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From: "Joyce McManus" <>
Subject: Re: [HASTINGS-L] Haisten Book
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 22:11:39 -0400

The following is my husband's Hasting line. It is spelled with no s on
the end, however, in a couple of cemeteries here, you find both spellings,
all are related, bother, sister, parent, child, grandparent, cousin, aunt,
When I started into genealogy in 1993, we already were aware of my
husband's gg granddaddy "Bobby"
Hasting, born 1812, Kirksey Twnshp, Edgefield Dist., SC, died 1912, at home
place just off the "Old Edgefield Rd, at present day Sandridge, Greenwood
Co. (Address Ninety Six), SC. This part of Edgefield Dist became Greenwood
County in 1898.
In searching the censuses of Edgefield I found another Robert Hasting
on the 1790 census of Kirksey Twnshp. This appears to be his father and
there were other children which I have not been able to find on later
censuses. Even Robert is not on everyone. I sure would like to know form
where they came to SC! I do not have the slightest hint. Do you by chance
have a Robert or James Robert Hasting before 1790 in your database?
Bobby was married twice that I know of. There is conflicting
information on the name of his first wife. I have information he married
Maggie Goldman and she was the mother of his first 8/10 children. Some say
he was married to an Ellenburg first. His second wife was Martha Goldman,
supposely cousin of his first wife Maggie. He and Maggie had a daughter
named Martha, also. He had another 7/9 children with Martha.
The amazing thing about this man is he accumulated approximately 5,000
acres of land and supposedly had lots of money. It is said when he got his
first job at Mark Johnson's store in Kirksey, at the end of the first year
he still had $100 of the $110 he had made. When he died, he had stock in
Greenwood Mills, money in the bank, and cash in two kegs under his bed.
Supposedly he had his money in the bank, but someone informed him the bank
was using his money without paying him interest, so he traveled to the bank
and removed his money which upset the bank owner because it was a huge
amount. I suppose that is when he put it in the kegs. Most people thought
he was poor and didn't know about this money. I do not know how they
thought he was poor with the number of acres of land he acquired.
His will doesn't mention anything about his land, so he had evidently
split it between his 17 children before his death. We can verify the
acreage by the number of acres my husband's g grandfather received
multiplied by 17. We feel the money was lost by the children having it in
the bank at the time of the depression. We are told by one g granddaughter
there is an old cotton gin in the Smithsonian Institute which was originally
his, but the man who had inherited it down thru the years is given credit as
the owner.
Just recently I heard a story about my husband's g grandfather, Wilson
Hasting. He had two daughter-in-laws who kept after him to build them a new
house. One day, they decided to put up a road block (themselves) to keep
Wilson from going to work on his property where he was cutting trees for
lumber. When he drove his wagon that direction, they started waving their
aprons, scaring the horses, and they stopped; so he turned them around and
headed back home. His daughter Nancy had married William (Billy) Joseph
McManus, who was quite a character of an upstanding well thought of
gentleman, always ready to do the right thing. He told Billy he didn't know
what he was going to do since his daughters-in-law wouldn't allow him to go
cut his timber. Well, BIlly told him he would go back with him and see that
these young ladies removed themselves. When they arrived, he politely
called their husbands and said "take care of your wives at once, so your
Daddy can cut his timber." They did so at once and everything was okay
after that!
Thanks for any help. Thought everyone may enjoy the above!
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From: Ruth Hasten Walsh <>
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Sent: Sunday, June 11, 2000 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: [HASTINGS-L] Haisten Book

| Reply: I personally spoke with Robert Wayne Haisten about two years ago.
| was having difficulty finding the court case involving Mary Worsham
| and had hoped he'd be able to tell me where I'd be able to secure a copy
| those records. He told me he'd recently remarried and had sold the house
| he lived in with his first wife. That during the resulting move, he'd
| "dumped" all seven crates containing his research data. Thinking, I'd
| misunder him, I asked if he'd given the matrial to a genealogy library or
| his county genealogy society. He replied, "No, I didn't. I didn't think
| about that. I threw the stuff away - all seven crates of it." We had a
| pleasant conversation; but he quite firmly told me he 'd lost interst in
| genealogy and wished people would stop calling him. He further stated
| the only corrections he ever published to his books were covered in the
| page Addendum he issued about a year after the release of his book. He
| tell me that about a year before I called him some woman called to tell
| that she'd traced the Hastings back to England and could prove that they
| were descended from royalty. He said he had reservations about that did
| write down her name and/or address. He further stated that he knew or had
| heard that some of the theories he'd presented could now be proven to be
| inaccurate; that, at the time of publication, it was the best he could do.
