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From: "Wayne Jones" <>
Subject: RE: Location of Halawa. Hawaii T. H.
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 20:54:51 -1000
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One site for Halawa is the Island of Oahu. Locate a road map of Hawaii,
Island of Oahu, and locate the H3 freeway -- The H-3 freeway follows the
Halawa Valley up to the mountains on the Pearl Harbor side of the island.
Of couse, that does not preclude the possible existence of a Halawa on the
Big ISland, although I have never heard of one.

Also -- 1894 and 1895 are when the Japanese first started arriving in the
Islands, if my memory serves me correctly. The earliest that my wife's
ancestors arrived is 1896, and he was supposed to be one of the earliest to

One possible source for information is the Japanese Consulate, because back
the, most Japanese reported births to the Consulate for recording in their
home prefecture back in Japan.

Wayne, NH6K

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From: Paul Thames [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2003 3:40 PM
Subject: Location of Halawa. Hawaii T. H.

Can someone please help me in the location of a place called Halawa. Hawaii
T H. ? I believe this to be on the Big Island as my Mother In Law by family
tradition was born on the Big Island. Her name was Shizue Ishii. Spelling
of last name may be slightly different than spelled here. She was thought
to be born in 1894 or 95. Are birth records available for that time period
for the Big Island? Her Mother later married a Kumaishi and lived on Maui.
I believe there might have been a divorce but I don't know if Ishii died.
No record of her birth has yet been found for Shizue. Contact me at
or through the Hawaii List.

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