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Subject: [HEIRLOOM-L] "Butterfly Wing" Pictures
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 12:39:20 -0400

Me again Folks!

I have a picture that used to hang in one of my grandmother's spare
bedrooms that I always fancied when I was a child. I always thought it
was so bright and shiny, kind of sparkled, especially to a young girl's

It is in a black frame with a gold border, about 9 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches.
On the back it says;

"Vanity Fair"
Paired with "Beauty Secrets"

These truly beautiful creations are done in an exclusive hand process
(right on glass) exactly duplicating the world famous "Butterfly Wing"
pictures. The delicate colors transferred directly to the glass present
a pearly quality which makes them spring to life, and the glass itself
seems to radiate an elusive light.
Nothing has ever been offered before in America with such fineness of
line, detail and rich coloring, and the "Butterfly Wing" effect process
creates a brilliance not to be matched by any other type of decoration.
In these very modern frames they will do credit to any room, and are
particularly attractive when hung in pairs.

Another "RELIANCE" Product
New York R.P.F. Co. Chicago

Any ideas on how old this picture may be and does anyone know anything
about these "Butterfly Wing" repros?

Kind Regards,


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