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[I saw this recently & wondered if DNA was ringing
true to it? MW]

Dorothy Boyle
I found this in towards the last of the Harris surname
in the McCubbins Collection microfilm #019,860, Family
History Center. There are two other half pages which I
will enter below this one.
By I. L. Harris of Havabana, Cuba Jan 12, 1930
Hearst's Atlanta
William de Heriz from France circa 1150 (descendant of
the House of Vendosine)
Higel de Heriz living 1214 Thomas de Heriz
Henry de Heriz keeper of Royal Forests under Alexander
II living 1249
Sir William de Heriz swore fealty to Edward I. of
England 1296;
Robert de Heriz of Nithsdale living 1325;
Sir John Herries created Baron Terregles by David
Bruce 1364;
Sir John Herries keeper Stirling Castle 1369-1370
hostage for Earl of Douglass 1403-1407 David Bruce
granted Barony 1397.
Herbert Herries one of the hostages for James I. one
of the negotiators of the marriage of the daughter of
James I. to Dauphin of France, married Margaret
(daughter of Earl of Douglas). Had a brother? Robert
John Herries 4th Lord of Ferregles 1453. Had brothers:
Herbert, William & Robert.
Sir David Herries 5th Lord Ferregles married Margaret
Crichton (daughter of Sir Robert Crichton or Sir
Herbert Maxwell of Caerlaverock 1440
Sir Herbert herries 6th Lord Ferregles & 1st Lord
Herries 1489, married 1st Marion Carlyle 2d Mariot
Andrew herries 2d Lord Herries. had brothers (M)?ungo,
John, & Roger of Maindenpape(died 1536 the tutor of
William 3d Lord 1517)


This is the second page of I.L. Harris dated Jan. 12,
That portion of the Harris family that settle in the
Southern colonies had its origin in Wales. From there
they went to France and became allied to the great
family of Vendosine, prior to the Norman Conquest.
Members of the family returned to Great Britain, and
became prominent after the Conquest: and from the
armorial bearing of the various brances, particularly
the three Herrious, we are assured of a common origin
for the Wiltshire and Ayrshire Harrises. Of the
Wiltshire Harrieses were the Earls of Malmsbury. From
here came the Harrises of Virginia and Maryland. From
the Yorkshire branch came the settlers who founded
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
A third branch went to Scotland before the reign of
Alexander II. about 1150, and became leaders in teh
struggles that terminated in the struggles with the
winning of independence under Robert Bruce. The fifth
in line of succession was created Baron Terrigles, and
the sixth Baron was created Lord Harries--a title
still existing in the nobility of Great Britain. They
lives in Ayrshire, where the third Baron Terrigles
married a daughter of Archibald, fifth Earl of
Angus--celebrated in Scott's "Marmion". She was a
sister of Janet, who married his brother, the second
Lord Harries, and from this couple Roger and Miss
Douglas, are descended the Scotch-Irish Harrises of
the U.S. Edward Harris, born about 1620, was the
ruling elder of Glenmarguin, near Raphoe, county
donegal, Ireland, and married also into the Douglas
family in the person of Flora Douglas. They left three
sons, Edward, Robert and James. This was the third
intermarriage between the Harrises and Douglases--the
first about 1410, the second about 1520, and the third
about 1650.
COME TO U.S. One branch of family to Pennsylvania.
Edward had two sons and a daughter. Robert had seven
sons and a daughter; James had four sons. All
immigrated to Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, early in
the eighteenth century. Robert, whose wife was Dorothy
Wylie died in sight of land, and was buried in
Philadelphia, Pa.
There is more information on the Robert Harris-Dorothy
Wiley family in the book "Mecklenburg The Life & Times
of a Proud People" by Howard & Ruth White. (Someone
sent me a copy of several pages from this book.) p.
398 Robert Harris b. ca. 1660 Donegal, Ire. d. ca.
1727 m. 1680 Dorothy Wiley (Wylie) (1660-1715). Robert
and famly sailed for America in the 18th Century about
1750. However, Robert died in sight of land and was
probably bur. ashore.
You could also check information on the Mecklenburg
Signers of Virginia. Also mentioned- Harris History by
Calista V. Leonard, Ph.D.

