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Subject: Notes from Madison County Court Records:
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Notes from Madison County Court Records:

July 6, 1795, Benjamin Harris and wife Nancy (nee Burgin) conveyed to Evan
Watson, 72 acres of land on Muddy Creek, about two miles form Mulberry Lick.
The deed was not acknowledged by the wife till 1809.

Oct. 1, 1814. Their daughter Polly Harris conveyed her one third interest in
34 acres, Sept. 25, 1815, to Overton Harris. Their other children, Tyre
Harris, and Nancy Harris and her husband, Henry Pasley, conveyed to Overton
Harris their two thirds as heirs of Benjamin Harris' deed in lands on Otter

Feb. 1, 1808, Barnabas Harris, and wife Elizabeth (nee Oldham) conveyed to
Evan Watson 135 acres on Muddy Creek, deed not acknowledged by wife till
March 21, 1809. The first date they also conveyed to John Harris, 50 acres on
Muddy Creek, adjoining Evan Watson, John Harris and William Harris.

Sept. 6, 1809. Barnabas Harris executed a power of attorney to Overton
Harris, (his brother) to settle his business, and convey to Samuel McMullens,
his interest of one half of 800 acres entered in the name of his father
(Christopher Harris) on Hinkston's Fork of Licking in Bourbon, County, Ky.

Sept. 1, 1809. Samuel Harris and wife, (Nancy nee Wilkerson,) conveyed to
James Jones, 150 acres on Paint Lick Creek, part of William Van Cleaves
patent of 720 acres. Aug. 4, 1830. They conveyed to Richard Fowler, land in
Madison County, Ky. Sept. 21, 1831. They conveyed to Edwin Phelps, the farm
upon which they were living on Calloways Creek.

Dec. 2, 1809. Richard Gentry, and wife Jane (nee Harris), Christopher Harris,
John Harris, Thomas Burgin, guardian of Polly Harris, infant (child) of
Benjamin Harris deceased, William Harris, Margaret Harris, John Bennett and
wife, Isabella (nee Harris) Samuel Harris, Barnabas Harris and Overton
Harris, heirs and devises of Christopher Harris, deceased, conveyed to Samuel
McMullens, and James Guthrie, 600 out of 1200 acres on Hinkston's Fork of
Licking in Bourbon County, Ky.

Sept. 5, 1816. William Harris and wife Anna (nee Oldham) conveyed to John
Speed Smith 42 acres on Muddy Creek.

Jan. 1, 1799. Inventory and appraisement of the estate of James Harris, who
died in 1797-8, was made by Colonel John Miller and Robert Rodes, and
returned to the Court.

Aug 4, 1814. Christopher Harris and wife Sallie (nee Wallace) conveyed to
James Reid 24 acres, 2 roods, and 14 poles, on Mud Branch of Otter Creek,
which Michael Wallace lived and died possessed of (near Richmond).

May 5, 1816. Robert Harris and wife (nee Grubbs) conveyed to Frances Stone 85
acres, 2 roods, and 28 poles, on Tates Creek.

1799. Christopher Harris, and wife, Elizabeth (nee Grubbs) conveyed to
William Shackelford 100 acres, on Muddy Creek.

April 3, 1815. They conveyed to Zachariah Thorpe, (their son-in-law) 25
acres, including the Mill and Mill seat of said Thorpe on Muddy Creek.

Aug. 29, 1797. James Harris conveyed to John Mullens, Jr. the land conveyed
to grantor by Green Clay, adjoining James Berry and others.

Dec. 2, 1790. James Harris married Susannah Gass, (daughter of David Gass,
and Sarah, his wife.) In 1796 James Harris was riding along the road between
Silver Creek and the residence of David Gass in company with Squire Boone
(brother to Colonel Daniel Boone) conversing about old times and the old mill
seat of Squire Boone at St. Asaph's, and Gerusha's Grove, on Silver Creek,
and he told Boone of the black walnut tree upon which Boone had cut his
letters S. B. in 1775, which circumstance Boone had not forgotten. Shortly
after this conversation, towit: April 29, 1796, Squire Boone gave his
deposition at St. Asaphs, and Gerusha's Grove in regard to the land, and the
letters and date on the trees.

David Gass died in 1806, and in his will he mentions his children towit: John
Gass, William Gass, James Gass, David Gass, Mary Black, (and her children,
Amy, Eleanor, James and David) Margaret Gass wife of John Mitchell, (and her
son James) Thomas Gass, Susannah Harris and Sarah Black.

Sept. 25, 1807. James Harris, John Mitchell and David Gass, executed a power
of attorney to John Gass, of Bourbon County, Ky. to prosecute suits etc. in
their name etc.

Oct. 5, 1807. James Harris and wife Susannah, executed a quit claim deed to
David Gass, as heir of David Gass, sr., deceased to land on Silver Creek.

Oct. 16, 1807. They conveyed to James White 60 acres on the east side of
Muddy Creek.

Aug. 20, 1798. Edward Harris of Newburn, North Carolina, conveyed to James
Harris 750 acres on both sides of Muddy Creek, witnesses, James Harris,
Archibald Harris and Andrew Province.

