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Hi Carol and others interested,

James B(rockman) Harris (1816-1888) of Louisa Co.,VA, is my
great-great-grandfather, through his son Overton Miles Harris (1848-1930),
my grandmother's father. From conversations with my grandmother in the
1960's and 70's, as well as notes written by her older sisters and (very
beat up) Bibles belonging to James B. and his wife, Permelia Barden, I know
that James B. Harris' parents were Overton Harris and Elizabeth Brockman and
that James B. had siblings William, Calvin, and Mary.

In the 1930-50's William Everett Brockman wrote several books about the
Brockman family, and in one of them, Orange County Virginia Families, Volume
III (1959), pg.120, he writes:
"Information from Goss Mahanen, Gordonsville, Va.
Elizabeth Brockman, daughter of William Brockman and wife, Mary,
married Harris.
Their children were:
1. James Harris - son Overton Harris
2. Calvin Harris
3. Mary (Polly) Harris m. Wm. Mahanes
Widow Harris married 2nd, Samuel Mahanes, father of Wm. Children
were as follows:
2 daughters who married Leake's
1 daughter married Shepherd
Melvina m. Moore, moved to Lynchberg ..."
[Note: The "- son Overton Harris" is my great-grandfather Overton Miles
Harris (1848-1930), who was named for his grandfathers, Overton Harris and
Miles G. Barden.
The quoted James Goss Mahanes (1888-1964) was a great-grandson of Elizabeth
Brockman and Overton Harris, a grandson of James B. Harris' sister Mary, who
married her step-brother William Mahanes. Goss Mahanes' parents were Tavner
Overton Mahanes and Emily Victoria Salmon and my grandmother spoke of him as
a cousin.]

Reading this information revealed to me for the first time why I had often
about Mahanes cousins, but my grandmother had not been able explain
how they connected. There is a marriage record in Albemarle Co. for widow
Elizabeth (Brockman) Harris m.Dec1818 Samuel Mahanes. James B. Harris'
birthdate is clearly given in his Bible as 25 April 1816, so James B.
Harris' father Overton Harris had apparently died when James was just 2
years old.

Although James B. Harris shows up in variously named census districts, I
believe he lived with his family on the 70a of land he purchased in March
1841, located in what is now called the Greensprings district of Louisa Co.,
near Thelma on the Columbia Road. Just a few years ago, my cousin found in
my grandmother's papers the receipt for this sale plus the subsequent annual
tax receipts and the amnesty oath James signed in order to retain his
property following the Civil War. Notations in his wife's Bible indicate
Cobham Depot as a mailing address. It was the nearest railroad stop to
Thelma and at the border of Louisa Co. with Albemarle Co.

I have not throroughly researched the Louisa courthouse land records, but
James B.'s father-in-law, Miles G. Barden (1767-1838), had obtained a land
grant in 1827 for 51a in this same area (see the Library of Virginia online
image at:
http://lvaimage.lib.va.us/cgi-bin/GetLONN.pl?first=488&last=&g_p=G76&collection=LO )
So James B. Harris' property may well have adjoined his wife's family
property. These properties are likely the same land held today by
descendants of James B. and Permelia (Barden) Harris through their only
other son to have issue, James Calvin Harris (1850-1927). There is a small
family graveyard on the property where he and some of his descendants are

Many years ago, when I asked my grandmother where James B. Harris and his
were from, she said something like "the old land" or "the old country". I
asked her if she meant Europe or England but she shook her head and seemed
puzzled by my question. At the time I assumed she just meant "old
Virginia". But
when I saw the 1880 census I was very surprised to see that James B. gave
Tennessee as his birthplace! What's more, though his sister Mary (Harris)
(b.abt.1812) had apparently died by 1880, at least two of her sons give
their mother's birthplace as Tennessee in the 1880 census. It has made me
wonder if James' parents had travelled to Tennessee sometime after 1810,
then returned to Albemarle Co. by 1818 when his father Overton Harris died.

I have for many years researched this Overton Harris, as well as most any
other I can find born before 1800 (at least 14 are in my database!). From
census and tax records, I've concluded that he was born about 1785. He
first appears on the Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co. personal property
tax lists in 1807, right after his marriage to Elizabeth Brockman in Dec
1806. He is listed next to a Samuel Harris, who had first appeared on the
in 1805 next to a William Harris charged for 2 whites older than 16. Samuel
William are there again in 1806, then Overton replaces William in 1807.
Overton is on the Albemarle tax lists until 1810, and is on the 1810 US
Census for Albemarle Co. age 16-26 with two sons under 10 and wife 16-26.
Then he disappears from the lists until May 1818. He is listed that year
"at B. Owens" and does not appear in 1819 or after.

Amazingly enough, in 1810 there are five men named Overton Harris in the
census and tax records of the adjacent counties Hanover, Louisa, and

1) Overton Harris (abt.1785-1818) in Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co.
census and pers. prop. tax list, w/2 sons under 10, no slaves. [my ancestor]

2) Overton Harris (1762-1834) on Wash's list, Louisa Co. pers. prop. tax
w/2 sons over 16, 3 titheable slaves. [This is the son of Benjamin Harris
d.1765, who is veteran of Rev. War and moves to Todd Co., KY, in 1818. Said
to be a great-grandson of William and Temperance (Overton) Harris. Benjamin
Harris d.1765 had brother Robert Harris m.Mezapina Walton whose descendants
test Harris DNA Group 6.]

