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> I am tracing the families of:
> BURR HARRISON (1738, Va. - 1822, Chester, S. C.). He married ELIZ. DARGAN --
> dau. of Timothy Dargan and Catherine Appleby Lord (?) of the Sumter area.
> He was the son of: Thomas Harrison Jr. and Ann Grayson Quarles.
> Burr and Elizabeth's children were:
> Ann (m. McClelland)
> Narcissa (Frances?) (-1859) (m. Ragsdale)
> Mary (1758-) (m. May)
> Catherine ("Katie") Rebecca (1762-1799) (m. Johnston)
> Benjamin Thomas (1763-1837)(m. Grice and Hart)
> Jonathan (1765-1851) (m. Tyler)
> Rebecca (ca1772-1850) (m. Cockrell)
> Sophia (1776-1824) (m. Thompson)
> Susanna Gibson (ca1780-1844) (m. Head)
> Elizabeth (1781-)
> Eliza Dorcas (1784-1866) (m. Russell and Macon)
> Mordecai (1789-) (m. Austin/Alston?)
> Would like to exchange information.
> Glenna
Hi Glenna,

My Husband and Son's are descendant from Cuthbert, Burr, Matthew
Harrison family. There are a couple of books out there written about
them. And the LDS Library has a book on the descendants of Cuthbert
Harrison and Burr Harrison. There are a couple of very nice Web sites
with information also. I don't have their web addresses right now, but
Robert Ownes has a very nice one. Robert's address is:
snail mail: P. O. Box 1707 Richmond Hill, GA 32124

Here is what I have:

Cuthbert Harrison b 1607 England married Susanne, their children were:

1. Burr Harrison (I) b Dec 28, 1637 St. Margaret's Parish,
Westminister, England died 1706 Stafford Co., VA. Married Frances Mary
Burdette (Widow of Edwin Smith)

2. Alexander Harrison

3. Thomas Harrison

4. Sarah Harrison

Burr Harrison and Frances Mary Burdette were the parents of:

1. Thomas Harrison (I) born Sept 7, 1665 Stafford Co., VA., died Aug
13, 1746 was an Officer of Stafford Co., VA., married Sithia Elizabeth

2. William Harrison

3. Burr Harrison II born 1668 Stafford Co., VA. married 1692 Stafford
Co., VA. (1) Lettis Greene Smith; 2 - Mary Mansbridge 1708 Stafford
Co., VA.

4. Sybil Harrison born Stafford Co., VA. married Thomas Whitledge

Thomas Harrison (I) and Sithia Elizabeth Short were the parents of:

1. Frances Harrison married Col. Valentine Peyton
Their children were:
1. Eleanor Peyton b 1720 in Stafford Co., VA. died May 1788
married William Powell II in 1738 Prince William County
Their children were:
1. Clarissa Powell married Thomas Dagg (I have their
Children and grandchildren information)
2. Levin Powell
3. Francis Powell
4. margaret Powell
2. John Seth Peyton b 1728 Died Nov 7, 1774
3. Robert Peyton b 1730
4. Craven Peyton b 1732 in Aquia Creek, King George Co., VA.
5. Henry Peyton b 1730 died 1781
6. Francis Peyton b June 27, 1748; died Dec 13, 1808 (on DAR
Rolls of Honor)
7. Valentine Peyton
2. Thomas Harrison died Jan 1774 in Fauquier Co., VA. Was Sheriff
of Prince William Co. 1733; Burgess of Fauquier Co., 1760-69

3. Burr Harrison (III) b May 21, 1699 Stafford CO., VA. married July
31, 1722 Anne Barnes, Daughter of Matthew & Frances Barnes

4. Cuthbert Harrison d 1771 married 19 Nov 1738 Frances Osborne Barnes
Daughter of Matthew & Frances Barnes
5. Seth Harrison married John Peyton
6. Sarah Elizabeth Harrison

Burr Harrison (III) and Ann Barnes were the parents of:

1. Thomas Harrison b 3 Mar 1723 married July 2, 1747 Anne Wye Peyton,
daughter of John & Ann (Wye) Peyton of Stony Hall, Stafford Co.,
Their children were:
1. Burr Harrison
2. Valentine Harrison
3. John Harrison
4. Peyton Harrison
5. Rev. Thomas HArrison b Oct 2, 1750 died June 21, 1814
married Dec 9, 1775 Sarah Harrison, daughter of
Cuthbert Harrison
2. Jane Harrison
3. Seth Harrison married Mr. Atwell
4. Elizabeth Harrison b 1741
5. Burr Harrison b June 16, 1734 died Aug 21, 1790 married Mary Anne
Barnes Spet 1760 (cousin)
Their children were:
1. Ann Catherine Harrison b 1761
2. Matthew Harrison b 19 Sept 1763 died 1807 married
Catherine Elzay (b 1770) and became head of the
Leesburg line DAR NO 67 379
3. Jane Harrison
4. Cuthbert Harrison b 1768 d 1795 at Staunton, VA.
5. Anne Barnes Harrison b 1771
6. Thomas Harrison b 1774 married Ann Quarles
7. Mary Anne Harrison b 1776
6. Anne Harrison b 1743
7. Matthew Harrison b Feb 18, 1731 Prince William Co., VA. died
Feb 18, 1798 married 1st - Anne Slaughter; 2nd Eleanor Tyler;
3rd - Elizbaet Webb; 4th Mary Wood, sister of Gov James Wood
8. Sarah Harrison b 1746 married 1763 Colonel Leven POWELL b 1737
died July 13, 1810
Their children were:
1. Sally Powell married William Chilton
2. Emily Powell died unmarried age 17
3. William H. Powell d Oct 1832
4. Burr Powell b 1768 d 1838 married 5 Jan 1792 Catherine Brooke
Their children were:
1. Humphrey Brooke Powell
2. William Leven Powell married Ann Powell, daughter
of Cuthbert & Catherine (Simms) Powell
of Llangollen, VA. (His 1st cousin)
Their children were:
1. Edward Powell
2. William Powell
3. Alfred Powell
4. Robert Powell
3. Frank Whiting Powell
4. George Cuthbert Powell
5. Edward Powell
6. Nancy Powell married Lloyd Noland
7. Sarah Powell married Burr Harrison
8. Betty Powell married Robert Y. Conrad
5. Leven Powell, Jr. married Elizabeth Orr
6. Cuthbert Powell b 4 Mar 1775
7. Alfred H. Powell of Winchester, VA.
8. Harrison Powell died before reaching manhood
9. George Harrison b 1747 married Elizabeth Beale, daughter of
Tavenner Beale removed to KY.
10. Cuthbert Harrison b Aug 11, 1749 died 1824 married 1st - Jan 7,
1773 Anne Beale, Daughte of Tavenner Beale and Frances 2; Frances
Holt; 3rd - Anne Tannehill Removed to Kentucky

Colonel Matthew Harrison and his wife - Anne Slaughter had the following

1. Matthew Harrison, jr.

Colonel Matthew Harrison and his wife - Eleanor Tyler were the parents

2. Charles Harrison died 1815 Prince William Co., VA.
3. Gustavus Adolphus Harrison b 1791 died 1848 married Elizabeth
4. William harrison married Anna Mayberry
5. Eleanor Harrison married William P. Hale
6. Nancy Harrison married Dr. Elias T. Safford
7. Frederic Tyler Harrison b Prince William Co., VA.

Colonel Matthew Harrison and his wife - Elizabeth Webb were the parents

8. George Harrison
9. Fanny Harrison married Mr. Jones

Colonel Matthew Harrison and his wife - Mary Wood were the parents of:

10. Elizabeth Harrison
11. Mary Ann Harrison

Gustavus Harrison and Elizabeth Turner Magruder were the parents of:

Anne Matilda Harrison b June 16, 1822 D.C.; died Dec 29, 1890 in Yakima
Washington. married Luther Martin Aug 28, 1856

My Husband is descendant from Anne Matilda Harrison and I have
information on her children, etc.

I would love to hear from anyone else descendant from Elizabeth Turner
Magruder and Gustavus Harrison. As you can tell I only know of Anne
Matilda Harrison. I'm sure she had brothers and sisters!

Save this and someday, you might find the connection, with will open the

Check on the Books. You can have your library get them for you via
Inter-Library loan.

Cary Schooling Campbell
Yakima, WA.

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