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Subject: [HARRIS-HUNTERS] William Overton - Probable Father of TemperanceOverton Harris
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 23:37:16 EST

Preparer: E. W. Wallace
Rev 1/97; edited 12/03, added to Jan 2004

WILLIAM OVERTON, the elder. WIR00436 [This is ID in my computer
program. Ignore it.]

According to Cross and Cole, WILLIAM CROSS OF BOTETOURT CO., VA. AND HIS
DESCENDANTS (Columbia, MO: 1932), William Overton of "Glencairn," Hanover Co.,
VA emigrated to Virginia ca. 1681. He was the son of Col. Robert Overton, and
he was married to Elizabeth Waters, daughter of Samuel Waters (ca.
1617-1665) and his wife Anne (d. ca. 1700). [1]

Clayton Torrence had a different perspective as he wrote the following
of William Overton in WINSTON FAMILY OF VIRGINIA (publ. 1927, repository:
Virginia State Library CS71 W782):

"... was born in England, December 3, 1628 [or 1638]. On November 24,
1670, he married Elizabeth Waters, and together they came to Virginia in
1681, settling in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County. On April 23, 1681, a
patent was issued to William Overton and Eben Jones [Evan Jones] for 4600 acres
lying in New Kent County on south side of Pamunkey River, on Falling Creek; for
the transportation of 92 persons into the colony, and among the names of
head-rights to this pattent appear: William Overton and Elizabeth Overton. On
October 29, 1690, a patent issued to William Overton and John Lyddall for 837
acres lying in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, above main fork of
Pamunkey River, next above a divident of land granted Jonathan Norwood and Ambrose
Clre, late in the tenure of Samuel Ousteen." [Overton?]

Torrence cites the land patents, which are readily available to
researchers in Volume II of CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, abstracts cited below.. The
land patents, originally in New Kent Co., later fell into a newly formed county,
Hanover Co. Two patents, in which William Overton is a partner, dated 23
Apr 1681 and 1690 all mention Pamunkey River.

In a footnote, Torrence wrote: To this time [1927], the parentage of
William Overton has not been discovered, nor the place of his birth. The
Register of St. Sepulchre's [London] does not give the marriage of William
Overton and Elizabeth Waters. There were Overtons living in St. Sepulchre's
Parish, London; but a careful search of the Births, Marriages and Buriels [sic]
from 1662 (when the registers begin) up to 1700 has thrown no light on the
'origin' or relationships of William Overton. Overton wills and administrations
in the ARCHDEACONRY OF LONDON REGISTERS, 1413-1725, have also been
investigated without favorable results. For note on this discrepancy in statements as
to year (1628 or 1638) of William Overton's birth see ante page 29, footnote."
[Note: This researcher failed to photocopy Page 29.]

Francis Stuart Harmon, MA, LLB, LLD, compiled and edited ADAM'S EVES
(privately published 1946) [2]. Harmon, a descendant of William Overton, has a
slightly different version. William, born 3 Dec 1638, probably was the son
of Major General Robert Overton and his wife Anne Gardiner Overton. "He came
to Virginia in the sixteen sixties and on November 24, 1670 was married to
Elizabeth (NOT Mary) Waters, at Yorktown on board the vessel which had
transported her from England. The records of Mathews County, Virginia show that
William Overton paid fifty pounds of tobacco for the passage of his fiancee to
Virginia. Also Virginia land records show a grant of 4600 acres on the south
side of the Pamunkey river to William Overton for transporting 92 persons to
the colony, including Elizabeth Waters. Another deed in 1680 conveyed land
to him in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia. .."

[Comment: It is strange that the record of payment would be in Mathews
Co., VA records, as that county was not formed until 1791; further, most of
the county's records were destroyed by fire in 1865. This writer's opinion
is that Torrence is a more careful researcher, and his works should be
regarded as more reliable.]