Sept. 12, 1795. Samuel Harris; married Sarah Province.

Dec. 1, 1800. James Harris conveyed to Higgason Grubbs, all his right to land
on west side of Muddy Creek, granted to Edward Harris and conveyed by Edward
Harris to James Harris.

Dec. 14, 1809. James Harris of Albemarle conveyed to Jesse Noland 50 acres on
Tates Creek. Dec. 28, 1809, he conveyed to William Boone 17 acres, and to
Jesse Noland 20 acres on the same waters. (See Chap. 3, Sec. 4.)

Aug. 17, 1809. Andrew Harris and wife Ede, by Joseph Kennedy agent in fact of
Williamson County, Tenn. conveyed to Thomas C. Ballard 77 acres on Paint Lick

July 3, 1792. Sherwood Harris, wife Henrietta Harris, acknowledged deed to
Barney Stagner per certificate of John Harris and Asa Searcy.

Dec. 6, 1798. Joel Harris, of Albemarle County, Va., executed a power of
attorney to John Harris, Daniel Maupin and James Berry to act for him and
convey lands etc. Nov. 17, 1807, the said Joel Harris conveyed to Daniel
Maupin an undivided moiety of 1000 acres on waters of Cow Creek and Indian
Creek, emptying into the Salt Spring Fork of Licking granted to Joel Harris
June 26, 1799, witnesses, John Patrick, John Harris and William Dulaney, and
other conveyances as follows: 200 acres to Joseph Holdman, 200 acres to
Richard Johnson in the forks of Tates Creek, and 200 acres to John Denham,
adjoining above. April 10, 1817, Daniel Maupin attorney in fact for Joel
Harris of Albermarle conveyed to Samuel Robinson 288 1/2 acres on Muddy
Creek. (See Chap. 111, Sec. IV.)

Dec. 7, 1796. Thomas Harris; married Rebecca Barnes.

Aug. 28, 1804. Thomas Harris conveyed to William Titus 40 acres on Silver

April 1, 1805. Henry Harris for love and affection conveyed to Elizabeth
Eastes 91 acres on Downing Creek.

Feb. 21, 1815. Henry Harris and wife Anna for love and affection conveyed to
Bettie Jameson 114 acres on Downing Creek.

Sept. 4, 1806. Thompson Harris executed an obligation in trust for his wife,
Fannie (probably Fannie Jones) Children:

1. Wiley Rodes Harris.

2. Tempe Barnes Harris.

Oct. 2, 1809. Thompson Harris and wife Fannie conveyed to George Hubbard, 135
acres in the forks of lower Woods Fork of Muddy Creek.

Oct. 17, 1817. They conveyed to Archibald Woods, 150 acres (excepting 50) on
Woods Fork of Muddy Creek, the same land conveyed by the latter to John
Wilburn and by the latter to Thompson Harris.

Sept. 29, 1813. William Harris and wife Jane of Jessamine County, Ky.,
conveyed to Reason Nichols 55 acres on the Kentucky river.

June 19, 1818. John Harris and wife, Polly conveyed to Gideon Gooch, 60 acres
on Baughs Branch of Silver Creek.

May 30, 1805. David Harris; married Nancy Cooksey.

Nov. 1, 1811. David Harris; married Nancy Maxwell.

Oct. 28, 1819. David B. Harris, and wife Nancy conveyed to Tandy C. Page 140
acres on Silver Creek.

Oct. 1, 1796. Mosias Jones executed a power of attorney to his son, Thomas
Jones of Greenbrier County, Va. to convey 130 acres to James Kincaid.

Jan. 8 1808, Mosias Jones' will probated, May 2, 1808, children: William
Jones given land on Otter Creek, adjoining Isaac Newland, Lucy Maupin, Mosias
Jones, Foster Jones, Frances Harris, Elizabeth Daverson, George Jones, Ann
Gamison, Thomas Jones, Roger Jones, Sarah Curroum, and John Jones, witnesses,
Martin Gentry, Moses Bennett and John Maupin.

April 13, 1816. Inventory of estate of William Jones, deceased made.

Nov. 15, and 27, 1814. Foster Jones (wife Peggy;) Inventories of his estate
made, by John Brown, Thomas Collins, Samuel Gilbert and William Douglas,
widow, Peggy, alloted dower of negroes.

Dec. 3, 1796. Foster Jones and wife, Mourning (nee Harris) conveyed to
Margaret Black, of Woodford County, 37 3/4 acres on Otter Creek.

Nov. 16, 1797. Thomas Jones of Franklin County, Va. conveyed to
representatives of Jesse and Hosea Cook, of Franklin County, Ky. 400 acres on
Silver Creek in Madison County, Ky.

Feb. 25, 1814. Robert Jones deceased, inventory made.

June 3, 1815. Elizabeth Jones, deceased, inventory made.

July 21, 1815. James Jones will probated Feb. 5, 1816, brothers, Humphrey and
William, besides other brothers and sisters not named.

June 1, 1826. Irvine Jones, deceased, inventory made, wife Rachael alloted
dower, Nov. 6, 1826.

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