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Subject: Re: [HARVEY-L] Many Southern harveys--From glenda
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 00:22:19 -0500
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I can give some answers to the following post made below. My comments
will be in Brackets [ ] below among her answers. By he way thanks Glenda
taylor for all this great information.

Greg Simmons

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Subject: [HARVEY-L] Many Southern harveys--From glenda

> OK...I got so many queries I'm just going to go
> ahead and send what I have on this list, pieces at
> a time. If that's not ok, you'll just have to let
> me know. The format is just as I have it in my
> old (typewriter !!) files, so you may (ha!) get
> some typos. The sources are not listed here,
> sadly, and the way I recorded them, in those days
> before computers, is so arcane I can't get them
> here, but with the info here you should be able
> to access original documents yourself if you find
> something you want. I did get it all from
> original sources, or books that were in the
> library that were copied from original sources.
> Good Luck. This will be first of many postings as
> I have time to scan it. Let me know if this
> doesn't work. I send it on Netscape. If the
> margins are goofy, just adjust the margins on your
> email window...I think... Glenda Taylor
> 1630--Twenty three years after the landing at
> Jamestown, Sir John
> Harvey is governor. He moved settlements out along
> the York River and founded Williamsburg. (I have
> quite a bit more details about him in documents
> about his activities at the time, very
> controversial individual...let me know if you want
> this...)

[ John Harvey was disposed as governor and ordered to return home
to England in 1639. He died a few years latter. He wrote his will aboard a
ship he was tarveling on. He lived in London England and had a brother
Simeon Harvey I believ it was who also had lived in London England. any one
want a copy of this will I can send it to the list.]

> 1650--First settlements in North Carolina were by
> people from
> Virginia, so the earliest settlers in N.C. include
> Harveys.
> 1650-1708 Carolinas. The book Narrative of Early
> Carolina by A.S. Sally, Jr., lists one Lt. Samuel
> Harvey, pages 85, 90, 108.1
> 1663--Charles I gives North Carolina to the Earl
> of Clarendon and
> others; Albemarle County is established, the first
> legal area in North
> Carolina, with precincts.
> 9-25-1663, the year mentioned above, John Harvey
> has 250 acres on
> Carolina River adj. to Roger Williams. This is
> likely an offspring of
> Sir John Harvey, governor of Virginia, who
> established these
> settlements in North Carolina.

[ No this is not a son of Governor John Harvey he had no sons only
three underage daughters]

> 9-25-1663--John Harvey has 600 acres on Caratuck
> Cr.,
> Recoughtancke River
> 11-27-1679--John Harvey has 600 acres--Carteret,
> Carterett,
> Albemarle Sound

[ I am not sure if the first John Harvey and this second one are
the same. The second John Harvey listed was a son of a Thomas harvey who
brought 17 people over from England including his wife Mary and son John
Harvey. This John Harvey was the John Harvey who married Dorthy Tooke. She
died and I have a abstract copy of her will. No children were listed in her
will so her and John may have died Childless]

> 4-13-1682--Perquimans Dist.--Gov. Thomas Harvey
> marries Joanna
> Jenkins, widow of John Jenkins

[ This is the supposed Harvey of who all the harvey's who came
out of Lunenburg Co. VA are descended from. I say supposed because there is
no documented evidence found as yet on who the father of the Harveys who
came from that area are. In the actual records that record this marriage it
says his parents are John Harvey and Mary of Heath Snitterfield Parish
Warwickshire England. Thomas married Joanna or Johnna Jenkins as above.
Thomas harvey then married Sarah Laker. Thomas died see his will abstract
below and Sarah Harvey Laker married Christopher Gale. They had three
children. This Thomas harvey is no relation to John Harvey who married
Dorthy Tooke as far as I can tell. ]

> 1694 N.Carolina A John Hunt granted 450 acres of
> land on Little
> River, Harvey's Creek, late the land of John
> Harvey, died 1-11694

> 1-1-1694--Pasquotank Prect., John Jharvey,
> deceased, sale of some of
> his land signed by THOMAS HARVEY; he lived on
> Harvey's creek.

[ These two deeds are of John Harvey who married Dorthy Tooke
and Thomas harvey his father who brought John over in 1640 along with Mary
the wife of Thomas harvey. ]

> 3-20-1694--Thomas Harvey on another deed in
> Pasquotank Prect.
[ Thomas harvey who is listed in the above previous deeds, I

> 4-20-1694--Perquimans Dist, Thomas Harvey has land
> by Roger Snell on south side of perquimans River
> 2-9-1696 N.Carolina Thomas Harvey, Esq. Precinct
> of Perquimans File
> #59, granted 300 acres of land, adj. Thos Harvey
> and Roger Snell.
> NOTE: There is a marriage of Harvey and Snell
> later in San Augustine
> County, Tx. Are these descendents of these two
> families who lived
> next to each other in North Carolina before coming
> to Texas?

