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From: "Ira L. Harris III" <>
Subject: [HARRIS-VA] Some Harris Marriages In Mecklenburg County, Virginia, 1765-1853, Part I.
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:52:11 -0500 (CDT)

Source: MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1765-1810
Collected & Compiled by Katherine B. Elliott
South Hill, Virginia
Source: MARRIAGE RECORDS, 1811-1853
Collected & Compiled by Prestwould Chapter, DAR
South Hill, Virginia

Allen Harris and Susanna Harris. M. B. March 1, 1800. Surety: James
Reamy. Minister: William Richards. Married March 4, 1800. Consent of
Reuben Harris, father of Susanna.

Drury Harris and Patsy Butler. M.B. October 10, 1803. Surety:
Charles Carter. Consent of John Butler, Sr., father of Patsy.

Henry Harris and Polly Roper. M.B. October 20, 1809. Surety: Willson

Ivey Harris and Judith Allgood. M.B. December __, 1809. Surety:
John Allgood. [Day of month not given on bond}

James Harris and Rebecca Nolley. M.B. December 20, 1806. Surety:
Nevison Nolley

Jeremiah Harris and Lydia Chavous. M.B. November 13, 1797. Married
November 27, 1797. Minister: Matthew L. Easter. Surety: James

John Harris and Sarah Berry. M.B. December 25, 1786. Surety: George

John Harris and Rittah Stewart. M.B. December 27, 1802. Surety:
Jeremiah Harris

John Harris and Martha Crutchfield. M.B. December 19, 1803. Surety:
William Crutchfield.

Mastin Harris and Patsy Reamey. M.B. December 14, 1807. Surety:
William Harris. Minister: William Richards. Married December 18,
1807. NOTE: Mastin, Son of James and Martha Harris, and grandson of
William and Judith Harris.

Reuben Harris and sarah Matthews. M.B. December 20, 1808.
Surety: John Cook.

Robert Harris and Mary White. M.B. January 10, 1791. Surety William
White. Minister: James Read

Sherwood Harris and Joannah Ragsdale. M.B. October 25, 1800.
Surety: Robert Ragsdale. Minister: William Richards. Married
November 1, 1800. Sherwood, son of William Harris, Jr.

Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Graves. M.B. December 28, 1795.
Married, January 3, 1796. Minister: Edward Almand, Surety: Peter Elam

William Harris and Mary J. Elam. M.B. September 27, 1799. Surety:
Daniel Wilson. Consent: Barkley Elam, father of Mary.

William W. Harris and Clary Hudson. M.B. June 14, 1802. Surety:
William Hudson. Minister: William Richards.

William Harris and Anna Reamy. M.B. November 12, 1804. Married:
December 20, 1804. Minister: Edward Almand. Surety: Abraham Reamy.
Consent of James Reamy, father of Anna.

Benjamin H. Harris and Martha V. Hudson. M.B. Novmeber 24, 1835.
Surety: Dabney A. Hudson. Consent of Robert W. Hudson, father of

George A. Harris and Ann Eliza R. Moore. Minister: William V. Wilson.
Married: August 28, 1850. Consent of Thomas Moore, father of Ann

Henry Harris and Elizabeth Stewart. M.B. July 30, 1849.
Surety: John Wilson. Minister: John Bayley

James Harris and Eliza Brummell. M.B. November 29, 1819. Married:
December 9, 1819. Minister: William Richards. Surety: Harper

James Harris and Alice Goode. M.B. August 31, 1826. Married:
September 14, 1826. Minister: John B. Smith. Surety: Samuel H.
Goode. Consent of Mary A. Goode, mother of Alice. James Harris of
Nottoway County. Affidavit of Samuel H. Goode that Alice will be 21
years of age in February next.

James Harris and Virginia Ann Dedman. M.B. November 10, 1851.
Consent of James W. Dedman, father of Virginia Ann.

James R. Harris and Rebecca Crowder. M.B. November 25, 1831.
Married December 15, 1831. Minister: Charles Ogburn. Surety: Henry

John Harris and Polly B. Wilson. M.B. April 17, 1837. Surety:
Benjamin H. Harris. Minister: James McAden.

John R. Harris and Nancy Crutchfield. M.B. October 12, 1835.
Surety: Benjamin H. Harris.

Reuben Harris and Prudence Harris. M.B. November 15, 1830. Surety:
James Harris. Minister: John B. Smith.

Reuben T. Harris and Sally Crutchfield. M.B. September 21, 1835.
Surety: Peter Crutchfield.

Richard W. Harris and Harriet Jane Pettus. M.B. September 5, 1825.
Married: September 6, 1825. Minister: James Smith. Surety: Richard
E. Walker. Consent of John Pettus, father of Harriet. Richard W.
Harris of Halifax County, Virginia.

Robert B. Harris and Martha Reekes. M.B. January 1, 1836. Surety:
Richard C. Puryear. Minister: John B. Smith. Martha Reekes,
daughter of Captain Thomas Reekes.

Samuel T. Harris and Rebecca A. Toone. M.B. December 11, 1849.
Surety: John R. Toone. Consent of Lewis Toone, father of Rebecca.

Dr. Silas H. Harris and Elizabeth Kennon. M.B. January 16, 1832.
Married: January 17, 1832. Minister: William Steel. Surety: James
B. Maclin. Consent of E. Kennon, father of Elizabeth.

Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Jane Stewart. M.B. January 28, 1841.
Surety: Pettus Stewart.

Thomas Harris and Elizabeth Graves. M.B. December 18, 1841. Surety:
Asa Garner. Minister: C. F. Burnley. Consent of Thomas Graves,
father of Elizabeth.

Washington Harris and Mary Mills. M.B. June 23, 1847.
Surety: Henry Walden.

William A. Harris and Martha E. A. Crenshaw. M.B. December 3, 1838.
Surety: John P. Crenshaw. Minister: Benjamin R. Duval.

William L. Harris and Maria Speed. M.B. December 9, 1843.
Surety: Benjamin W. Leigh.

William Harris, Jr. and Ellen Cousen. M.B. December 5, 1844. Surety:
William Harris, Sr. Consent of Henry Cousen, grandfather of Ellen.

Wilson Harris and Lucy H. Harper. M.B. January 3, 1845. Surety:
Charles H. Ogburn. Minister: James McAden.

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