Because William Overton and his different partners patented large tracts of
land near the Pamunkey River, the abstracted patents are cited:

Patent Bk 7-78: William Overton & Evan Jones, 4600 acs., New Kent Co., S
side Pomunky Riv., 23 Apr 1681,.... Beg at mouth of falling creek. Trans. of
92 pers. [The list of persons transported is omitted, but includes Wm.
Overton, Thomas Jones, Rice Jones, Eliz. Overton, and several other persons, male
and female with the surname Jones.] (Nell Marion Nugent, CAVALIERS AND
PIONEERS, VOL. II, [Richmond, VA: Virginia State Library, 1977], p. 218-219)

Patent Bk 8-121: William Overton & John Lydall, 837 acs., New Kent Co., in
St. Peter's Par; above the main fork of Pamunky River, next aove land of
Johnathan Newell & Ambros Clare, late in the tenure of Samuel Ousteen; 23 Oct
1690, p. 121. To be qually divided between them. [Again, the list of
transported persons is omitted here.] (Ibid., p. 357)

Harmon gives information about the parents of Elizabeth Waters.

"The will of Ann Waters, aged widow of Samuel Waters (b. about
1617-1665) of the Parish of St. Sepulchre's London, was dated September 29, 1697 and
was proved at London by Thomas Waters, July 4, 1700. A pertinent provision
therein read:

'I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Overton, now in Virginia, the summe
of tenn shillings and to my sonne in law, William Overton, her husband also
tenn shillings...'"

Harmon lists six children of William and Elizabeth Waters Overton, one
of whom was Temperance Overton, the ancestress of the writer. See her
separate biography. Harmon is a descendant of Temperance's younger brother James

Clayton Torrence in his family history of the Winston family included
the Overtons because the youngest Overton daughter, Barbara, became the wife
of John (or James) Winston, of Hanover Co. The Winston family, of course, was
his main focus. [3]

Torrence quotes from the copy of the Overton record as given in THE

"William Overton was born December 3rd, 1628 [or 1638], in England.
Married Mary [sic: Elizabeth] Waters November 24th, 1670. Emigrated to
Virginia. Elizabeth, their daughter, born June 28th, 1673. William Overton, their
son, born Augst. 14th, 1675. Temperance Overton, their daughter, born March
2, 1679. Samuel Overton, their son, born Augst. 14, 1685. James Overton,
their son, born Augst. 14, 1688. Barbara Overton, their daughter, born Feby
5, 1690. Barbara Overton married John Winston. Barbara Overton Winston died
Octo. 30, 1766."

Torrence gives two dates for the birthdate of William Overton because
of conflict in family records of descendants. Also there was conflict in
whether the husband of Barbara Overton was John or James Winston.

There are references to the land of William Overton in New Kent Co. in this

JOHN SAXON, 460 acs., New Kent Co., W. side of the N. br. of Pamunkey River;
adj. land, now or late, of Wm. Overton; 28 Oct 1697, p. 106. Trans. of 9
pers: Frank, Moll, Sampson, Tom, Sue, Robin, Peter, Dead, Betty.

(Nell Marion Nugent, CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS, VOL III [Richmond: Virginia
State Library, 1979, 2nd impression, 1986], p. 15)

Another patent to John Saxon, Oct 1699 [Patent Bk 9, 225] again refers to
the land of Overton.

Some Extra Information

Overton Family History, History of Louisa County Virginia
By Malcolm Harris, pg. 396 (found on the internet 1/4/04)

It is believed that the Virginia Overtons were descendants of John
Easington, in Holderness, Yorkshire,whose son was General Robert Overton born 1609,
under Parliament tookup arms and served Cromwell, and finally was sent to the
Barbadoes in solitude.
III- William, son of Gen. Robert Overton, was born in England,Decmeber 3,
1638 and came to Virginia prior to 1670. He married Mary Waters at Yorktown on
the 24th of November 1670, on board the ship in which she came to America.
She was a daughter of Mrs. Ann Waters of St.Sepulcher's Parish, London. The
Overtons settled on Falling Creek,where they had patents for 4,600 acres on
the south side of the Pamunkey River in New Kent County.

