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Subject: [HARRELL] Harrells, Gates Co Will Abstracts
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 20:44:22 EDT

Harrell Researchers:

I am pasting in for new subscribers a post from two years ago with
information on Gates Co (and others) will abstracts. There are several
similar posts for NC Harrells, and I encourage you to go to the archives and
look them up. Go to searches2.rootsweb.com List is Harrell. Key Words:
Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families Year: 1999

Hope you all find something!

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Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 06:47:00 -0500
From: "Gail Haferkamp" <>

Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of N.C., Vol. II, by Marilu Burch

N. C. Wills by Olds, page 121: Jethro Harrell will 1784, Gates County, N.C.
Ann (wife), Nancy, Milly, Betsy, Mary and Reuben. Page 252; Richard Harrell
will 1763, Perguimans Co., N.C. Dempsey, James and John. Page 65: Wm.
Harrell will chowan Co. 1781 Elizabeth and Samuel. Page 65: Samuel Harrell

N.C. Historical and Genealogical Register by J. R. B. Hathaway, Vol. 2, No.
1 carries on pages 54-55-56 the following Gates County wills: Peter
Harrell, Gates Co., June 29, 1802; Aug. Court 1802. Wife Pleasant, son
Peters, daughters Annis, Nancy, Judith, Penellpe, Mary, Pleasant and
Elizabeth, gransons Peter and Hilery Eure, Mills Eure, Exrs. Test, Sam'l
Taylor, Peter Harrell.
Isaac Harrell, Gates Co., March 20, 1805; Nov. Court 1805. Sons David and
Noah, daughter Leah, grandson John Lewis (son of my daughter Leah Hinton),
daughters Elizabeth Groves, Rhoda Parker, Leoner Dare, grand-children
Christian Jones, Absila and Thomas Trotman (children of my daughter
Christian Trotman) wife Judith, son Isaac executor. Test, Charles W.
Harvey, John Granberry, H. Y. Hudgins.
Christian Harrell, Gates Co., Jan. 12, 1795. Uncles Samuel and Dempsey
Harrell, mother Mary Harrell, aunt Sarah Piland, Martha and Ruth Piland.
Test, Edward Piland, Susan Piland.
Thomas Harrell, Gates Co., March 22, 1808; May Court 1808. Wife Ann, sons
Elijah and Elisha , daughters Edy, Rebecca, Mary and Milley, sons Elijah and
Elisha exrs. Test, Sanders Carter. John Eure.
Abraham Harrell, Gates Co. March 18, 1799; Aug. Court 1810. son David,
daughers Winea Moran and Fannie Alphin, sons Theophilus, Charles and
Abraham, wife Mary. Test, David Rice, John Miller, W. Creecy.
Isaac Harrell, Gates Co., Nov. 15, 1806; Nov. Court 1806. Brother Noah
Harrell. Test, Samuel Harrell, Henry Maroney.
Samuel Harrell, Gates Co. Feb. 13, 1811; May Court 1811. Wife Sally. Three
youngest sons Willis, Andrew and Isaac, five youngest children Henry,
Willis, Andrew, Elizabeth and Isaac, son William, daughter Mary, son Noah,
Abner and James, son Joseph, daughter Nancy, son William and Noah exrs.
Test, John Gordon, Charles W. Harvey.
Dempsey Harrell, Gates Co., Oct 15, 1808; Feb. Court 1812. Sons thomas and
George, daughter Elizabeth Harrell, wife Mary, George Harrell and Mills Eure
exrs. Test, David Harrell, Elisha Parker, Wm. Crafford.
Thomas Harrell, Gates Co., Jan. 8, 1824; Feb. Court 1824. Brothers Elisha
and Josiah Harrell, sister Penny Piland and brother Elijah Harrell, cousin