| Bottom line, he has retired; he's involved in a new marriage and no longer
| wants to be contacted about genealogy.
| If you have a copy of his book, its fairly accurate insofaras the early
| history of the Hastings of Southside Virginia goes; additional research
| reveal that some of the theories are a bit inaccurate. The most glaring
| his theory that Henry Hastings of Orange Co., NC was related to the
| of Amelia Co./Mecklenburg Co./Lundenburg Co., VA. He recognized this and
| issued a correction in his Addundum. Unfortunately, many descendents of
| Henry Hastings of Orange Co., NC never read the Addendum and continue to
| "believe" they are descended from John Hastings and Mary Worsham. Another
| theory relates to the order of birth of the children of the John Hastings
| (2nd spouse was Amey Tucker) who died in 1763. I personally disagree with
| Robert Wayne Haisten's order of birth. I base my case on (1) language in
| will (2) the facts that present themselves when following the families of
| all of John's children. Admittedly, I don't know the exact order of
| but I believe the use of latin word IMPRIMIS is significant. IMPRIMIS
| "of the first part" and was was occasionally used in legal matters to
| first born. The language in this will is indicative of the writing of one
| of the members of the Cousins family who was a well-known lawyer in
| Southside VA. John's will uses the word IMPRIMIS two times. (1) "I
| & dispose of in manner following IMPRIMIS I Give and Devise to my Loving
| Wife. ... (2)... then divided between my Son John & my son Zachariah
| my Son Abner & my Daughter Usley & my Daughter Edea & my Daughter Tamer &
| Daughter Amey IMPRIMIS I give & devise to my Daughter Agnis Brintle and my
| Daughter Mary Totty. I think that Agnis Hastings Brintle (wife of
| Brintle) and Mary Hastings wife of Totty were older than any of the male
| children and were issue of the first marriage. Zachariah Hastings was
| in 1751 according to his Amer. Rev. War pension file. Census reports
| indicate that John was likely born about 1740.
| Agnis Hastings married William Brintle between 1760 and 1765. Dicey
| Brintle, daughter of William, was born about 1760; she married Abner
| - who gave supporting testimony on behalf of Zachariah Hastings in his
| for an ARW pension. Abner was born in 1744. Dicey was his second wife.
| Agnis Brintle was born about 1761; she married a Franklin. The Totty
| has long argued that Mary Hastings Totty was not the dau of William Totty
| because she was too young. However, if she were the issue of John's first
| marriage, then its not inconceivable she was indeed the wife of William
| Totty I.
| I have spent the better part of the last three years devoted to research
| the early Hastings and trying to find the missing link that connects one
| my Haistings line to either John Hastings or his brother, the American
| War Soldier, Zachariah Hastings (born 1751 per his AMRW pension papers).
| a result, I have compiled a source document I call HASTING TIMELINE
| data from 1651 following the Virginia Hastings through the 1700's and into
| the 1800's. The document mostly contains data on the Southside VA
| and their descendents who migrated to Warren Co., NC/Caswell Co.,NC.
| However, the document includes data on every Hastings I found mentioned in
| Virginia records through about 1780. Concerning the Southside VA
| I did not just focus on the males; but also on the females. One of
| interestings tidbits of data uncovered was the fact that n 5-16-1742 court
| records is a notation that Henry Hastings (thought to be son of John/Mary
| Worsham Hastings) was accused by Rachel Cole of fathering her bastard son
| named Joseph.
| One of the earliest entries pertains to the 1651 will of Ann Daynes
| the niece of a gov. of Maryland the widow of a Walter Cooper, of St.
| Co., MD. In her will Ann named a "Dau who married HENRY HASTINGS of VA".