3) Overton Harris Jr on Wash's list, Louisa Co. pers. prop. tax, no slaves.
[I speculate that he may be William Overton Harris (b.abt.1787-d.bef.1870),
son of Patrick Harris, grandson of Stephen Harris d.1770 Hanover Co. and
thus probably Harris DNA Group 8. Evidenced by a marriage record and a
"FTM CD229 Marriage Index: KY, NC, TN, VA, WV, 1728-1850
Goochland Co., Virginia
Harris, William Overton Spouse : Badget, Sarah Marriage date : 21 Mar
"Louisa Co., VA BOOK X, PAGE: 423 Grantor: Aaron Lowery and Mary his wife,
Grantee: Charles Brooks, Date: -1 July 1840.
Aaron Lowery and Mary his wife who was Mary Harris, James Ryan and
Jememia his wife who was Jememia Harris, William O. Harris and Sarah his
wife, John A. Harris and Mary W. his wife and John O. Moss to Charles
Brooks, $50 for tract on south side of Indian creek adjoining William
Waldrop and John Gentry, 33 acres being tract Patrick Harris died seized.
Witness: David Richardson, Austin Gentry, Mourning G. Gentry,
Nathaniel Talley, Francis Dabney, David Richardson."]

4) Overton Harris in Hanover Co. census w/4 daughters, one son under 16, 23
[Likely Overton Harris (1767-1813) of Cedar Hill, son of William and Diana
(Goodwin) Harris whose descendants test Harris DNA Group 6.]

5) Overton Harris Jr in Hanover Co. census w/3 daughters, two sons under
16, and no slaves.
[This one appears again in Hanover in 1820, and is possibly the Overton T.
Harris in NE Louisa Co. in the 1830 Census. He is also possibly the Overton
Harris mentioned in this report:
Virginia Historical Inventory Report #206, Louisa Co., VA
"Leroy Terrell Place. 2.5 miles north of Bumpass on Route #601, house 300
yards east of road. Owners: Leroy Terrell, Thomas Longan, Townsend W.
Burtis, now owned by C. E. D. Burtis. Mr. Terrell built the dwelling house,
using lumber sawed at an old fashioned water mill, the timber being hewed
with a broad axe, lathe rived by hand. All that is left of the house is one
large stone chimney and a large cellar.
The old field school conducted by Overton Harris is Ante-bellum times was
located on the place, the sight of this school can still be seen. Many of
the young people of the neighborhood were taught the "Three R's" there.
Source of info: Personal Research by C.E.D. Burtis, Bumpass, Virginia,
November 7, 1936."

There is also one William O. Harris recorded in 1810 Hanover Co. census age
16-26, with 10 slaves, next to Diana Harris. He is likely William Overton
Harris (1785-1850), another son of William and Diana (Goodwin) Harris, and
buried at the Temperance Overton Harris cemetery in Doswell, Hanover Co.

I've gone off on an Overton Harris tangent here, but perhaps someone will
recognize one of these fellows!

Christine Schomaker

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> Here's a nice little bundle...census records of James B. Harris from 1860
> Louisa Co.VA with sons Overton M. & James C. w/James B. Harris b TN (ca
> 1815) but lived in several districts of Louisa Co. of Cobham Depot,
> Trevelians Depot, to Green Springs in 1880...sons Overton M. & Jas C.
> living in Green Springs, Louisa Co. in 1900 with their families.
> 1860 Cobham Depot, Louisa Co. VA
> Harris, James B., 45, farmer
> Permelia, 45
> Mary E., 20
> Louisa E. 18
> Lucy E. 16
> Alice E. 14
> Overton M. 11
> James C. 9
> John A. 4
> 1870 Trevelians Depot, Louisa Co. VA
> Harris, James B., 54, farmer
> Permelia 54
> Louisa E., 30
> James C., 19
> John A. 14
> Barton, Robert, 28 farm labor
> 1880 Louisa Co. VA, Green Springs
> Harris, James 64 farmer, b TN, F-Va, M-Va
> Amelia, wife, 64 b Va, F-Va, M-Va
> Louisa, dau., 40, Va
> Overton, 31, son, b Va
> James 29, son, b Va
> John 24, son, b Va
> Clarelius, dau, 30 b Va (dau-in-law?)
> Dowie, 2 mo, gr dau.
> Sharp, Ellena, 15 gr dau
> Sharp, Attelia (sp?), 6 gr dau
> 1900 Louisa Co. VA census
> Green Springs Township, Louisa Co.
> Harris, O.M. b Jun 1848, age 52, b Va, F-Va, M-Va
> Hanna(sp?) L., wife, b Nov 1861, age 38, b Va, F-Va, M-Va
> Mirah A. , dau, b Jan 1885, age 15
> Sallie J., dau, b Jan 1887, age 13
> Raven L., dau., b Dec 1888, age 11
> Luther O., son, b Jun 1891, age 9
> Mary H., dau., b Dec 1892, age 7
> Verna Go., dau., b Feb 1895, age 5
> William C., son, b Oct 1897, age 2
> next door
> Harris, James C. b July 1850 age 49, b Va, F-Va, M-Va
> Clarileous, wife, b Sept 1849, age 50, b Va, F-Va, M-Va
> William J. son, b Mar 1883, age 17
> Melvina W., dau., b May 1886, age 14
> Vasco E., son, b Oct 1887, age 12
> Russeff F. son, b Nov 1892, age 7 (Russell)
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