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From: "Ian Harvey" <>
Subject: [HARVEY] William Beauchamp Bagenal Harvey
Date: Sat, 18 May 2013 10:23:02 -0400

We are tracking the line of Harveys descending from William Beauchamp Bagenal Harvey of Ireland with a particular interest in the connection to Beauchamp Bagenal Harvey, the barrister who was executed in 1798 at Wexford Ireland for his part in the United Irishman Rebellion.

We know BB Harvey had two children out of wedlock, James and William and that he had two brothers, James and John.

We have not yet established the link however though the timing and the fringe evidence is tantalizing.

Any help appreciated.


B Circa 1782 or 1792 though various sources generally agree he was born in Ireland.

D 1832 or 1838.

There is a record of a William Harvey, 50, dying at Drummond St. Hospital in Edinburgh in 1832. Cause unknown but it was during a major cholera epidemic. This would put his birth date at 1782.

Another 1838 record lists WBBH dying of a bowel obstruction at 6 Palace St. Westminster. However the death certificate lists his age as 46 which would put hit birth year as 1792.

(Note that there’s a death certificate for James Harvey also the same year in Westminster which has his age as 22 but it would have been 27. WBB had a son James)

We do know from the record of his daughter Fanny’s marriage to William Harris that he was dead by 1841.

Personal There is a reference to him living in Dublin, Ireland 03 APR 1810 from online records.


Margaret Sharp resident in Leith and daughter of Francis Sharp Esqr. Compt[roller] of Customs 23rd March 1810 Edinburgh (South Leith)


Frances Margaret Sharpe HARVEY b: 27 SEP 1818 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. Married William Harris 1841, died in India

Catherine HARVEY b: 30 JAN 1817 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland

Magdalene HARVEY b: 10 JUN 1814 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland

James HARVEY b: 25 JAN 1811 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland possible death Westminster 1838 a month before his father, unproven.

John HARVEY b: 10 FEB 1816 in South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland** known and confirmed bloodline to modern day..


B 1819 Ireland

D 1859 Kurrachee

Personal: Engineer with the mint in Calcutta

Where he fits in:

Probably not a child of WBB Harvey (1) but somehow related given how he named his children and that two members of this family were living together in England at one point.

The 1881 Census record shows Mary McIntosh (nee Harvey) 28 yrs. old, and Francis Crause (nee Harvey) 30 yrs living at 3 St. Marks St. in London.

They are the daughters of WBBH (2) and Cecilia Philadelphia.

The same Census shows Francis Crause (nee Harris) 67 yrs. old living at the same address. She was the sister-in-law of Frances Margaret Sharpe Harvey, the sister of our John Harvey, widow of Capt. Harris (lost at sea 1853). Frances (Fanny) Harries died in Madras, Aug. 31, 1852, which not so coincidentally is where John Harvey, her brother was living at the time. Perhaps he took her in after her husband died.

(We’re trying to figure out the blood connection but one theory is that he is the sixth child of William BB Harvey Sr. (a or b) who is thought to have a connection to Dublin given the naming of his children and his age however there’s a reference to his father as Fortesque which confuses the issue)

This does proves WBBH (1) and WBBH (2) families knew each other. Though there’s yet to be found a blood connection?

Marriage 1: 1845 at Fort William, Bengal, India to Cecilia Philadelphia (Smith in another record) b: 1824 in England d 20 Nov. 1852


Fortescue Arthur Beauchamp Bagnal HARVEY b: 25 DEC 1847 in Calcutta, Bengal, India

Mary Cecilia C HARVEY b: 15 OCT 1848 in Calcutta, Bengal, India

Frances Catherine Sharpe Gayton HARVEY b: 08 OCT 1849 in Calcutta, Bengal, India


Frances Catherine Madeline Harvey 08 Oct. 1849 Calcutta. ( Later married moved to Seattle where gave birth to four children Percy Henry D'Esterre

William Bagnal Vassall McCausland Devereux and died.)

 ID: I1810

 Name: Frances Catherine Sharpe Gayton HARVEY

 Title: Fanny

 Sex: F

 Birth: 08 OCT 1849 in Calcutta, Bengal, India

 Baptism: 19 MAY 1850 Agra, Bengal, India

 Event: 1861 CENSUS 07 APR 1861 Stockwell Park Rd 37, Lambeth, Surrey

 Event: 1871 CENSUS 02 APR 1871 Stockwell Park Rd 49, Lambeth, London

 Event: 1881 CENSUS 03 APR 1881 St Marks Rd 1, Kensington, London

 MIGR: 1890 From England to USA

 Event: CENSUS 1900 12 JUN 1900 Second St, Seattle, King Co, Washington, USA

 Event: CENSUS 1910 15 APR 1910 East Spruce St, Seattle, King Co, Washington, USA

 Death: DEC 1915 in Seattle, King Co, WA, USA

 Burial: DEC

Marriage # 2

Caroline Augusta XXXXX : b1833 in Calcutta, Bengal, India

Devereux Augustus Harvey b 12 Jan 1853 Calcutta.

Ian Harvey


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