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Subject: [HARRIS-COLVA] Waddy Tate (d. ca 1789 Caswell Co., NC) Associate of Tyree Harris
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 13:41:37 EDT

Ira Harris III has been posting some abstracts from Fred Olds information
about some early North Carolina wills. Among those listed was one Waddy Tate,
who died testate ca 1789, Caswell Co.

Waddy Tate was associated with a Harris of Virginia origin in this manner.
He and Tyree Harris (m. 1st allegedly to Elizabeth Chapman m. 2nd Mary Ann
Simpson) were associated in this manner: They were both married to daughters of
Richard Simpson, the elder, of Caswell Co., NC, formerly of Fairfax Co., VA.
Since marriage among was cousins was common, it may be that some of Waddy
Tate's progeny intermarried with some of Tyree Harris's progeny, but this is only
speculation. I have not found such a marriage (yet).

In the event that someone on this list has a connection to Waddy Tate, I am
sharing some of my notes. I have to study the extended families hoping to find
a clue to some of my missing ancestors. And since Richard Simpson had so
many daughters, that is a large group to study. Some of the daughters went to
Madison Co., KY, and some may have gone to Tennessee. Mine went to Kentucky,
and my research has barely scratched the surface in Tennessee.

As students of the Harris families of Hanover Co., Louisa Co., and Albemarle
Co., VA will note, the Tates resided in some of the same areas as the

If you use the cited material in your own research, please attach the
citations--required of all good genealogy these days. Some are


Here goes:

WADDY TATE. He was the son of John Tait of St. Martin's Par., Louisa
Co., VA. Waddy was one of ten children named in the will of John Tait of St.
Martin's Parish, recorded 11 Sep 1769. This is proved by the will of John

Louisa Co. WB 2-63. Will of John Tait of St. Martins Parish. 10
children: Zacharias, Zacheus, Sarah, Zapheniah, Zedekiah, Ufan, Mary Snelson,
Zeneus, Wadd [sic] & John. Wife Mary. Plantation of 412 acres. Exors: wife
Mary Tait, son Zacharias Tait & friend David Anderson. Dated 20 Nov 1768.
Signed: John Tait. Wit: Anne Terrell, Mary O. (Overton) Terrell, Richmd.
Terrell, James Hill. Rcd. 11 Sep 1769.

(Nancy Chappelear and Kate Binford Hatch, ABSTRACTS OF LOUISA COUNTY
VIRGINIA WILLS 1743-1801 [Washington, DC: 1964], p. 22)

The children are Zacharias, Zacheus, Sarah, Zapheniah, Zedekiah, Ufan,
Mary Snelson, Zeneus, Waddy and John. We surmise Waddy was a maternal
surname. Another with Waddy as a forename in Louisa Co. was Waddy Thompson. He
served as one of the securities for executors Mary Tait and Zacharias Tait.

Louisa Co. WB 2-64. Bond of Mary Tait & Zacharias Tait. Exors. of
est. of John Tait. Sec: Waddy Thompson, John Hawkins, John Tate, Sr. 2000 pds.
Dated & rcd. 11 Sep 1769. Signed: Mary Tait (her X mark), Zacharias Tait,
Waddy Thompson, John Hawkins, Jas. Tait. (Ibid.)

Fifteen years later, the will of Zedekiah Tate, Parish of St. Martins,
Louisa Co., was recorded on 13 Sep 1784. Zedekiah willed to his mother Mary
Tait land devised him by his father, John Tait. He named his brothers Waddy
Tate & Zephariah Tate; sisters, Sarah Stree, Mary Snelson; and children of his
siblings, probably deceased. Executors were to be his brother Zephriah Tate and
his friends Anthony Winston & Wm. Terrell. (Louisa Co. Will Bk 3-20)

(Source: Nancy Chappelear and Kate Binford Hatch, LOUISA CO., VA ...
[Washington, D.C.: 1964] LAFHC 975.546 S2c)

Waddy Tate's family came from Louisa Co., VA. A Waddy Thomson was one of
those who submitted tithable lists in Trinity Par., 1773, and a number of Tates
appear on those lists. More study would be needed of the Tate-Thomson
connection to validate this statement, however.

