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Agnes died in 1870. After receiving this information from Mrs. Bentley, Ray
says he went to McMinnville and carefully examined the cemetery for the old
graves that were marked but did not find the grave of Samuel Henderson. Mrs.
Horton in her account says he died at Winchester, which is some distance from
McMinnville. To make these accounts still more confusing to the researcher,
on page 213 of the Acklen Tombstone Records, where an effort is made to show
where the several members of this Henderson family are buried, is this
statement: "Samuel Henderson, son of Samuel Henderson (1700-1783) and his wife
Elizabeth Williams, lies buried in Rockingham Co, NC". This last note, of
course, necessarily applies to the Samuel Henderson (brother of Judge Richard
Henderson) married to Elizabeth Calloway. He can't be buried, both in
Rockingham and at Winchester, Tennessee. Ray says he is of the opinion that
this (146) Samuel Henderson probably died at McMinnville (though his grave is
not marked); that he and Elizabeth Calloway had several sons and daughters;
that in addition to those named by Mrs. Horton, he may have had others, but
that it is pretty safe to include those named in Mrs. Horton's list in the
family chart.
1461 Frances Henderson
1462 Richard Henderson
1463 Pleasant Henderson
1464 Alfred Henderson
1465 Susan Henderson
1466 Betsy Henderson
1467 Sally Henderson
1468 Dascia Henderson m. an Estill
147 Thomas Henderson b. IS SAID on Mar 19, 1752 m. Jane Martin. THEY
SAY she was the sister of Governor Alexander Martin of NC, also of Col. James
Martin, of Snow Creek, NC, of a Robert Martin, Thomas Martin and Samuel
Martin. Hugh Martin the father of Gov Alexander Martin married Jane Hunter in
1731 and they lived in Hunterton Co., New Jersey where Alexander was born in
1740. He was the younger brother of Capt. Samuel Martin, of Lincoln Co., NC
who lead his troops at Cowpens and was at Kings Mountain with Col. Chronigir
1471 Alexander Henderson
1472 Samuel Henderson b. 1787
1473 Polly Henderson m. a Lacey
1474 Jane Henderson m. a Kendrick
1475 Nathaniel Henderson
1476 Fanny Henderson m. Adam Spring
1477 Thomas Henderson b. Rockingham Co. NC m. Ann Fenner. He
established the "Raleigh Star" newspaper. He sold out and moved to west
Tennessee and it is claimed that Henderson Co. there is named for him.
14771 Richard Henderson, a West Point graduate, was killed in Florida in
the Seminole War.
14772 Calvin Henderson
14773 William F. Henderson m. Mary McCorry
14774 Thomas Henderson merchant in New Orleans who became a scout for
Gen. Forrest during the War Between the States. He was married three times
and his children were Susan, Thomas, William and Samuel.
14775 Alexander Henderson, of the Mexican War, settled near Austin, TX,
died at Seguin. His children were: Nathaniel and Alexander, Corrine m. Judge
Henry McCorry.
148 Pleasant Henderson b.1750 m. Sarah Martin SAID TO be the daughter
of Col. James Martin of Snow Creek, NC. (see number 147 Thomas Henderson)
1481 James Martin Henderson b. 1787
1482 William Henderson b. 1789
1483 Maurice Henderson b. 1791
1484 Tippo L. Henderson b. 1798
1485 Mark Henderson b. 1795
1486 Pleasant Henderson b. 1802
1487 Alexander Henderson b. 1807
1488 Elizabeth Jane Henderson b. 1798
149 William Henderson son of Samuel and Elizabeth SUPPOSED to have
been born Mar 5, 1748, known in history as Gen. William Henderson, of the
American Revolution. Gen Henderson lived on what was called Sandy Run on the
Pacolet River in SC. (See sketch on number 142,143, and 145 Elizabeth, Ann,
and John Henderson) The Henderson, Travillians, Beckhams, and Knotts made up
a pretty fair settlement along the Pacolet. After he sold his property to
brother John and moved to the Santee River, William lived there until he died
Jan 29, 1788. (Notice in the State Gazette) William m. Letitia Davis
1491 Eliza Moriah Henderson m. Simon Taylor a member of one of the
really old and prominent families of Columbia, SC who was a nephew of the
Original Col. Thomas Taylor of Richland Co.
interesting contradiction: Lucy Henderson Horton, who is a descendant of
Samuel Henderson (the son of Gen. William's older brother Nathaniel) says that
there were other children besides Eliza Moriah including Betsy Taylor,
Ethelred, and John Henderson who lived near Dandridge, Tennessee. She says
that John Henderson of Dandridge was the father of James henderson, who was in
turn the father of John B. Henderson, US Senator from Missouri, who was born
in Pittsylvania Co., VA. It is not improbable that this account may be
correct, except that the John Henderson, whom she says was the son of Gen.
