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He's mine. I have this weekend been in contact with
Stephen Kilburn about the same Hemingway/Kilburn link.

This is what I believe to be Williams' line.
(I had noted a 1640 Abraham Hemingway/ Anne Holdworth marriage, and
Stephen mentioned the possibility of a link to my Hemingways. Previously I
ommitted it from my line, but he could be the father of the following

Abraham Hemingway b. about 1655 Mirfield.
m. ??
1.Elizabeth b.1684 Mirfield :
m. 26.12.1709 John Swift, Mirfield (no further info.)
2 Thomas b.1688 Mirfield
3 Abraham b. 1693 Mirfield. Buried 3.12.1693 Mirfield

Thomas b.1688 Mirfield;

m.28.11.1717 Mary Robinson b.1688 (daug. of Robert b. abt.1658 Mirfield )at
1 John b. 1715 Mirfield
m.12.5.1743 Mary Midwood b 1722(daug. of Daniel b.1675 and Mary Walker
b.1681) Mirfield
(no further info.)
2 Joseph b.1717(no further info.)
3 Abraham b.1719 ( Further info. on this line available)
4 Isaac b. 1722 (no further info.)
5 Anne b.1725 Mirfield
m.29.6.1752 Samuel Fletcher (no further info.)
6 Jacob b.1728 Mirfield
7.Sarah b.1732, buried 16.3.1732 Mirfield

Jacob b.1728 Mirfield

married on 7.4.1760 at Mirfield, Elizabeth Child b.1738 Mirfield (daughter
of William b. 1712 and Hannah Hatton)
1 Thomas b.1760 bur. 1763
2 Joseph b.1760 bur 1760
3 Thomas b1764 bur 1764
4 James b.1766
5 Hannah b.1769 bur 1770
6 Jacob b1771
7 Mary b1774
8 Hannah b.1776

Jacob b1771

m. 26.11.1797 Mary Midwood b 1774 Mirfield
1 Jonathon b.1797 bur.6.2.1801 Mirfield
2 Rachel b. 1800 Mirfield
m.17.11.1720 James Booth ( Further info. on this line available)
3 Stephen b.1802 Mirfield
4 John b.1805 ( I am from this line ) ( Further info. on this line
5 Jonathon b.1806 (no further info.)
6 Joseph b.1809 bur.6.1.1810 Mirfield
7 Hannah b.1813
m.8.10.1831 Richard Sutcliffe Mirfield (no further info.)
8 Dorcas b. 1815 Mirfield
m. 6.8.1841 Charles Fisher b 1812 Whitely Kirkheaton.( Further info. on this
line available)

Stephen b.1802 Mirfield
m.10.02.1825 Rachel Broadley Mirfield


1 Elizabeth b.1825 ( possible bur. 1834)
2 Ellen b.1827 bur. 1832 Mirfield
3 William b.1829
4 Mary b.1831
m. 31.5.1852 Zacchous Hirst b.1831 (son of Isaac Hirst and Mary Cave of Hand
Bank) (no further info.)

William b.1829
m. Mary Kilburn b.
etc., etc.,

I have been wondering when someone would pick up on this enclave of early
Mirfield Hemingways.
The majority of them, in my line, appear to have been hewers/ miners
(either of coal or in the stone quarry), and judging by the number of them
who took up the occupation it was a family tradition. The alternate
occupation was weaving, but few of my Hemingways were employed in that

My father still lives in Mirfield

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> Can anyone identify this William? His wife, Mary, was a KILBURN by birth
> and is in my tree, but I have no antecedents for William.
> Census 1881: Dosthill Kingsbury, Warwickshire
> William HEMINGWAY aged 51, Head, born Mirfield, Occ: Coal Miner;
> Mary HEMINGWAY, 46, Mirfield, Rel: Wife
> Thomas U,23, Mirfield, Occ: Engine Driver;
> Joseph, U, 22, Kingsbury, Occ: Engine Driver;
> William, U, 19, Kingsbury, Occ: Weighman At Colliery C M;
> Henry, U, 16, Kingsbury, Occ: Potter;
> David, 12, Kingsbury, Occ: Scholar
> Elizabeth, 10, Kingsbury, Occ: Scholar;
> Rachel, 8 Kingsbury, Occ: Scholar;
> Laurie Or Lousia, 6, Kingsbury, Occ: Scholar

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