Elisha Harrell, exrs. Test, A. Beamon, Jesse Brown.
Josiah Harrell, Gates Co., Nov. 10, 1823; Feb. Court 1825. Wife Judith,
sons William and Samuel, daughter Arcadia Jones, son William exr. Test,
Mills Eure, George Harrell, wfie Judeth's children.
Judeth Harrell, Gates Co., Jan 27, 1833; Feb. Term 1833. Son Euarven
Harrell, heirs of Peters Harrell, dec'd, Abraham Parker exr. Test, Mills
Eure, Nathan Smith, Elizabeth Taylor.
Mary Harrell, Gates Co., July 18, 1834; Feb. Term 1834. Son William Henry
Harrell, Abraham Pruden exr. Test, thomas Hoggard, Wiley carter.
William Harrell, Gates Co., Dec. 26, 1833; Nov. Court 1834. Wife
Elizabeth, son William H., James A., son William, Joseph Gordon, sons
William H. and James A. Harrell exrs. Test, Marmaduke Norfleet, Joseph
Jesse Harrell, Gates Co., Apr. 19, 1837; Aug. Court 1837. Sons Thomas and
Robert H., wife Ledy, daughters Elizabeth and Ann Harrell, son James. Test,
Jesse Piland, and Boon Eure.
Elisha Harrell, Gates Co., Feb. 16, 1837; Nov. Court 1840. Wife Penelope,
daughters Penelope Harrell, Ludah Savage and Celia Harrell, sons Jethro and
Peter, daughter Elizabeth Taylor, grandson Charles Eure, granddaughters
Elizabeth and celia Eure, grandchildren John and Patsy Harrel, son Jethro
and W. L. Boothe, exrs. Test, Dempsey Parker, Mills Sparkman.
Penelope Harrell, Gates Co., Feb. 1, 1842; May Court 1842. Granddaughter
Celia Eure, daughters Penelope Harrell, Ludah Savage, and Celia Harrell's
son Peter exr. Test, Wm. L. Boothe, and John M. Matthews.
Jethro Harrell, Gates Co., June 29, 1837; May term 1847. Wife Nancy,
daughters Mary Hare, Martha and Emily Harrell. Test, Wm. P. Jones, James
Noah Harrell, Gates Co., July 1, 1848; Feb. Term 1849. Son Sam'l R.
Harrell, daughters Mary S. Bond, her three children by Elbert H. Riddick,
(Wm. Harvey Riddick, Willie Goodman Riddick, and David Elbert Riddick), son
James N. Harrell, daughter Ann C. Goodman, son Sam'l R. and James N. Riddick
Exrs. Test, Solomon Rountree, Henry Speight.
Willis W. Harrell, Gates Co., Sept. 15, 1857; Feb. Term 1858. Wife Louise,
Abner Harrell (youngest son of Wm. Norfleet Harrell), youngest daughter Mary
Louisa Harrell, sons Edward R. Harrell, and Noah Harrell, daughter Martha O.
Hill, son Edward R. and James Noah Harrell exrs., Test, Wm. L. Reed,
Riddick Hunter.
Nancy Harrell, Gates Co., July 13, 1858; Aug. Term 1858. Sister Elizabeth
Briggs, Dempsey Jones, Nancy Jones, Allen Smith, Wm. Smith, sister Eliz
Briggs Exx. Test, Evan Parker, J. F. Manning.
Nathan Harrell, Gates Co., March 12, 1860; Aug. Term 1860. Wife Celia,
children of my sister Martha Eure and her husband Daniel Eure, wife of Joh
R. Cross, Exrs. Test, W. L. Boothe, Tamar Cross.
Isaac Harrell, Gates Co., Nov. 20, 1861, Aug. Term 1862. Wife, daughters,
Martha Louise Harrell, and Mary Ann Hill, my children Mills Roberts,
Florence Meliam, Dinah Margaret Hortense, Isaac and Samuel, wife and Joshua
H. Whedbee, Exrs.


My best Regards,

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Michael Marsh>Benjamin James Jordan Marsh & Permelia Williams --moved to
Benton Co AR, then Dade Co MO>Wm Michael Marsh & Casselia Bird>Lucy Marsh &
Charlie Sexton, my grandparents.

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