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Subject: [HATHCOCK-L] Message from Brian Voncannon
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 10:54:30 -0400


I am most obligated to respond to a recent posting and from a personal
letter from Cathy regarding my postings as well as my honor. I will not
go into quite the detail that I did with Cathy, but I felt that all who
monitor this list will want to read it.

Recently, I posted a notice about my book and some of the responses
weren't to favorable. Therefore, this letter is introduce myself to you
again in attempts to save my name, not my book. That was written to only
try to help us in the Benjamin Hathcock line and to try to do something
good for the family. That is trivial when compared to one's honor. If I
appeared to be using the list only for advertising, then I do appologize
for that. As I explained to cathy, i have been on this list for some
time and have enjoyed reading all of your posts. I belong to several
mailing lists and seldom post to any of them, mainly due to my lack of
time on the internet plus I just seldom post to any of the lists. I
rarely exercise my freedom of speech, but by writing the book, I
dedcided to do so. Unfortunatley, I just have to take what reactions
that brings.

Since it was stated that no none knows that much about me, I will posta
brief family tree here. It might help some of you anyway:(this is on one
of my web sites)

Brian Voncannon (Living) Myself
Charles Voncannon (Living) father Mary Honeycutt (living) mother
Zelle E. Huneycutt grandparents Charlie Voncannon
Warden A. Huneycutt great grandparents Prudence A. Teeter
Rutha Cumire Burris 2nd great grandparents James A. Huneycutt
Obedience Hathcock 3rd great grandparents Gideon G. Burris
Benjamin Franklin Hathcock Jr.4th great grandparents Nancy A.Burrus
**Benjamin Hathcock Sr. 5th great grandparents Nancy Young

Here is an excerpt from my web page telling about myself. Just a bit
more info. on who I am so that those of you who do not know me, will
know more:

"Brian Everett Voncannon of the Midland, Locust area of North
Carolina. He and his father, Charles Everett Voncannon, are members of a
recognized intertribal Indian tribe in West Virginia(AAIWV,Inc.) In
honor of his heritage, Brian spends his spare time making Native
American crafts which he has on display at The Herb Basket,Inc. in
Locust,NC. When he is not working on the above, Brian spends the
majority of his time as a law enforcement officer in Cabarrus Co.,NC
where he has been an officer for almost 10 years. Brian is a member of
First Baptist Church of Locust and is a born again Christian."

That's about it. Once again, I am sorry that my presence caused so much
upset, but I guess that's the perils of life. I also realize that the
mention of indian blood sometimes does the same thing to people, but its
been that way for a long time. I wouldn't dream of forcing you to read
or believe anything that you did not want to.

So in conclusion, I appologize if the mention of the book as an
advertisement, got under anyones skin, but I can't appologize for who I
am or what I feel in my heart. The last thing on my mind was to try to
create a bad impression or rub people the wrong way, I get that enough
at work!

Thank you for your time and May God bless our family.

Brian Everett Voncannon

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