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Subject: [HARRELL] Jeremiah Harrelson/Harrell
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 14:24:42 -0500 (EST)

Dear Cousins,

In preparation for our projected book on the Harrell family the Harrell
Research Team has been working on the Harrelson family of South Carolina.
Any discussion on the ancestry of this family and the possible connections
among them quickly becomes speculation. I have attempted to define these
possible connections as best as possible but it remains speculation. The
primary contention at this point is the relationship between William and
Jeremiah Harrell who were both in Montgomery County, Virginia in 1781. There are
two opposing theories that remain to be resolved. We have decided to post
this "Work in Progress" in the hopes that it will generate some comment
from others.

Jeremiah Harrell

The Harrell Research Team has accumulated considerable data on the line of
Jeremiah Harrell who was born 1756 on the Pee Dee River in South Carolina.
This Harrell line also appears to have interchanged the name with
Harrelson/Harralson in some records. This family has been the source great
confusion for the Harrell Research Team because descendants of Francis Harrell are
known to have settled in the same area along the Pee Dee River in South

There was also a Jesse Harrell born circa 1785 who lived in the area but
later moved to Wilcox County, Alabama that further compounds the confusion.
Both Jesse Harrell 1785 and Jeremiah Harrell 1756 were actually Harrelsons
and are believed to have been descendants of William Harrelson of Virginia.
There is no proof of this relationship, and at the present time it is based
upon speculation.

Other researchers have speculated that the patriarch of these Harralson,
Harrellson, Harrells of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina was an
immigrant named Paul Harralson who was born circa 1669, likely in Denmark. He
is believed to have immigrated to Virginia and to have had two sons; Paul
Harralson born 1686 and Peter, born 1689. They appear to have been in
either New Kent County, or King William County, Virginia, but had settled in
Hanover County, Virginia by 1715. Peter is believed to have married Mary
Chambers and died 21 January 1733 in Hanover County, Virginia, but most of his
sons moved to North Carolina.

Paul Harralson is believed to have married Patience Lewis, and had sons
Paul, William, Joseph, and Benjamin all born between about 1710 and 1727.
About 1744 Paul Harralson moved to Wateree River, South Carolina where he was
believed to have been killed by Indians about 1750. There is no
documentation at all except mention that he filed a petition in 1702 to the Virginia
House of Burgesses. He also apparently paid $50 in Fredricksbourgh Township
for the establishment of a water mill so it is believed that he may have
briefly lived in Frederick County, Virginia

While any relationship between the aforementioned, Jeremiah and Jesse to
this Paul Harralson of Denmark is sheer speculation it is believed that
William Harralson, son of Paul Harralson Jr. was likely born circa 1720 in
Virginia. Carrying this speculation farther this William Harralson of Virginia,
may have possibly been the father of William Jr., born circa 1750; Jeremiah
born 1756; Benjamin Sr., and Moses.

It is known that Jeremiah Harrell was born on the Pee Dee River in South
Carolina in 1756 and moved to Orangeburg, South Carolina shortly before he
enlisted in the Continental Army in April 1776 for a period of three years.
This would imply that Jeremiah Harrell likely remained in South Carolina
until about 1780. The next record of Jeremiah Harrell is on 5 April 1781 where
he is listed in Captain Jeremiah Pearce’s Company of the Montgomery
County, Virginia, Militia. There were a lot of Osborne’s living in Montgomery
County at the time and there were several of them serving with Jeremiah
Harrell in Captain Pearce’s Company.

Prior to the arrival of Jeremiah Harrell in Montgomery County, Virginia
there was a William Harrell living there. On 9 September 1773, William Harrell
married Nancy Rutherford in Montgomery County, Virginia. This may have
been the same William Harrell who served as a scout for Captain William
Russell in 1774. On 5 April 1781 there was a William Harreldson and several
members of the Rutherford family listed in Captain James Newell’s Company of the
Montgomery County, Militia. In 1782 William Harreldson was no longer
listed in Newell’s Company. This William Harrell is believed to have been the
William Harrell who was born in 1750 and the assumed brother of Jeremiah

It is believed that William and Jeremiah Harrell likely moved to Washington
County Virginia, possibly with members of the Osborne family. Jeremiah
Harrell married Sarah Osborne on 17 December 1781 in Washington County,
Virginia. Jeremiah Harrell lived near Osborne‘s Ford in Powell’s Valley on the
Clinch River in Washington County, later Russell County, Virginia from about
1781 until 1812. It is known that William Harrelland his wife, Nanna
(Nancy), were living on the Clinch River of Washington County, Virginia, by 12
March 1787 when they witnessed a land transaction between Elisha Nelson and
Anjer Price. There are two another land transactions dated 2 September 1788
which lists William Harrelson and his wife Nanna.

