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Subject: Re: [HARRIS-HUNTERS] Some Lincoln County,Tennessee Wills & Inventories
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I can help you with this part of your message:

"William Harris, wife Jane, brother Howell
page 302, Dated March 2, 1817; Proven July 17, 1820"

William Harris was the son of Joel Harris and his wife Martha Barham.
Joel was born about 1750 in VA and died about 1824 in Guilford Co. NC. He
was the son of John Harris and Avis Hollimon.
They had children: Harmon HARRIS, Howell HARRIS, Lucy HARRIS, Elizabeth
HARRIS, Benjamin HARRIS and Joel HARRIS.

Martha Barham was born about 1759 the daughter of James Barham son of
Charles Barham

Joel and Martha were married before 1779
Their children: HARRIS, Charles Barham b.aft.1779
HARRIS, Sarah Judkins b. aft.1779-Dec 11
HARRIS, Lucy b. about 1784
HARRIS, William b. Apro; 26 1784
HARRIS, Howell b. 1786
HARRIS, Avis (Ava) b. 1788

After Martha's death Joel married Marjorie Cannady about 1799.Their
HARRIS, Harmon b. 1800
HARRIS, Elizabeth b. 1802
HARRIS, Martin b. 1805
CHARITY b. 1807
ARTHUR b. 1810
HARRIS, Hester b. 1813
HARRIS, Joel b, 1815

William HARRIS was born in Southampton Co. VA. The family moved to
Guilford County, NC before 1800.
He married Jane Middleton, d/o William Middleton on August 19, 1806 son of
William Middleton and Elizabeth Landman
His sister Sarah Judkins Harris married in 1800 William Middleton, Jr. son
of William Middleton and Elizabeth Landman.

Children of William and Jane Middleton Harris were
Elizabeth Landman Harris b. May 28, 1807
Martha Harris b. September 22, 1809 twin
Joel Harris b. September 22, 1809 twin
John Harris b. July 26, 1811
Howell Harris b. November 19, 1813
Newton Harris b. April 8, 1817

William Harris departed this life Thursday morning about three o'clock the
25th May 1820

My source of information about William Harris comes from handwritten entries
in a photocopy of the William and Elizabeth Landman Middleton Bible

I have documented the other information by research which I will be glad to
share with you if you wish.

Gloria Buckles Reid

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> Source: Lincoln County, Tennessee Wills & Inventories
> (I apologize for not being able to give the whole citation. This was
> written down many, many years ago when I was quite ignorant)
> William Harris, wife Jane, brother Howell
> page 302, Dated March 2, 1817; Proven July 17, 1820
> ****************
> Edward Harris, wife Catherine, Children: Martha Ann, Eliza, Mary
> Jane, Rebecca Agnes, Casandra Louisa.
> Dated August 10, 1836; Proven July Term 1839
> ***************
> Will Book 3: Will of Howell Harris, wife Elizabeth, son Theopulus
> Harris, children of my deceased son William Harris, and children of
> Amy Bledsoe, deceased.
> Names Rufus, Gustavus, Theodore, Theopulus Bledsoe, Tabithia Bledsoe
> and Howell Bledsoe. Tabithia, wife of Robert Long.
> Executor, Squire Pickle. Written August 4, 1864; Proven October 7, 1865.
> *********************
> Will of H. H. Harris, Wife Lucinda J. August 1882
> **********************
> Could the above Howell Harris be related to Moses & Drusilla Harris
> of Marion County, Alabama?
> Moses and Drusilla named at least one of their sons Theodore.
> Several years ago, Howell Harris came up in conversations on Harris-
> Hunters.
> Has any progress been made connecting them to a particular Harris line?
> Please respond through HH so that others may be helped.
> Ira L. Harris III
> Member, Group 6 Harris Y-DNA Family Study
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