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From: William Disbro <>
Subject: TODAYS OBITS 5-30-98
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 17:20:29 -1000

Dear list,
Today in the Honolulu Advertiser the fallowing names
appeared in the obituary column. If anyone is related to any of these
people please send me a private email and I will forward the texts of
thier obit to you.
Happy Hunting
William Disbro

Henry P. AKANA age 62
Gerald ALLARD age 93
Margerita Dumrique BARTOLUME age 77
Anita Marie Lapointe BELANGER age 48
Nicole Remo BOLO age 6
Betty Ellyn CHANG age 85
Jim CHARLTON age 79
Maj. Gen. James S. CHENEY age not given
Wilfred Tsun Choy CHING age 92
Belinda "Billie" CORDEIRA age 47
Charles Zambo COSTELLO Sr. age 86
Remigio Balanay DANCEL age 68
Helen Canfield DAVIS age 74
Hannah "Big Aunty" C. DEMELLO age 88
Faasavali FAGAFA age 85
Patsy Aiko GOTO age 55
Yonemitsu GUSHIKEN age 76
Jean ING age 78
Kama KANESHIRO age 90
Raymound Masaru KATO age 47
Catherine "The Strawberry Lady" KIENLE age 77
Lillian KRUMM age 86
Elaine Piilani LIMA age 70
Rev. Elizabeth Kapua MAHAULA age 63
Omatsu MIYAHARA age 91
Felipa Carpio RODRIGUEZ age 69
Macario Baltazar SABADO age 94
Dorothy Mae SWAN age 70
Yoshio TAKATA age 90
Iwao TAKITANI age 88
Time TIMOTEO age 84

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