William Henderson, of South Carolina, was in fact, the son of Alexander
Henderson, who died in Bourbon Co., Kentucky, heretofore mentioned, and the
grandson of Samuel Henderson, of "Middle River", who was, in fact a first
cousin of Gen. William Henderson of South Carolina. Mrs. Horton, assuming
that she made this mistake, nevertheless, by quoting a statement from Sen.
Hohn B. Henderson in regard to his father's family pieces out the names of the
children of this John Henderson, of Dandridge, which, adding the information
we already had, appears to have had children; James Henderson (father of Gen.
Henderson, of MissourI), Thomas J. Henderson, Samuel Henderson, Hohn Henderson
(m. Dorcas McSpadden), Andrew L. Henderson m. Margaret McSpadden, Anne
Henderson, Fanny Henderson, (m. A Lewis, and descendants lived in Marietta
Georgia). and perhaps one or two other sisters. Thus we learn that Sen. John
B. Henderson was a nephew of John and Andrew Henderson, of Monroe Co.,
Tennessee on whose lands Tellico (afterwards called Madisonville) was built.
To this list of the children of John Henderson, of Dandridge, might also be
added the name of Ethelred Henderson, the ancestor of William Albert
Henderson, of Grainger Co., Tennessee.
14(10) Nathaniel Henderson SAID to have been born in Hanover Co., VA in
1736 perhaps the oldest child that Samuel Henderson and Elizabeth Williams
had. He appears to have been married twice. The first was to the widow of
Capt. Sugar Jones. She was Sarah Franklin.
14(10)1 Nathaniel Henderson d. in Edgefield Co., SC in 1803. Served in the
Revolution. Children named in will were:
14(10)11 Richard Henderson
14(10)12 Thomas Henderson
14(10)13 William Henderson
14(10)14 Mary Henderson
14(10)15 Martha Henderson
14(10)16 John Henderson
14(10)17 Nathan Henderson Served in the Revolution
14(10)18 Eli Henderson
14(10)181 Augustine Henderson
14(10)1811Hon. Charles Henderson, Governor of Alabama from 1914 to 1918
Second wife of 14(10) Nathaniel was a Morgan
14(10)2 Samuel Henderson m. Lucy Riceman in Greene Co., TN, Feb 2,1785
14(10)21 Ann Henderson
14(10)22 Levisa Henderson
14(10)23 Mary Henderson
14(10)24 Matilda Henderson m. John Strictland
14(10)25 Sally Henderson
14(10)26 Lucy Henderson m. Thomas Gillespie
14(10)27 Dr. Samuel Henderson m. Rachel Jane Hughs in Williamson Co.
14(10)271 Lucy Henderson m. H.H. Horton. Lucy was the collector of much of
the information we have today on the Hendersons, especially Samuel Henderson
of Granville Co.
14(10)3 Elizabeth Henderson m. a Young
14(10)4 John Henderson Note: previously Ray stated that Nathaniel Henderson
m. to Mrs. Sugar Jones had one son, Nathaniel, number 14(10)1 Nathaniel. Here
in the text however he says John Henderson son of Nathaniel and Mrs. Sugar
Jones married Nancy Stallworth, in Abbeville District, SC and they had a son
Thomas Stallworth Henderson who came to Texas in the early days and settled at
Old Washington on the Brazos. A distinguished son, Hon. Thomas Stallworth
Henderson died in Cameron, Texas, a leading member of the Texas Bar.
14(11) Judge Richard Henderson b. Hanover Co., VA Apr 30,1735 (Wheeler
Vol 1 p. 102). m. Elizabethe Keeling. He was about ten when the family moved
from Hanover Co., to Granville Co., NC. He studied law in the office of Judge
John Williams, his double cousin. He was admitted to the bar and was serving
in the same district at the same time as John Williams when trouble broke out
with the "Regulators". Both Judges were forced to leave Hillsboro to avoid
violence from the regulators. Judge Henderson was responsible for the
"Transylvania Company" which was formed to administer a land deal in NC, TN
and KY. Note: This account may be found elsewhere and though quite
interesting would be better left out here (CGH). Judge Richard married
Elizabeth Keeling the step-daughter of Judge Williams.
14(11)1 Fanny Henderson b. 1764 m. Judge Spruce McKay of Salisbury
14(11)2 Richard Henderson b. Jul 1766
14(11)3 Archibald Henderson b. Aug 1768
14(11)4 Elizabeth Henderson b. Aug 1770 m. an Alexander from Mecklinburg
14(11)5 Leonard Henderson b. 1772 d. Aug 1833 m. Frances Farrer
14(11)6 John Lawson Henderson b. 1778
15 William Henderson m. PROBABLY Susannah Logan Ray can only prove
two sons
151 Samuel Henderson left a will in Augusta Co., VA dated May 20,
He was married to Jean ?, in her will she is described as of "Middle River".
