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Subject: Re: [HARRELL] South Georgia HARRELLs
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 12:05:49 -0400 (EDT)


Unless I am mistaken John Spencer Harrell was the son of Elisha Harrell of
Bertie County, and the great grandson of John Harrell and Grace Hardy of
Nansemond and Bertie County.

John Spencer Harrell was born in 1804 in Robeson County (Bertie Co, NC) to
Elisha and Pheraba Fort Harrell. He was associated with his father in
production of naval stores. Turpentine, pitch, and tar products were drawn from
the tall pine trees, and barrel-making accompanied the operation. Once the
trees had been sapped, ten years' rejuvenation was required before the
trees could be bled again. Hence the industry moved southward, John S. Harrell
moving with it.

He was married to Nancy Ausley of Robeson County on September 22,1825. She
was the daughter of Jesse Ausley and Susan Poff Ausley. Jesse was a planter
who came to the Cape Fear area from Chatham County, North Carolina, about
1800. Susan Poff was the granddaughter of Andrew Poff Sr. who emigrated
from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before 1779.

John Spencer Harrell was coroner of Robeson County, North Carolina and
active in civic and community affairs. He inherited much land, slaves, and
stock, which were all required in the naval stores industry.

Robeson County Registry ( Book V, page 384) records that on February
12,1833, John S. Harrell sold his North Carolina holdings to Bryant Bowen. He
and Nancy then settled in that part of Lowndes County from which Brooks
County, Georgia, was taken. He served ten years as 2nd Lieutenant of the militia
in the 660th District of Lowndes County.

It appears to me that there were several Harrell families that settled in
Georgia. My primary interest at this point is the family of Levi Harrell
who was born about 1750 in Anson County, North Carolina and was living in
Orangeburg County, South Carolina by 1790. Most of his descendants later
settled in Georgia.

I am having a very difficult time finding any real information on this
family but I believe that he is also likely a descendant of John Harrell and
Grace Hardy. There is little doubt that he was the son of Jacob Harrell
born about 1720 in Nansemond County.

My notes on Jacob and Levi:

Lived in Bertie Co. NC and Johnston Co. NC, and moved to SC where he owned
several thousand acres of land.
"Jacob ending up in South Carolina, but he didn't die in Charleston South
Carolina as that simply where his will was filed and proved. The will dated
in Jan 1798 and proved month later indicates he was from Saint Johns
Parish (Berkeley Proprietary under the Lords) and futher indicates he owned a
house and 204 acres on Washmasaw Swamp (as spelled in will but correct spell
is Wassamassaw Swamp). Also There is no Jacob junior indicated in will and
the following names listed in it: Levi Harrell (choice as exuctor and
appointed such, also clearly noted as his son), Leacy Barfied, Selah Simmons
(made her mark as a witness and her spouse Silas Simmons was second choice as
exuctor but not apppoint such), Ann Timmons (on verify the original document
versus the type transcripted public view of this will the T was crossed
out and made to show S but the name is clealy Timmons not Simmons as folks
had assumed since Selah and Silas Simmons named then Ann had to be a Simmons
but Timmons also seen in this line and time with Harrells), Martha Curtis,
Mary Black, Jasper Harrell (believe he was of age to hold land by 1785 as
seen his name on land records with Jacob at this time), and Lewis Harrell
(indicated to get 3 guenia only as he had already gotten lands from Jacob
indicated also about 1785 in this area). He also left use of house and land to
wife but so far have not found her name on any records (some have fixed
her as Sarah Cole thus reason to question who she was wed to) and then it
went to his grandson Levi Harrell (believe this son of Levi Harrell son of
Jacob born in 1777 thus only 10 when Jacob died so his father would be his
guardian by rights anyway).

"Also Believe that early on Levi Harrell son of Jacob sent his family out
of South Carolina due to hostile area around Charleston South Carolina for
Loyal Americans against the Crown and that his children ended up spending
their early years with Uncle John of Wayne or Uncle Francis of Johnston and
Aunt Sarah of Johnston.. Thus a close relation to them that lasted after the
death of Jacob in 1787 their own grandfather. Also figure in cousins and
can understand some confusion over who belong to who in the jungle when
parents died for reason of War or just other natural causes. Levi Harrell son
of Jacob is said by most to have wed twice but current finding support he
only wed once and that Aunt Sarah Cole Harrell a widow by 1804 got mixed up
in family history as a wife since they both died about the same time him
1806 (estate papers Barnwell District South Carolina filed by Levi Harrell,
Esther Harrell, and Conrad Augley -- and have tracked her as a White holding
land near Jacob and Levi holdings in South Carolina as early as 1773 and
haven't found any Cole in the area around them... but find Cole up with Uncle
Francis in Johnston or around it)."
(mailto:) Wayne Harrell

. JACOB HARRELL died January 22,1787 and his will was probated in
Charleston District on February 16,1787 (*Will Book B, 1786-1793, Page 84*).
(The following is from Abstracts of Wills of Charleston District, South
Carolina, 1783-1800, by Caroline T. Moore, pg 129)].
(Will Book B, 1786-1793, Page 84)

