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From: Larry Herrin <>
Subject: HERRIN/STOGSDILL Connection
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 23:26:58 -0500 (CDT)

This message was sent to Mrs. Hilda Hoffman of Pecayune, MS in response to
her telephone query. It has an interesting link between the Stogsdills and

I have put together some of the information that I have on the Stogsdill
family of Elizabeth
City/Accomack/Northampton Co., VA; Somerset Co., MD; Rowan Co., NC; Clark
Co. Ky; Pulaski Co.,
KY and Jackson Co., Alabama.

Wherever we look, the Stocksdells can be found with either
Hernes/Hearnes/Herrins/Herrings. It is my
contention [with evidence] that the Hernes of VA (aka Herrins) were related
to the Hearnes of Somerset
Co., MD, and that their descendents moved to Rowan Co., NC and were known as
Hearns and Herrings

I submit the following documentation with bracketed comments to those
willing to search for the
Herrin/Stogsdill connection in early days.

My conjecture is that Shadrack Herrin may be a grandson of Shadrack Williams
and related to
Morris/Vachel/Benjamin Stogsdill as possible cousins.

I also have recently found that Shadrack Herrin was known to Phillip Herrin
of Chatham Co., NC in the
1`780s. Nearby were Stogsdills in Wake and Edgecombe Co.s In fact. Matthew
Stogsdill m. Euphania
Sugg in Wake Co. and the Herrins were well-heeled in teh Sugg family from
James Hern in 1750s Beaufort
Co., NC. The Herrins of Chatham and Wake were all related to each other by

You said that Lott Herrin was buried in the Stocksdell Cem. in your county
[Picayune, MS?]. From Hearne ,
1894 "Hist. & Genealogy of the Hearne Family", Jonathan Hearn had sons: Asa
1783, Zabel 1785, Seth
1788, Lot 1790, Polly, 1792, Samuel 1795, Jacob 1797, Elizabeth 1799, Judah
1801, and William 1803. Is
this of the same age range as your Lott Herrin of your county? You also
mentioned Shepherd Herrin? There
was a Samuel Shepherd Herring of New hanover Co., NC who may fit the bill. I
believe [from memory] that
he may have had a son Lot Herring. Perhaps on of these two families are
correct, but they may be related.

Jonathan Hearne was b. 1760 in Sussex Co., DE and ended up in Putnam Co.,
GA. Jonathan was the son of
Samuel Hearne whose first wife was Rhoda Parker. Samuel was the son of
William and Elizabeth Wilson
Hearne who was the son of William and Mary Cuthburt Hearne of Somerset Co.,
MD and known to Edward

Hotten (1974). "lists of Persons of Quality", page 86.

A List of names of the Living in Virginia february the 16 1628
more at Elizabeth Cittie
Edward Stockdell

Stodghill Family Folder Ky State Library
1. John Stodgill b. Sommerset Co., England c 1630 d. Essex Co., Va c 1705,
immigr. to America 1650 m.
______ Franks. [This is the Stockdell line that went from the eatern shore
of Va to westen Va and on to
Spencer Co., KY in 1780s; a John Stockdell immigrated to America 7 Jul 1635
and had land on Kethes

2. John Stodghill (1665-1720) b. & d. Essex Co., Va, one of two sons, m. Ann

3. Daniel Stodghill (1705-1769) b & d Essex Co., Va only child m. Jean _______.

Crozier (1971). Va County Records, p. 232
Northampton Co. Record Bk. 1 1632-1640. There presents witnesseth, that we,
Francis Phillips, of
Accomac, tailor and Edward Stockdell of same place, carpenter, do owe our
Lord King Charles 50 pds.
sterling Octo. 1633.

Nugent (1974). "Cavaliers & Pioneers", page 31
Edward Stockden transp. as servant by William Gany who received 1250 acres
in Accomack Co. 17 Sept
1635 on nwd. side of the mouth of Hungar Creek adj. land of William
Andrewes... mentions wife Anne
Gany. Also transp. Robt. Browne, Eliza. Browne, Wm. Gany...