Waddy Tate in Caswell Co., NC

According to family historians of the Oldham-Simpson family, Waddy Tate
was married to Nancy Ann Simpson, daughter of Richard Simpson, Jr. and his
wife Mary Kincheloe. Jere Poston also was a son-in-law of Simpson, as was Tyree
Harris and Jesse Oldham. (Simpson the elder of Caswell Co., NC had many
daughters, one of whom was Nathaniel Hart of early Kentucky fame. He had only
[surviving?] son, Richard Simpson, Jr.)

Caswell Co., NC, deeds show that Waddy Tate was a resident there,
seemingly prior to 1779. Precisely when he obtained land there is unknown. He may
have acquired it when Caswell was a part of Orange Co., prior to 1777, as may
be deduced from the following deed:

Deed Bk A-436 State of NC - No. 228 - to Thomas Rice 350 A on Country
Line Cr adj Jere Poston, George Foot's old line, Waddy Tate. 20 Dec 1779.

Deed Bk A-440 State of NC - No. 145 - to John Windsor 100 A on Country
Line Cr. adj Waddy Tate, his own land, claim of Nathan Williamson, Hayes. 17
Dec 1779.

(Deeds from Katherine Kerr Kendall, CASWELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA DEEDS

Waddy Tate, designated Capt. on the 1777 tax list of Caswell Co., was
assessed 873 pounds plus.

In 1782, Waddy Tate was appointed deputy sheriff by the Governor of NC.
(Caswell Co. court minutes, Mar 1782).

See Caswell Co. DB P-31-2. 1804, Zedekiah Tate to John Windsor, Sr....
for part of the land of Waddy Tate, decd. adj Rice. [Comment: The Windsor
family was associated with the Simpsons in their former residence, Fairfax Co.,

Caswell Co. Deed Bk D-346 gives information about a grant from the State
of North Carolina:

No. 931 - To Waddy Tate 40 A on Haw R at corner of Orange & Caswell Co.
lines on the Guilford Co. line adj Mary Larimore, Charles Hewes. 18 Aug 1787.

Tate's will was recorded 1789, Caswell Co. RB B-275. Ann Tate is
devisee, as are children [not named in index] of testator.

In Caswell Co. court Jan 1794, "Guardian appointed for orphans of Waddy Tate:
Susannah, Zephaniah, Eddy, Zibidiah, and Jesse Tate."

(FHL film 1036557, Item 3, Katherine Kerr Kendall, Historical Abstracts of
Minutes of Caswell County, NC 1777-1877)

Reference to Tate is in the following deed:

DB P-31-32 Zedekiah Tate of CC to John Windsor, Senr., for 125 pds., 41
1/2 A on Country Line Cr, being part of land of Waddy Tate dec adj. Rice. 1
Nov 1806. Wit: MDuke Mitchell, Joseph Windsor.

Tate Family in Virginia

Although the Simpsons and the Oldhams seem to have migrated from
Northern Neck counties (Simpson from Fairfax Co.), the name Waddy Tait/Tate is found
in Louisa Co. He may not be the same Waddy Tate later found in piedmont North
Carolina; however, some of the same masculine names in the Tate family are
found in Caswell Co. Tates, suggesting a linkage: Zachariah, Zaphaniah/Zephaniah,
Zedekiah (as above), etc.

A later Waddy Tate, perhaps son of the elder one of North Carolina, is
found in the records of Georgia:

"From Index to records from Receivers Office at Milledgeville, GA Land
Office in Aug-Nov 1817:

"Tate, Waddy, Madison Co., Mississippi Territory; Aug 9, 1817 (76)."

(From DAR Mag V 91, p. 651. Significance of "76" is not given. Perhaps
it refers to the record number at the land office.)
St. David's tax list [year?]
Tate, Waddy 320 Country Line 1-2

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