| The Daynes family owned land on Mobjack Bay which is near the Accomack
| Walter Cooper was allied with businessmen in Norfolk and lower VA. The
| document also includes some data on the Hastings who settled in Accomack,
| VA.
| My Hastings Timeline also includes limited data on the families of the
| Hastings who settled Frederick, Orange and Shennandoah regions of VA.
| on the early Hastings of Accomack Co., VA are also in the Timeline. Some
| data on each of the Hastings families found in NC is included in the
| Timeline. Basically, I've been trying to track all the VA and NC Hastings
| -- at least, to the point that I rule out the possibility that Ezekiel
| Hastings might have belonged to that Hastings family.
| Among those Hastings who moved to Warren Co., NC/Caswell Co., NC were John
| Hastings and his brother Zachariah Hastings, Suckey (Susannah?) Hastings
| married to John Hicks, Agnis Hasting married to Abner Powell, Amey
| married to William Brintle, and Martha "Patty" Hastings married to Page
| Coleman, Tamer Hastings married to Jesse Brintle. Members of these family
| kept intermarrying; its a round-robin sorting them out. For example, Lucy
| Hastings dau of Zachariah married William Brintle (Jr.).
| Sutton Hastin lived in Warren Co. briefly before returning to VA; A few
| years later one of the Sutton Hastings then moved to Bond Co., IL. I have
| not collected much data on the Bond Co., IL Hastings.
| I have followed the families of Amey Hastings who married William Hastin
| of Lively Hastin who married Robert Crowder. These two families moved to
| Rutherford Co., NC. Some of their descendents still live in
| Rutherford,Cleveland, and neighboring counties in NC. Absalom Hastings
| moved his family to nearby Spartanburg District of South Carolina.
| in different states, from what I can tell so far, the farms of Amey and
| William Hastings and Lively and Robert Crowder in NC were situated only a
| few miles from Absalom's property in SC. Certainly the families were
| enough so that they must have celebrated "special occasions" together.
| About the time Sutton Hastings moved to Bond Co., IL, it appears that one
| two more Hastings moved from VA to Rutherford Co., NC. I've not yet
| enough time to research those lines to prove/disprove that theory.
| If you have a copy of his book, its fairly accurate insofaras the early
| history of the Hastings of Southside Virginia goes; some of the theories
| a bit inaccurate. The most glaring is that Henry Hastings of Orange Co.,
| was related to the Hastings of Amelia Co./Mecklenburg Co./Lundenburg Co.,
| VA.
| I have already share this data with some researchers and am willing to
| my research (naming sources) with anyone interested. I've seen bits and
| pices of it appearing in other messages. However, I'm warning you that
| entire document is about 80 pages long in EXCEL formal convertable to an
| format. Through 1799 there are as of this writing 655 entries covering
| land, will, marriage and misc. records I've found. The early 1800's net
| another 455 entries. Yet, the Timeline does not encompass all the data
| collected. It is in a rough draft format containing grammar errors and
| misspellings; its purpose was and remains to be a tool to help me find the
| ancestors of Ezekiel Hastings aka Hasten born abt. 1792. I welcome any
| that anyone is willing to share with me pertaining to these early
| Although, I've reached a momentary "Hastings Family burn-out" and am
| a few weeks to research other family lines, I welcome any theories or
| suggestions ayone might have about where some of these elusive Hastings
| their descendents might have gone or what they were "up to". I have hopes
| that taking a break will allow me to return to the Hastings with some new
| ideas about where to find that elusive missing link that'll connect
| Hasten/Hastin/Hasting/Hastings (born in NC or possibly VA) to his
| In today's world, Ezekiel's descendents utilize threee spellings of the
| surname: Hasten, Hasting, Hastings. Most of his descendnts live in
| Limestone Co., AL, Giles Co., TN and a number of Texas counties.
| Ruth
| daif newly discovered data On Sat, 10 Jun 2000 23:58:43 EDT,
| wrote:
| > Does anyone have Robert Wayne Haisten's address or phone # ? I have
| book
| > and tried to call the phone number listed but it has been disconnected,
| > according to information she had no listing in Lilburn, GA for Robert
| Wayne
| > Haisten. I would like to get in touch with him regarding his book:
| Haisten:
| > A 250 History of the Haisten Family.
| >
| >
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