[Isaac Herring of Dobbs Co., NC married Nancy "Ann" Shotwell, widow of
Meredith Ganey, who died in
the Revolution. Isaac went on to live in Pulaski Co., KY; Browne's
intermarried with Herne's/Herrings in
Middlesex Co., VA]

Crozier (1971). Va County Records, p. 93
Accomack Co. Book 1 495. Edwd. Stockdell 1637 200 acres

Nugent (1974). "Cavaliers & Pioneers", page 74
pat. bk 1- pt. II
Edward Stocksdell 400 acres Accomack Co. 4 Nov 1637 upon the second neck
beyond William Andrews
plantation, upon Hungar's Creek for transportation of 8 persons: Edwd.
Phinly, his wife and child, Jon. King,
Robt. Dye, Hen. Stone, Thomas Moulton, Winnifred Lovell.
[Dyes in Caswell Co., NC and Pulaski Co., KY; Lovell's in Pulaski Co., KY]

Ames (1973). County Court Records of Accomack-Northampton Co., Va 1640-1645
Edward Stoggden had formerly a pet. graunted unto him 400 acres 8 Nov 1637,
the court judges that the
land belongs to another man. and the said Frances Martin may have a patent
for 400 acres in some other

Nugent (1974). "Cavaliers & Pioneers", page 123
Pat. Bk. 1-pt. II
Edward Stockdale living on Hungars Creek in Accomack Co. Oct 29, 1639
adjoining Francis Martin.

Ames (1973). County Court records of Accomack - Northampton Co., Va, p. 260
6 Mar 1642. Edward Stoggden had a controversie of Land between Capt. Thomas
Burbage Plaintiff and
Edward Stoggden defendent. Land properly belonging to Capt. Burbage and
Stoggden and Francis Martin
to surrender receipt.

Ames (1973). County Court records of Accomack - Northampton Co., Va, p. 260
Edward Stockdell arrested by two writts for his apperance att two severall
Monthly courts at the suite of
John Webster...

[I believe it was in this text that I saw the exact dimensions of Edward
Stocksdell's house. It was at the
Tennesse State Archives in Nashville, Tennessee]

Maryland Calendar of Wills
William Boyss of Somerset Co. 19 Jan 1666. To Danile Denokoe & William
to sister Jane Bellanes of Northampton Co., Va
to only daughter Jane Boyss, when of age...
[This was later to become the wife of Edward Stockdell of Somerset Co.]

Crozier (1971)' Va County Records, p. 13
Will of Roger Williams w. 26 Feb 1675 - p. 6 Jan. 1677 lists sons Roger and
Shadrack, wife, Jane and
daughter Betty Williams.

[An "old" Shadrack Williams lived in Rowan Co., NC in the 1780s and was ther
reputed father of Sarah
Williams, signed bond, who married Morris Stogsdill].

I have Edward Stocksdell listed as a citizen of Somerset Co., Md in the
1680s as was William Herne. Also
there were the births of sons of Edward Stocksdell and Jane ____ at
Ammamessex sosn Edward and William
(1690s). Also listed there was the marriage to Edward Stockdell to Jane
____. [we know this to be Boyce
from will of Edward].

Maryland Calendar of Wills
William Stockwell of Talbott Co. 23 Oct 1700-21 Oct 1701 put his son John
under the direction of the
Quakers. test by Jno. Sokwell and Sarah Sokwell.
[This note just occurred to me that Sokwell was a distortion of
Stockwell/Stockstill; also occurring to me
that Nancy "Ann" Shotwell Gany, wife of Isaac Herin may have been of a
similar distortion, ie., Nancy
Stockwell Gany Herrin. Some sources even show it as Caldwell; this is a
major thought that just occurred
to me and should be seriously considered].

Maryland Calendar of Wills
Will of Edward Stockdall, yeoman, Somerset Co., 30th July 1710- 20th June 1716
To wife Jean (Boyce), extx....
son Edward
daughte Jane
daughter Eliza
test: Thos. Stockwell, Wm. Cuttlering, Edmond Cuelen, Seph. Willson; widow
Jeanne takes her thirds of
estate and revokes will.
[re: Cuelen - Quillins were with Herrins in Cumberland Co., NC and later in
Tennessee as Quillings and they
were known to be from Maryland].

Maryland Calendar of Wills
Edw. Stockdall test the will of David Long of Somerset Co. 26 Nov 1716

Jones (1985). Douglas Register, page 404
An index of Older Wills, Inv.'s, Div.s of Goochland Co., Va
Edward Stodghill 1773 Bk 10 page 376

Donald G. Colliver
Elizabeth Stogsdill (1780-1838) m. William Power and daughter of William
Stogsdill. She was from MD to
NC to KY.

Jillson (1969). Old Ky Entries & Deeds
Edmund H. Stocksell 500 acres Bk A page 299 10-27-1783 Knob Break Salt River
Edmund H. Stocksell 1000 acres Bk A pg. 299 10-27-1783 Salt River [both in
Jefferson Co., KY]

1791 Vachel Stogsdill, Susabnnah Stogsdill, Sarah Stogsdill and Elizabeth
Stogsdill as well as Shadrack
Herrin and Rebecca Herrin were on the Church rolls of Bear Creek Baptist
Church in Rowan (now Davie)
Co., NC.