The proximity of these two and the fact that Jeremiah named his first born
son, William, has led The Harrell Research Team to conclude that Jeremiah
Harrell or Harrelson, was a possible brother of William Harrelson and his
wife, Nanna. Since William Harrelson is listed as “William Harrelson of North
Carolina” in the above mentioned 1787 land transaction it is possible that
the origins of this family may have been North Carolina rather than South
Carolina. Since the Pee Dee River is known as the Yadkin River before it
flows into South Carolina, it is possible that William was born in North

Jeremiah Harrell’s pension application filed 25 May 1832 in Marion County,
Indiana, states he enlisted in April 1776 in Orangeburg, South Carolina,
and states he was born on the Pedee in South Carolina no mention of his
parents. The date of his birth has been obtained from his tombstone inscription
and the Harrell Research Team has assumed the birth location and date to be
accurate. The only known record of a Harrelson on the Pee Dee of Marion
District, South Carolina, is a Benjamin Harralson who was involved in several
land transactions along the Pee Dee beginning in 1791. Benjamin filed his
will in 1808 and names sons, Benjamin and Lewis. His relationship to these
other individuals mentioned remains unknown.

The difficulty of sorting out the relationships among these South Carolina
Haralson can be demonstrated by the ten individuals of that surname located
in the Georgetown District in 1790

Benjamin Harralson Prince Georges, Georgetown, South Carolina
Benjamin Harralson
Benjamin Harralson
Cage Harralson
Jeremiah Harralson
Joseph Harralson Sr.
Joseph Harralson
Josiah Harralson
Lewis Harrelson
William Harrelson Prince Fredericks, Georgetown, South Carolina

Determining any relationship between Jesse Harrell and William Harrelson is
even more problematic and quickly deteriorates into the realm of
speculation. There was however, a will for a Moses Harralson dated 17 August 1789
and recorded 25 April 1800 in Prince George Parish, Georgetown District,
South Carolina, which lists sons named Jesse, Isom, and Paul. This Moses, of
whom nothing else is known, is a possible father of Jesse Harrell of South
Carolina. Jesse Harrell’s son has been estimated as 1785 from census records
and would have only four years old when written, but would have been
fifteen by the time it was probated in 1800. Benjamin and Lewis Harralson were
listed as witnesses, which is likely in reference to the Benjamin Harralson,
listed in the previous paragraph.

Developing this speculation further, it is easy to assume that Moses,
father of Jesse, and Jeremiah were brothers. Benjamin Harralson must also be
considered as a possible son of William Harrelson Sr.. It should be clearly
stated at this point that there is no clear proof of any of these
relationships and this should not be treated as factual, but as mere speculation at
this point.

DNA testing has proven that Jeremiah Harrell and Jesse Harrell were closely
related and not related to any of the other known Harrell families. The
relationship between the two remains unknown, but they likely have a common
Harrelson ancestor, possibly, William Harrelson Sr. Due to the speculative
nature of these relationships as discussed The Harrell Research Team lists
Jeremiah and Jesse as separate EKAs in the following profiles.

Jeremiah Harrell

1. Generation: 1. Jeremiah HARRELL. Jeremiah HARRELL was born 30 October
1756 on the Pee Dee River in Marion District, South Carolina, the possible
son of William HARRELLSON of Virginia as his name was at times spelled
HARRELLSON. Jeremiah HARRELL enlisted in April 1776 in Orangeburg, South Carolina
and served as a private for three years under Lieutenant Alexander
HARRIGAN, in Colonel THOMPSON's South Carolina Regiment and was engaged in the
battles of Sullivan's Island and Brier Creek. He was also engaged in the
militia at the battles of Kings Mountain and the Battle of Eutaw Springs.
Jeremiah married Sarah Belle OSBORNE 17 December 1781 in Washington County,
Virginia. Sarah Belle OSBORNE was born 23 October 1765, the daughter of Stephen
OSBORNE and Comfort LANGHAM. Jeremiah and Sarah had the following children:
William, born 15 October 1782; Stephen, born 11 March 1785; Jane, born 29
April 1787; Jemima, born 22 January 1790; Sarah, born 6 June 1792; Moses,
born 26 July 1800; Jeremiah, born 8 May 1802; and Comfort, born 22 April

