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From: "Glenn Gohr" <>
Subject: Elizabeth Harris, b. 1772 Chatham Co., NC
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 23:00:44 -0600

Forwarded to the new Harris Families of VA List by Glenn Gohr

From: John & Cindy McCachern <>
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Subject: Re: My Harris Lineage
Date: Sunday, October 25, 1998 7:23 AM

Here is my Harris. Does anyone have anything about this line? I'd like to
find more.
Cindy McCachern

Ancestors of Elizabeth Harris - 25 Oct 1998


1. Elizabeth Harris was born on 28 Feb 1772 in Chatham Co, NC. She died
on 20 Sep 1852 in Chatham Co, NC.


2. Benjamin Harris Sr.1 died in 1821 in Chatham Co, NC. He was born in
Southampton Co, VA. Sources say Benjamin came from Virginia before the
Revolution and settled
on Landrum's Creek, North Carolina, near the later lacation of Hadley's
Mill. He was a Planter. Court minutes show that Benjamin Harris was
appointed Road Overseer in Chatham Co, NC, in Aug 1774. His father's will
gave him the plantation "he now lives on and on to his son, West Harris."

3. Unknown.


4. Benjamin Harris2 died in 1774 in Southampton Co, VA. He was married to
Faithy Smith before 1746.

5. Faithy Smith.


8. John Harris3 died about 1773. John and Nathan were given the home
plantation in their father's will in 1764. He was married to Avis.

9. Avis.

10. Lawrence Smith4.

11. Jane Regan5.


16. John Harris6 was born before 1688. He died in 1764. He was married
to Mary Drew before 1745.

17. Mary Drew.

20. Nicholas Smith7 died in 1719 in Southwark Parish, Isle of Wight Co,
VA. He was married to Elizabeth Flood before 1693.8

21. Elizabeth Flood.


32. Thomas Harris III9 was mentioned in the will of his father in 1672.
He died in 1688. Thomas was given land with John Harris and land at Indian
Town in his father's will in 1672. He was married to Unknown.

33. Unknown.

34. Edward Drew10.

40. Richard Smith11.

41. Mary.

42. John Flood Jr. was born about 1622. Colonial Surry by Bennett Boddie,
p. 52, says John Flood, Jr. was 30 years
old in 1652.


64. Thomas Harris II12 died in 1672. on 20 October 1652, Thomas Harris
and his wife, Alice, sold John bond 190 acres, including land patented to
Thomas Harris in 1652 (Co. 1662-1715, p. 39 Isle of Wight Co, VA.

65. Alice West?.

84. John Flood Sr. immigrated in 1610 to came in ship Swan.. He died in
1681. In 1616 John Flood was living in Charles City and in 1625 he was
living at Jordan's Journey in the same county.

William Finch and his wife, Margaret, and his daughter, Frances, arrived on
the "Supply" in 1620. William Finch died and his widow married John Flood.
John Flood, Gentleman, patented 2100 acres of land 12 May 1638 for the
transportation of 42 persons and among the persons shown were John Flood
and Margaret, his wife, and her daughter Frances Finch, and John Flood, Jr.

Surry County was then in James City and John Flood represented James City
in the House of Burgesses in 1642, 1645, 1652, and 1656. In 1646 he was an
Indian Interpreter and in 1652 a Captain of Militia. In 1652 a Lieutenant
Colonel and Speaker of the House of Burgesses. He was married to Margaret
after 1620.

85. Margaret immigrated in 1620 to on ship supply.


128. Capt. Thomas Harris I was born in 1587 in Crixe, Essex, ENGLAND.13
He was subscribed and paid 25 pounds to the Second VA Company in 1609.14
He was witnessed the will of Folk Lee, mariner, and was given a small
legacy in the will on 26 Feb 1611 in Stepney, London, England. He
emigrated in May 1611 from Henrico Co, VA.15 He immigrated during the
second VA Charter. He came on the ship "Prosperous," during the government
of Sir Thomas Dale, and settled at the "Neck of Land," in Henrico County.
Sir Thomas Dale, with his charter as Governor of VA, saild from Land's End
in England 27 March 1611, with three ships, The Star, Prosperous, and
Elizabeth, carrying 300 people. His fleet anchored at Fort Algerian, now
Old Point Comfort, 22 May 1611, making the crossing in less than 60 days.
On 13 November 1611, the Prosperous arrived in England on its return trip
from VA. He appeared on the census in 1624/25 in VA.16 He made a muster
roll of his own family and gave his age as 38, and the name of the vessel
he cam on as the Prosperous. He died in 1658 in Henrico Co, VA. Records
show that in 1765 Elijah Harris was living in Pitt County and sold land in
Perquimans Co, NC that had descended to him from his father, John Harris,
in 1695. He was married to Diana Manners in Perquimans Co, NC.

129. Diana Manners.


256. Sir William Harris17 was born in 1556 in England. He died in 1616.

257. Alice Smith was born in 1557. She died in 1615.


512. Arthur Harris.

513. Joanna Percy was born in 1475.


1026. Thomas Percy was born in 1504. He died in 1537.

1027. Eleanor Harbottle was born in 1503. She died in 1567.


2052. Henry Algernon Percy was born in 1478. He died in 1527.

2053. Katherine Spencer was born in 1477. She died in 1542.


4104. Henry Percy was born in 1446. He died in 1489.

4105. Maud Herbert was born in 1453. She died in 1485.


8208. Henry Percy was born in 1421. He died in 1461.

8209. Alianore Poynings was born in 1422. She died in 1482.


16416. Henry Percy was born in 1392. He died in 1455.

16417. Eleanor Neville was born in 1407. She died in 1463.


32832. Henry "Hotspur" Percy was born in 1364. He died in 1403.

32833. Elizabeth Mortimer was born in 1370. She died in 1417.


65666. Edmund II de Mortimer was born in 1351. He died in 1381.

65667. Philippa Plantagenet was born in 1355. She died in 1381.


131334. Lionel Plantagenet was born in 1338. He died in 1369.

131335. Elizabeth de Burgh.


262668. Edward III of England was born in 1312 in England. He died in

262669. Philippa of Hainault was born in 1314. She died in 1369.


525336. Edward II of England was born in 1284 in England. He died in

525337. Isabella of France died in 1357. She was born in France.


1050674. Phillip IV of France was born in 1268. He died in 1314.

1050675. Jeanne Navarre was born in 1271. She died in 1303.


2101348. Phillip III was born in 1245. He died in 1285.

2101349. Isabella of Argon died in 1271.


4202696. Louis IX was born in 1214. He died in 1270.

4202697. Margaret of Provence.


8405392. Louis VIII was born in 1187. He died in 1226.

8405393. Blanche of Castile died in 1252.


16810784. Phillip II Augustus was born in 1165. He died in 1223.

16810785. Isabella of Hainaut.

Prepared by:
Cindy McCachern
6350 Caribou Drive
Edmond, OK 73003
(405) 341-8542


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