[JACOB HARRELL, St. John’s Parish, wife (not named) to live on my land her
life. Children: Levi; Leacy Barfield; Selah Simmons; Ann Simmons; Martha
Curtis; Mary Black; Jasper; and Lewis. Grandson: Levi Harrell, land in “
Washmasaw Swamp” where I now live. Mentions: at death of my wife estate to be
divided among my children except son Lewis as he has already received his
share. Executors: son Levi and Silas Simmons (son-in-law). Witnesses: Levi
Harrell, Samuel Tindal, Selah Simmons. (Died 1/22/1787) (Probated 2/16/1787)].
(Darryl Andrews 23 Sep 2008)

Francis Harrell of Nansemond County, Virginia sold land in 1731 to John
White and Richard Baker. Courthouse records at Edenton, North Carolina.

Jacob Harrell, son of Francis, was born presumably in Nansemond County,
Virginia, and removed to Bertie County, North Carolina with his parents prior
to 20 May 1750. He may have lived in Anson County, North Carolina in 1750
when his son Levi was born. Anson County was created in 1749 from part of
Bladen County, North Carolina, which was created in `734 from a part of
New Hanover County. Prior to the Revolutionary War, part of that section of
North Carolina was cut off into South Carolina. Jacob Harrell received
1000 acres of land in Craven County, South Carolina between 1768 and 1773.
Zachariah Harrell 350 acres, Craven County, South Carolina 7 September 1770,
Vol. 15 page 309. Jacob Harrell, Craven County, Little Pee Dee River - 400
acres 5 June 1770. Jacob Harrell’s will is in Charleston, South Carolina.

Following records are proof of Levi Harrell’s service in Revolutionary
War; Levi Harrell - Stub Entry Number 476. Account Audited 3351 a. Also
Jacob Harrell, Continental Regiment 27. Jacob Harrell, Continental Regiment
14. (This could have been Jacob, father of Levi, as he would not have been
too old to serve. Levi was only 25 years of age when the war began. Levi
Harrell; two pounds two shillings and ten pence sterling for 30 days duty
done in the Militia in 1782, as per account audited - on eleventh day of
April 1787, Edward D. Blake, Peter Bocquet, Commissioners of the treasury.

Levi Harrell, John Harrell and Lewis Harrell, sons of Jacob Harrell, served
under General Francis Marion. “The Swamp Fox” during the Revolutionary
War (William Willis Boddie‘s “Marion‘s Men“. John Harrell, Stub Indent
544, Lewis Harrell, Stub Indent 476, Levi Harrell, Stub Indent 476. The
Preface to the above book, “Marion’s Men”, gives the following: “Descent
from one or more of Marion’s Men is the most coveted heritage in this country…
..Marion’s men equipped themselves by capture from the enemy, supported
and sustained themselves from their plantations, and were neither paid nor
promised payment by any state authority….With these untrained pioneer woodsmen
Francis Marion took from the British the Pee Dee section of South
Carolina, one third of the state, and while they were making frantic efforts to
capture him, held it against them for nearly a year before any other American
force succeeded in holding an acre of territory in the state against them
for a single day. After the fall of Charleston, 12 May 1780, and the
complete collapse of the state agencies, civil and military, Francis Marion was
one of the few Carolinians who actually desired separation from England…
.Marion’s labor in the Pee Dee country saved South Carolina and Georgia for
Independence and the American Union. (Mary Beth Harrell)

My real problem with this family stems from the fact that several
researchers have identified this Levi as the Leroy Harrell who died on the
Mississippi River in 1803. William Harrell 1810 in his autobiography clearly
identified his grandfather as being Leroy, but others have construed this as
being "Old Fat Levi" son of Jacob. Descendants of Leroy can be identified
through records of East Feliciana Parish Louisiana where William Harrell 1810
states his family ended up after the move from South Carolina. Although
there are several Levis in it this family does not match the other two
families associated with Levi Harrell 1750.

Other researchers indicate that Levi Harrell died 1 Feb 1802 in Orangeburg
County, South Carolina. I believe that this was more likely the date he
filed his will but to date I have been unable to locate a copy of this will.
Without this document I see no hope of solving the problem.

I believe that the Josiah Timmons Harrell that arrived in Texas in the
1830s is a brother of this Levi, and may have inspired other members of this
family to migrate to Texas. This is pure speculation on my part and based
entirely on the above statement reference the Timmons family.

Leroy Harrell had at least two grandsons, William 1810 and George
Washington Harrell who ended up in Texas.

There are also descendants of Levi Harrell who were in Texas and a Reuben
Harrell born 1824 in Pulaski County, Georgia who is a likely descendant of
Levi. Several of the other Georgia Harrells in Texas may also be
associated with this family.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Especially the will of Levi

Garland Lively
193 HCR 2201
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