Jeremiah HARRELL lived near Osborne‘s Ford in Powell’s Valley on the
Clinch River in Washington County, later Russell County, Virginia. Marauding
Indians burned his cabin on 4 February 1812 and he moved his family over the
National Road to Franklin County, Indiana. He lived briefly in Fayette
County and Rush County before eventually settling in Johnson County, Indiana,
where he died 6 May 1836. Jeremiah’s widow, Sarah Belle OSBORNE died 16
August 1838, also in Johnson County, Indiana. Both are buried in the Mount
Pleasant Cemetery, in White River Township, Johnson County, Indiana.

1.1. Generation: 2. Moses HARRELL. Moses HARRELL was born 26 July 1800, at
Osborne’s Ford, Russell County, Virginia, the son of Jeremiah HARRELL and
Sarah Belle OSBORNE. He married Margaret Murray Street on 22 May 1831 in
Johnson County, Indiana, and they had the following children: Sarah, born 12
September 1832; Jeremiah, born 25 January 1835; Margaret, born 5 June 1837;
James Murray, born 20 January 1840; Eliza Jane, born 27 May 1842; William
Madison, born 30 December 1844; Comfort Emeline, born 11 September 1847;
Mary Jemima, born 15 December 1849; Clara Josephine, born 14 July 1852; John
Fullen, born 15 April 1855; and Shelby Moses, born 6 July 1858. Moses
HARRELL died 17 September 1862 in Johnson County, Indiana.

Jesse Harrell

1. Generation: 1. Jesse HARRELL. Jesse HARRELL was born circa 1785 in
Marion District, South Carolina. He is believed to have married Rhoda Elphair
LANE (no record) and they had the following children. Edward, born circa
1815; German E., born circa 1828; Carolina, born circa 1830; Isabella, born
circa 1833; Jeremiah, born circa 1835; and Emeline, born circa 1839. Jesse
moved to Alabama by 1835 and then to Smith County, Mississippi by 1845.
Between 1850 and 1860 Jesse moved to near Quachita in Bradley County, Arkansas.

1.1. Generation: 2. German E. HARRELL. German E. HARRELL (possibly Jarmon)
was born circa 1828 in Marion County, South Carolina, the son of Jesse
HARRELL and Rhoda LANE. He married Nightly Nila ROWELL, the daughter of
Jonathan Samuel ROWELL and Frances FLOWERS, on 17 May 1860 in Bradley County,
Arkansas. German and Nightly had two known sons; Jeremiah Meyers, born 22
February 1861 and Benjamin German, born 16 October 1863. German enlisted in
Colonel Dobbin’s First Arkansas Cavalry Regiment and died of illness in April
1864 near Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas. Nightly ROWELL remarried
and moved to Louisiana with her two young sons. She died during childbirth
in Louisiana and her sons went to Texas to live with other members of the
Rowell Family. The two boys were split apart in the process and did not
remain close to each other.

1.1.1. Generation: 3. Jeremiah Meyers HARRELL. Jeremiah Meyers HARRELL was
born 22 February 1861 in Pine Prairie, Calhoun County, Arkansas, the son of
German HARRELL and Nightly ROWELL. He moved from Louisiana to Rusk County,
Texas where he married Emma Ann DEASON on 11 October 1883. Emma Ann DEASON
was born 7 January 1866 near Minden in Rusk County, Texas, the daughter of
John DEASON and Mary Jane HOWELL. Jeremiah and Emma had the following
children: Anna Bertha, born 2 August 1884; Benjamin German, born 21 May 1886;
Mable Clara, born 25 April 1888; Nita, born 5 September 1889; Gladys, born
11 September 1890; John B., born 13 September 1891; Esther May, born 31
October 1894; Ardis, born 7 January 1900; and Georgia Bernice, born 24
September 1902. All of Jeremiah’s children were born in Rusk County Texas, and most
remained their for the remainder of their lives. Jeremiah Meyers HARRELL
died 14 January 1914 and his widow, Emma, died 1 January 1954, both in Rusk
County, Texas. (Submitted by: Amy Hendrick, Mary Beth Harrell, Roberta
Estes, Ray Harrell, Steven Harrell, and Joe Cooper Harrell Jr.)

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