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Subject: Re: [HARRIS-DNA] Thompson Harris DNA
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 17:15:51 EDT

Hi Christine,

The following information may provide some clues to your Thompson Harris
ancestry. This Thompson Harris may or may not be your ancestor, but since the
given name Thompson is so unusual and undoubtedly based on a family surname,
there is a high probability that he is an ancestor and this probability may be
enhanced by the fact that in 1787, he or his son is living so close to several
Ussery families.

Lunenburg County, Virginia Titheables List;

1748...Thompson Harris.

1752...Tomson Harris.

Virginia Land Grants and Patents;

Tomson Harris, 400 acres, Lunenburg County, on both sides of a great branch
of Turnip Creek. 10 September 1755. Page 561. L2. (2 pounds).

Montgomery County, North Carolina State Census. July 3, 1787;

District # 2;

John Ussery...1-0-2
Elija Ussery...1-0-0.
Joshua Ussery...1-1-2.
Elisabeth Ussery...0-3-2.
Thomson Harris...1-1-3.

District # 4;

West Harris...
Thos. Ussery...
Thomas Ussry...
James Harris...
Arthur Harris...
John Harris...
Turner Harris...
Jesse Harris...
Brantley Harris...
Arthur Harris...
John Harris.

The 1787 North Carolina State Census for Montgomery County is incomplete and
the parts that did survive are missing many of the surnames and family
combinations. Most of the Harris and Ussery families of the 1787 census also
appear on the 1782 Montgomery County, North Carolina Taxpayer lists, of which I
have not duplicated here, although Thompson Harris is not included in the 1782

1790 U.S. Census, Salisbury District, Montgomery County, North Carolina;

Joshua Harris...2-2-7.
Arthur Harris...1-1-3.
John Harris...2-1-3.
Jesse Harris...3-0-5.
John Harris...2-6-4.
Arthur Harris...1-1-4.
Brantley Harris...1-3-3.
Atheldred Harris...1-3-1.
West Harris Jr....2-4-4.
West Harris Sr....2-0-3.
Turner Harris...3-3-5.
James Harris...1-2-3.
John Harris Sr....2-2-3.
Wilby Harris...1-1-3.
Rowland Harris...1-3-1.
Wilcon Usseroy...1-1-6.
Thomas Usseroy...1-5-7.
Peter Usseroy...1-2-2.
John Usseroy...1-1-3.
Joshua Usseroy...1-2-3.
David Usseroy...1-1-4.
Elijah Usseroy...1-0-3.
John Usseroy...1-0-7.

1800: There is no listing for a Thompson Harris in southern North Carolina
or South Carolina for 1800, but it seems that most of those Harris and Ussery
families of Montgomery County are living in Mecklenburg County in that year
and a few are still in adjoining Montgomery County, North Carolina.

1810 U.S. Census, Kershaw District, South Carolina;

Thomson Harris.

1820 Enumeration, Gwinnett County, Georgia;

Thompson Harris.

1824 Enumeration, Gwinnett County, Georgia;

Thompson Harris.

That's about all I can give you without a major research effort. I assume
that you have the 1830 and later census records for Thompson Harris in Georgia.
The gaps in the records may indicate that Thompson Harris was sometimes
written as Tho., Thos. or Thomas Harris

I hope this information is of help to you and that you are able to provide a
DNA sample from your father or Harris nephew in the future.

James E. Hargraves

In a message dated 5/23/2005 3:58:17 AM Pacific Standard Time,

Hi James,
I sure would love to have any information on the Thompson Harris' you have.
According to Huxford, Thompson, Hampton and their sister came to Georgia
after 1800. They came from North Carolina. Some say the family came from
Virginia to North Carolina. No one seems to know why Thompson traveled to Georgia
with his younger siblings.

Christine Boyette

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