballard's line. Deed signed by
Adam Harrell's wife Judeth. Book B. Deeds, Martin Co., N.C. Noah Harrell
deed to his brother Joel Harrell, April 11, 1778. Noah Harrell deed to his
brother Hampton Harrell April 11, 1778, "lands and plantation that fell to
me by the death of my father Abell Harrell." (This deed also included his
brother Lewis Harrell.) Book C Deeds, Martin Co. N.C., page 6: Samuel
Harrell deed to Ephraim Harrell, March 1, 1801. Page 6: Wm. Harrell deed to
Samuel Harrell. charity Harrell deed to Joshua Taylor. Book D (1802-1805):
Levi Harrell deed to Edward Williams. Also in Book D are deeds made by
Moses, David and Burnett Harrell. Book E. (1805-1809): Samuel Harrell deed
to Rolly Robuck. Ephraim Harrell deed to Reuben Manning. John and w.
Harrell deed to Thomas O'Cain. Also in Book e are deeds to Lewis Harrell,
and Wm., B.A., Jesse and Benj. Harrell. Book K (1834-37): Levi Harrell of
Halifax Co., N.C. ded Nov. 11, 1833 to Hillory White of Martin County, N.C.
of land in Martin County signed in presence of Thomas Howell and Richard
Manning. (Note: Levi Harrell in this deed looked like Howell)
Men of name of Harrell, Harrel, Harrill, and Harrold who served in the
Revolutionary War from North Carolina (from "Roster of Revolution" by
N.C.D.A.R.) were: Holland Harrel (page 202); Asa Harrell (page 616) private
from Gates Co. N.C.; Josiah Harrell (page 616) private from Gatess Co. N.C.;
Holland Harrell (page 261, 263, 531); Benjamin Harrell (page 531); James
Harrell (page 277); Christopher Harrell (page 616); Joseph Harrell (page
481). He, John Harrell and Kidder Harrell were all at the battle of King's
Mountain, and were pensioned; Shadrach Harrell, Gates Co. man, private (page
616); James Harrill (page 219) of Wilmington Disct. "Claims allowed"; Kadar
Harrill, of Wilmington Disct. Claim allowed (page 219); Peter Harrill (page
513); John Harrell (pages 54, 188, 261, 263, 412, 534, 577).
(Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia in 1776 by H. J. Eckenrode gives lots
of records for men of Harrell name, including: Abraham, wm. S., Geo., James,
and John." Maryland Troops 1775-1782 by Maryland Historical Society
includess: James Harrell.)
(Note: The name Harrell and Howell are often confused, and so wrongly
interpreted in records. The author has known cases where Harrell should be
Howell, and vice versa.)
Kedar Harrell living in Duplin County N.C. in 1740, received a pension for
Revolutionary and military services in VA. He was 94 yrs. old in 1840. Page
208 of "Vol. V State Records of N.C." by Clark: "The petition of Kader
Harold of Duplin County, N.C. (Dec. 27, 1780) to the Honorable Members of
the Gen. Assembly of N.C.) humbly showeth that your petitioner was drafted a
military soldier of the aid sent to S. Carolina under the command of Maj.
Gen. Caswell and in Col. Henry Dickson's Regmt., that your petitioner was in
the action of Augt. near Camden where he received several wounds, and was
taken prisoner on the ground, and remained in the British Hospital at Camden
until the 14th day of Sept., at which time he made his escape and got
home.....Signed; Kader Harold.
Of the foregoing Revolutionary Soldiers from N.C., Asa Harrell, was born in
Chowan county (that part now Gates) Apr. 21, 1762. He was son of Jesse
Harrell and wife Mary Night (Knight). Asa Harrell married May 15, 1787
Rachel Beaman, daughter of Israel Beamon and wife Elishua Savage of
Northampton Co., N.C. They had two sons John Beaman Harrell who settled in
Norfolk, VA, and Samuel Harrell. John Beaman was signer of 'Articles of
Association' of Tryon Co., N.C. Aug. 17, 1755. (Vol. I, No. 4, N.C.
Register by Hathaway, page___).
John Harrell and Jethro Harrell were Lieutenants and Jesse Harrell and
Ensign in a Regt. of Militia in Hertford County May 28, 1772. (See pages
296-7 Vol. IX Colonial Records of N.C.)

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