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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 11:08:15 EDT

Hi, Catherine.

I'm a historian for the Heinsohn Family Reunion in Texas so I hear from
Heinsohns all over the US. I have only a few tidbits involving Heinsohns in
New York, but maybe they will help you with whatever research you've already

A Peter Heinsohn, age 15, arrived in New York from the port at Bremen on May
9, 1884 on the SS Oder.

Marie Heinsohn, 30, and Frieda Heinsohn, 5, arrived in New York from Bremen
on May 15, 1885 on the SS Rhein.

The basketball player, Tom Heinsohn is the son of William Heinsohn, born
April 17, 1907. William's family lived in the New York area. William's
mother was Tessie Dunn, but I don't have a name for his father.

Marlene Heinsohn in Fremont, NE <> e-mailed me that her
husband's great-grandfather, was Martin F. Heinsohn, a son of Johann Peter
Heinsohn and his second wife who lived at Wedel and Holm, just north of
Hamburg in Schleswig-Holstein.

This isn't much to go on, but maybe one of these people will fit into your
notes somewhere. I've heard from a few others in the northeast, but their
ancestors arrived about the time of WWI and later.

Rox Ann Johnson,
Austin, TX

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<< Hi List,
We are researching another branch of our family Heinsohn from Germany, came
to the US 1890-1900 settled in Brooklyn and Long Island NY.
Catharine, Martin, Henry and Peter., and possibly a sister. We have all the
information on Catharine but not her siblings.
Any connections or help would be appreciated.
Catherine >>

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