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From: "Wayne Jones" <>
Subject: RE: Birth, Marriage and Death records in Hawaii
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 19:38:40 -1000
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Have you tried the Hawaii State Library microfilm collection? If not,go
there and look around. Birth, Marriage and death record indices are there
up until about 1940 (I believe). Japanese arrival records (indexed cards,
really, showing when and what ship) up to about 1910 are available in the
State Archives (behind and to the right of Iolani Palace). After that, you
need to contact the Japanese Consulate. You should also check the Family
History Centers located throughout the Island of Oahu (one is on Beretania
next to Foodland) are also a good resource.

Wayne, NH6K

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From: Paul Thames [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2003 6:52 PM
Subject: Birth, Marriage and Death records in Hawaii

Hi List, I have recently started to research my wife's family history.
What is the best resource for birth, marriage and death records. Is our
only recourse to go to the Board of Health and request copies at $10. each?
especially when I am not sure of all required data that is asked on their
application form? Is there a website that can be searched for this Info?
Has there been transcriptions made (as in many mainland counties) for this
data located in libraries or other locations?
When did the State or Territory of Hawaii first start recording this
data that could be available for us genealogy researchers?
My ancestors first started coming to Hawaii from Japan about 1888 and on
into early 1900's.
I am experiencing much difficulty in finding this kind of data. Please help
me with these questions. I wish to thank all who so far responded to my
posts concerning this my research. I am sure I will have other questions as
I go along.
Is there cemetery records that have been transcribed for the cemeteries?
Finding where some ancestors are buried also is a problem.
Some of the sirnames I am researching are: INADA, KUMAISHI, ISHII, BEPPU,
Thanks for any help for any of these sirnames. Paul thames

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