1793-1796: Benjamin & Vachel Stogsdill were on teh Clark Co. Tax Lists with
Sarah, Shadrack and William

1797: Vachel & Benjamin Stogsdill on 1797 Montgomery Co., KY Tax Lists with
Sarah, Shadrack and
William Herring.

1791-1793 Madison Co., KY Tax List
Sarah Stogsdill

Rowan Co., NC Grantor Index
8 Sep 1792 V. Stogstill to David Cain DB12/703. [Cains were with Herrins in
Orange CO., NC; Vachel was
in KY by 1793 in Clark Co.]

Rowan Co., NC Grantor Index
1797 Thomas Stogstill sold to Morris Stogstill and Zebediah Stockstill
DB15/169 & 171. [Morris Stockstill
father of Betsy, Benjamin and Vachel, according to Pulaski Co., KY local
researchers and m. Sarah Williams
4 Mar 1762 Rowan Co., NC, d/o Shadrack Williams].

"Stogsdill Family Folder State Hist. Soc. Library, Frankfort"
Susannah Stogsdill b. Kentucky 1801, was living in Lincoln Co., Tennessee by
1820 and Alabama by 1831.
It listed William Stogsdell purchasing 50 acres in Pulaski County, Kentucky
in 1821.

Watts Collection-Vol. VI, page 225
Chatherine, widow of Moses Keeney and daughter of Daniel Stogsdill was b. 4
Nov 1804 in Pulaski Co.,
KY... and died Phelps Co., Missouri... J. J. Watts

Pulaski Co., Ky Wills
Bk 1/67
Henry James guardian to Vachel Stogsdills Heirs rec. 24 Sept 1810.

Pulaski Co., KY Court Order Book 2, p. 425, Jan. Court 1812
On motion of Susannah Fears late Susannah Stogsdill admins. of estate of
Vachel Stogsdill deceased,
Jonathan Smith esq., Daniel McKinsey & Elijah BArnes, Sen. appointed to
settle accounts of the admins. of
the estate od said decedent.

[James Fears married Susannah Stogsdill 12-20-1807 in Pulaski Co., KY. James
was a Baptist preacher;
Elijah Barnes was with the Stogsdills in Madison Co., Ky and Rowan Co., NC
before that, attending Bear
Creek Baptist Church in present-day Davie Co. with the Herrins and Stogsdills].

Pulaski Co., KY DB13/276 27 Oct 1827
William P. Alexander and Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Stogsdell &
William Stogsdell for $200.
Eliz. Alexander is a daughter and hier at law of Benjamin Stogsdill deceased...
Jackson Cheyne & wife was other heir-at-law of sd. Benjamin Stogsdill dec'd.
William P. Alexander purchased of Singleton Earp who was a son of Saarah Erp
dec'd heir and daughter of
Benjamin Stogsdell, dec'd...
2nd tract land on waters of Buck Creek conveyed to Benjamin Stogsdell by
Robert Graves wife... petented
by Benjamin Stogsdell...
3rd tract conbveyed by Nathan Bray and wife to aforesd. heirs.

Pulaski Co., KY DB13/643 22 Jul 1849
William Earp to William Stogsdill, both of Pulaski Co., for $33 1/5 of the
land on Buck Creek, ref. deed
from William P. Alexander to William Stogsdale DB13/276, interest derived
from Benjamin Stogsdale, the
grandfather of the said William Earp.

[Benjamin Stogsdill married the widow, Sarah Herrin in 1801 in Pulaski Co.,
KY and died after having three
children; William and Shadrack Herrin were close associates of Benjamin
Stogsdill in Rowan Co., NC,
Clark/Montgomery Co., KY and Pulaski Co., KY].

I will not copy the info here, but I do have records where William Herrin,
Sr. and his likely brother,
Shadrack Herrin were administrators and witnesses to the wills of both
Benjamin and Vachel Stogsdill, sons
of Morris Stogsdill and Sarah Williams.

Shadrack Herrin moved to Jackson Co., Alabama between Nov. 1819 and Nov.
1821 as also did Richard
Stogsdill and his wife Sarah Jackson, d/o Jesse Jackson of Pulaski Co., KY,
formerly of Clark Co., KY.

I would appreciate all the Herrin and Stogsdill info that you can provide
that might prove our case. I was
really fascinated that Lott Herrin and family were buried with Stogsdills in
your county [Stockdell Cem.].
Lott was the son of John Hearn of Somerset Co., MD and was a descendent opf
William Hearne and Mary
Cuthbert of the same. William came from Barbados to Philadelphia to Somerset
Co. and was a merchant,
primarily sugar and blankets.

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