[ This is Thomas harvey who married Joanna Jenkins then Sarah
laker. The other Thomas harvey mentioned in the second deed may be his son.
Its possible the Harvey's from San Augustine Co. TX are related to a
Littleberry harvey and a Charles B. Harvey whose father was a John Harvey.
They come from the Laurens district area from about 1770- 1800. They are
believed by me, John Harvey and Littleberry Harvey to be sons of Charles
harvey and Mary Holcombe who was from Lunenburg Co. VA.. ]

> I3-31-1696 Albemarle Co. N.C. Thomas Harvey is
> executor of will
> of John Harvey, as he states in his own will of
> this date.
> Thomas, wife Sarah, executrix; son: Thomas not yet
> 21 years old,
> daughter mary, not yet 21. Mentions unborn and
> future children.
> His plantation he had bought from Roger Snell
> (note Harvey's connection with Snell family later
> in Texas and Louisiana.) He also names a nephew
> Thomas Harvey, son of his brother Richard Harvey,
> late of London, and a second nephew John Harvey,
> as well as another brother Robert Harvey of
> Warwickshire (Eng?), which is a place to check if
> this turns out to be our line of Harveys. Coat of
> arms on seal. Witnesses Henry Norman, Robert
> Fendall, John Piert, W. Glover. Col. Wm. Wildinson
> Executor.
> 1705 Thomas Harvey born, acc to age of later will.

[ This is Thomas Harvey Esquire if I am not mistaken who
married first Jhoanna Jenkins and then Sarah Laker. Richard harvey was his
brother and Richard while here in America for a short time returned to
England where he died. He had two sons per this will. One a Thomas harvey
who married margaret Fletcher and a John Harvey. The Harveys from Lunenburg
Co. VA are believed to be descended from either John or Thomas harvey but no
records have been found to prove it. It is my belief that they are descended
from one of these but not sure yet which one. Richard harvey and his two
sons mostly stayed in VA. There are records that show there was a Richard
and Thomas and John Harvey in VA area that would become Lunenburg Co. VA
before 1700. ]

> 9-10-1707--Richard Harvey, (probably the brother
> of Thomas
> mentioned in will above) has 540 acres on Pamplico
> River
> 9-10-1707--Richard Harvey, 540 acres on Pamplico
> River
> 5-1-1714--Richard Harvey--375 acre's on w. side of
> matchapungo and 244 acres on Woodyard Creek
> 10-12-1722--Richard Harvey, 160 acres in Core
> Sound, witness by J.
> Blount! and 290 acres in Carteret Prect. in Bath
> Co on E side of North River (Bath was the first
> town settled in N.C.)

[ These deeds though I have never seen them appear that this
Richard may be the brother to Thomas that died. J. Blount was related to the
Blount line that married into Thomas harveys line. ]

> 4-1724--Thos Harvey, Bath Co, witnesses deed
> 1727, 28, and 29--Thos Harvey witnessed literally
> hundreds of
> deeds; he must have been some kind of public
> official.

[ Not sure who this Thomas Harvey is]

> 4-10-1729 Perquimans N.C. Thomas Harvey will: wife
> Elizabeth
> inherits one-third, including Slave Jamey and the
> plantation; son
> Thomas not yet 21 inherits slave ned and slave
> dinear (f); son
> John inherits slave Frank and slave mary Ann; son
> Benjamin
> inherits slave willcock and slave hannah; son
> Miles inherits
> slave Jack and slave Filles (f) and slave Peg.
> Brother Miles
> Gale of Boston inherits his 3/4 interest in ship
> called "The Two
> Brothers." Sister mary (m to Collo Robad West) and
> her daughters
> Mathe, Sarey and Marey; LSisters Elizabeth Clayten
> and Penlopy
> Lettell (m W. Lettel)

[ This is Thomas harvey the son of Thomas harvey and sarah laker.
This Thomas I believe married Elizabeth Cole if I have it right. His son
were Thomas harvey who died with out issue. John Harvey who married mary
Bonner. Benjamin harvey who married I believe married julianna baker. Miles
harvey who married Elizabeth Baker. These bakers father was a William baker.
Many of the descendnats of the Harveys named their children William baker
harvey as did the line of Lunenburg Co. VA.. Miles Gale is the son of Sarah
Laker harvey and christopher Gale. Mary harvey sister to Thomas Harvey
married Col. Robert West and they settled in early Bertie Co. NC. Their
Children our Matthew West, Sarah West, and mary West. Elizabeth Gale
married I believe Zebulon Clayton. Penelope Gale married William Little.
They had a bunch of Little People. Sorry a bad pun ]

> 1729-30--Craven County, N.C., Thomas Harvey sells
> 100 acres.
> 5-23-1732 Craven County, N.C., Samuel Harvey buys
> 410 acres on
> n. side of Neuse River, Richard Harvey is witness.
> 5-14-1737 Craven Co. John Moore sells to Samuel
> Harvey 40 acres
> on s. side of Broad Creek.

[ I am not sure how these harveys relate. They may be some of the
children of Thomas harvey and Margaret Fletcher. I am not sure if this
craven Co. is similar to the Craven Co. of SC pre 1750. Sometimes those
counties were indispute because of the fight on where the SC and NC borders
actually were. ]

> 2-6-1743-St. Helena S.C.-Wm Harvey m. Elizabeth
> Midel (widow),

[ I was given data by another rsearcher about William harvey
and Elizabeth Mikel. Her maiden name Hazard and her and William lived in the
Beaufort Co. Area near I believe it was Port royal. William harvey was not
he William harvey who died in Edgefield Co. SC about 1782. I have a will
abstract for William and Elizabeth harvey. Elizabeth hazard was married
twice before she married William harvey. They made be related how ever. My
Thomas Giles Harvey may be related to a Lucas and Giles Taylor line that was
related to Ephraim Mikel Elizabeth hazards second husband. ]

> 1745--A Blassingame Harvey was born somewhere; for
> he died in
> Louisville, Jefferson Co. Ga on 2-14-1800, age 55.

[ This is believd to be Blassingame harvey son of Thomas harvey
and Elizabeth Blassingame.]

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