Their children:
1. Elizabeth, b. 28 June 1673
2. William, b. 6 August 1675; d. 18 June 1759-m. Peggy Garland
3. Temperance, b. 2 March 1679; 19 February 1710- m. William Harris
4. Samuel, b. 14 August 1685; d. c1725- m. Miss Carr
5. James, b. 14 Aug. 1688; d. 18 June 1748- m. Elizabeth Garland
6. Barbara, b. 5 February 1690; d. 30 October 1766

IV.- James, son of William and Mary Waters Overton, was born 14 August 1688.
He was generally known as Capt. Overton and was a patentee of the lands on
Elk Creek in Louisa, 1723/ He married Elizabeth Garland, a Daughter of
Edward Garland, Sr. of Hanover County, and a sister of Margaret, who married his
brother William. He was a sheriff of Hanover County in 1735. The Garlands
patented lands in Louisa about the same time, and adjoining his patents on
Overton's branch of Elk Creek. He probably established the seat of Brookville,
the old Overton plantation where lived Captain James Overton, until his death
in 1814. James, Sr. died June18, 1747 and his wife died 19 November 1739.

Children of James Overton and Elizabeth Garland:
1. Capt. James, b. 1726 married Mary Waller
2. William married Jemima Harris , (dau. of Wm. Harris)
3. Mary Garland md. David Cosby
4. Nancy md. Richmond Terrell

Later Overton Family Members

There is a reference in Pat. Bk. 12, p. 335 to two different Overton males,
giving the relationship of father and son:

William Overton, son of Samuel Overton, "sometime of New Kent Co., decd);
400 acs. (N.L.) Hanover Co.; on both sides the S. & N. fork of Elk C; adj John
Ragland; on head of Plum Tree Branch; 7 Jan 1725, p. 335. 40 Shill.
(Nugent, Vol. III, p. 294)

There is a patent in 1723 to one James Overton "on John Raglin's line",
implying that Samuel Overton is probably a relative as well as a neighbor.

James Overton, 400 acs. (N.L.) Hanover Co.; on N. side the S. fork of Elk
Cr; on John Raglin's line; 20 Feb 1723, p. 324. 40 Shill. (Nugent, Vol. III,
p. 259)

There is evidence in 1782 tax list of Hanover Co., VA (formed from New
Kent Co.) of the prevalence of Overton family members and evidence of the
beginning use of this surname as a given name, especially for members of the
Harris family. Since surnames of other families with whom the Harrises are
intermarried are found in Hanover Co. also (Glen, Grubbs, Gentry, Dabney), they
were probably interrelated. The following were listed in Capt John Thomson's
and Thomas Price's companies of militia--list of John Lawrence, gent'n.

Samuel Overton (estate) 7 whites; 69 blacks.

William Overton (estate) 1 white; 29 blacks.

Mildred Overton 4 whites; 3 blacks.

One would deduce from the number of slaves that the Overtons were of
the planter class.

Unidentified Overton males:

A list of North Carolina Revolutionary War pensioners, found in The State
Records of North Carolina, lists two privates:

Samuel Overton

James Overton

Jonathan Overton

In all probability these males would have been born ca 1750s.

[1] John Newton Cross and Mary Cross Cole, William Cross of Botetourt Co.,
VA, and his descendnantss, 1733-1932; also a record of the related families of
McCown, Gentry-Blythe, Cain-Robertson, Harris-Martin, and Conner, of
Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri [LVA call no. CS71 C952 1932]

[2] Francis Stuart Harmon, Adam's Eves: Historical and genealogical
information about the Banks, Bruce [and] Overton families, and the Ellis, Cain,
Bell [and] Banks relationships of Susan Mourning Cain (Bell)
[LVA call no.CS71 B2268 1964]

[3] Torrence, Clayton, Winston of Virginia and allied families [Richmond,
VA: Whittet & Shepperson, 1927, 539 pgs. [This is on HeritageQuest.]

Submitted by E.W.Wallace
corrections & additions are welcomed



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