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From: Ruth Hasten Walsh <>
Subject: Re: [HASTINGS-L] Zachariah Hastings
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 17:15:54 -0700 (PDT)

Reply: The father of Zachariah Hastings born about 1817 in Caswell Co., NC
and died in the Prentiss Co., MS area between 1870-1880 married Lilly
Phillips in Limestone Co., AL on January 28, 1835 by R. H. Hughey. Zack and
Lilly were living just across the state line (all of 10 miles as the crow
flies from where they were married)in Giles Co., TN until the winter of
1859-1860. In 1840, 1850 they were enumerated in the Giles Co., TN census
reports. In 1860 they were enumerated under the name of Zachariah Hatton in

Zachariah's father was James Hastings, Sr. believed to be James who was son
of Zachariah Hastings, an American Rev. War soldier. This Zachariah (who I
believe to be grandfather of your Zach) was born in 1852 Amelia Co., VA,
moved to Mecklenburg Co., VA (neighboring county to Amelia) when her was
about 17 according to his Amer. Rev. War pension. He lived there until
about 1882-1883 when he (along with some of his sliblings and their family)
moved to nearby Warren Co., NC. They lived inv Warren Co., NC until about
1798-1798 when they moved (the last time) to Caswell Co., NC. Now old Zach
the soldier left a will in which he named his son James and his son William
and dau . Elizabeth (femme sole), Mary "Polly", a femme sole, Lucy Ann
Hastings wife of William Brintle II. William apparently was the oldest son
because he inherited land, James inherited 50 cents which likely meant he'd
already received his inheritance which he used to moved to the Limestone
Co./Madison Co., AL (state line of TN) area where he lived a few years then
finally settled in Giles Co., TN. James left probated land records in which
he named sons Zachariah (yours) , Joseph, William, and James Jr. Now, he
also mentioned but did not name other children. I suspect my Ezekiel
Hastings/Hasten/Hasting was one of his sons, however, have no proof. If you
go to the Giles Co. web site you'll find copy of these probate deeds naming
your Zack.

Now, I have found other records involving the guardian and step-father of
William Hastings son Thomas D. Hastings which indicate that Zack and Lilly
apparently sustained major crop damages from the flooding of the Elk River
and they when they moved in winter of 1859-1860 they left owing monies on
some land they'd rented. This story tracks somewhat because my Ezekiel
Hastings moved away from that river bottom at the same time as your
Zack/Lilly. Now, I have not done extensive research on the Phillips family
but if you were get copies of their Limestone Co./Giles Co. deeds and
perhaps a will (if one) then you'd find Lilly Phillips Hastings mentioned.
Lilly was dau of Thomas Phillips and his wife Nancy. Nancy Phillips,
widowed, were living with Zack and Lilly in 1850 census. Zack and Lilly
were living next door to my Ezekiel. I believe Ezekiel named his 2nd born
son Zachariah after both your Zachariah and after Zack the Amer. Rev. War

Does this help you out? I can track the Hastings ancestors of your Zack
back to about 1616-39. Ruth

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000 07:59:41 -0400, wrote:

> I am trying to find the parents and siblings of Zachariah Hastings born
Abt. 1817. He married Tillie or Lilly and they owned and sold land in
Giles Co., TN. Their daughter Julia is my great grandmother. Any leads
would be appreciated.......Peggy
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