His seven sons settled in Lancaster, and bought land
from Thomas Penn in 1737 and subsequently. Thomas had
married Mary McKinney and remained in Pennsylvania. He
was a captain in a militia company in 1748, died in
1801. aged 106. William had married Elizabeth Glen and
moved to Creil(?) County Maryland, with family of 14
The other five sons of Robert--John, James, Robert,
Charles and Samuel--about 1750 to 1755, moved to
Mecklenburg county, North Carolina (now Cabarrus
County) and settled on Rocky River. John later moved
to Blount County, Tenn., with eight children. His
brothers remained in Mecklenburg and reared large
families. From them are descended the Harrieses known
throughout the South as the Scotch-Irish Harrises of
Mecklenburg, and who scattered throughout the land,
pioneering as each generation pushed out into the
wilderness, looking for new fields to develop.

3rd page of I.L. Harris dated Jan. 12, 1930
To Georgians: Samuel Harris lived 114 years.
Samuel of these brothers, the subject of this sketch,
had a remarkable life, which should be known to all
his descendants, and which will be of interest to all
Georgians. Here he made his last home--and was buried
after an eventful life of some 115 to 120 years,
together with three of his children and his wife--the
latter dying on the same day with her husband and
buried in the same grave at the old Bethany Church
near Union Point. The exact dates of birth of Samuel
Harris and Martha Laird, his wife, are unknown, but we
do know they had been married for 87 years, and they
fittingly left this world together.
LARGE FAMILY Had Eight Sons and Three Daughters.
They had eight sons and three daughters who lived to
maturity, and ten of whom left families. Of these
sons, Thomas was the first sheriff of Mecklenburg,
N.C. before the Revolutionary War. and died in
Georgia. Robert and James were members of the
Mecklenburg Convention, which threw down the gauntlet
to Great Britain on May 20,1775--over a year previous
to the Declaration of Independence at Philadelphia,
July 4, 1776. All the eight sons bore arms in the
Revolutionary War, as also did the husbands of the
three daughters. One of the sons-in-law, Thomas Harris
McCaule, founded the Winnsboro (S.C.) College for
Prior to the Revolution, Samuel and his son, Samuel
Jr., served in the Indian wars, and other Harrises of
the names of his other sons--though we are unable to
determine whether they may not have been cousins, of
the same Christian names.
Martha Laird, her sister, Mary, and possibly others
came on the same ship with Samuel Harris, and they
were married after reaching Pennsylvania. The first
land purchased by Samuel Harris of which record has
been found was in Jan. 1737. His son, James was born
1739; Samuel Jr., 1742. Samuel Sr., and his wife were
alive in 1823, as shown by a letter written by the
celebrated surgeon of Mecklenburg during the Rev. War,
Dr. Charles Harris, dated June 5, 1823, and addressed
to his cousin, Robert W. Harris, Jr., of Spanish Town,
Jamaica, a son of Colonel Robert Harris Sr., in which
he sates: "Old Uncle Samuel is still alive, and I
believe suffers in no respect materially but what may
be expected to be incidental to the infirmities of old
Thomas, brother of Samuel, was born 1665, and died
1801. His brother, Robert, died 1788 age 86.
Among many other Georgians descended from Samuel
Harris, we find the Wylies of Sparta and the Baxters
of Athens and Atlanta.

Isham Harris b. 1759 m. Anne Campbell
I found these while researching the Harris surname in
the McCubbins collection, under the Harris surname
microfilm # 19,860( you can order this film from a
family history library) The heading was Isham Harris
and underneath that title is the following
information: Bk2 p 246 - Jan 17 1816 Isham Harris of
Franklin Co. Tenn. no wife signs - lets William Harris
of Montgomery Co. N.C. have 423 acres in Montgomery
Co. in four tracts, on Rock Hole Creek (two next
Samuel Hopkins) for $450.00 Witns: John W. Harris &
Wesley Harris & proved in Aug 1847. (underneath was
this entry on the same page) Edward Harris of Isle of
Wight Co. VA had a son, West Harris, b. aug 13 1715,
m. Mary Turner by whom he had: Isham (b. 1741)
Elizabith, Turner, Dred or Etheldred Priscilla (m.
roger Williams) Patty (m. buckner Kimball) Rowland (b.
1754 said to have married a Kimball also) West (the
Rev. colonel b. 1756 enlisted in the war when 19 yr.
old) Arthur (b. July 7 1758 d. Dec. 23. 1823) Mary (b.
1760 m. Richard Parker) & Patience (m. William
Girardeau) Names in order of birth I think you should
check this film because I think there in more
information there on your family. Also check film #
19,859 as well. The Harris surname collection is on
both films. (Most is typewritten)

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