Samuel only names six children in his will but in her will of 1798 she names
nine children. Ray says in his opinion, though no proof has come, the first
Hendersons who settled in Jefferson Co., Tn and later in Monroe Co., where
Madisonville was built, were the descendants of this Samuel Henderson of
"Middle River". There has forever been an insistent claim that they all came
down from a "John Henderson, Sr. of VA, through a John Henderson, Jr." who it
is claimed married a Frances Moore. Mrs. Horton in her account gives a list
of the children of this John Henderson, Jr, which does not contain the names
of those Henderson who came first to Greene Co., Tn, and later to Jefferson
Co. The children of Samuel Henderson, who died leaving a will in 1782, and
who is said in the will to be of "Middle River" shows he had children:
1511 Rebecca Henderson
1512 Sarah Henderson
1513 Florence Henderson
1514 David Henderson
1515 Andrew Henderson
1516 Alexander Henderson
At this point Ray again enters numerous notes naming Hendersons from various
East Tennessee Record. They concern a Samuel, James , Andrew , Robert, David,
and John. He then makes the statement that the answer to the puzzle above.
(who these Hendersons are) is that Genealogists who had heretofore written
about it had skipped a whole generation of Hendersons. Number 1516 Alexander
Henderson (previous family) was the ancestor of all these Hendersons. A copy
of the will of Alexander from which this account is taken may be found in
Ardry's Kentucky Record, at page 15
15161 Robert Henderson
15162 Samuel Henderson
15163 James Henderson
15164 Joseph Henderson
15165 Alexander Henderson
15166 David Henderson
15167 Daniel Henderson
15168 George Henderson
15169 John Henderson
1516(10) Florence Henderson
1517 James Henderson
1518 William Henderson
1519 Samuel Henderson
152 James Henderson m. Violet Lawson d/o Col. Hugh Lawson of Innenburg
Co. VA. In his will of 1764 Hugh Lawson mentions James Henderson (the husband
of Violet) James died in 1793 owning a large body of land along the Catawba
River, then in Lincoln, but now in Gaston Co. Ray says he has visited the
grave of James Henderson in what is now Gaston Co., NC. As further proof that
this man was a cousin of Judge Richard and the other sons of Samuel Henderson,
old Adam Springs, who married Fannie Henderson, d/o Thomas Henderson (son of
Samuel of Granville Co.) is buried in the same cemetary as James Henderson.
At this place James Henderson had built a dam and a mill, which, late in life
he sold to Adam Springs.
1521 John Henderson
1522 James Henderson m. Margaret Dickson d/o Col. Joseph Dickson and
settled near Murfreesboro(sp)TN near Stone River, after 1800. Margaret was
affectionately known as "Aunt Peggy".
15221 Violet Henderson
15222 Joseph Henderson died young
15223 Margaret Dickson Henderson
15224 Barry Henderson
15225 Elizabeth Henderson
15226 Isabella Henderson
15227 Matilda Henderson
15228 James Henderson III, accidently shot when young
15229 Martha Henderson
1523 William Henderson
1524 Lawson Henderson m. Elizabeth Carruth d/o Walter Carruth, in Lincoln
Co., NC. Jul 25, 1798 (marraige rcds of Lincoln Co.)
15241 Wallace Alexander Henderson M.D. b. 1799 d.1823
15242 John Carruth Henderson 1801-1833 m. Nancy Riley Gafney of
Spartenburg, SC
15243 Charles Cotesworth Henderson 1803-1869 m. Barbara Glenn Bryden, of
15244 Lawson Franklin Henderson 1805-1858 m. Ann Dunavant, Chester, SC
15245 James Pinckney Henderson 1806-1858 Gov. of Texas m. Frances Cox
15246 Hugh Larson Henderson 1812-1837 died at going to Savannah GA
15247 George William Henderson 1814-1851 m. Amanda Moore, Spartenburg, SC
15248 Mary Graham Henderson 1815-1877 m. Thomas Herndon
15249 Logan Barry Henderson 1818-1844 d. unmarried a Marshall, TX
1524(10) Walter Carruth Henderson 1820-1850 d. unmarried at Canton, MS
1524(11) Wallace Alexander Irvin Henderson 1827-1851 d. unmarried, Canton, MS
1525 Logan Henderson
1526 Katherine Henderson m. her cousin William M. Logan
15261 Capt William M. Logan in command of troops at battle of San Jacinto,
for Independence of Texas
15262 James N. Logan served in the Texas army.
1527 Mary Henderson
1528 Martha Henderson m. a McKay
All the above children except Lawson and Martha moved to Tennessee with their
mother about 1803

This is all the information except later in the book (about page 286/87) is a
Map of Granville Co. drawn by Peter Bryce Searcy based on information gathered
by Worth Ray. The map has about 45 numbers in circles placed on the locations
that various people lived, including Samuel Henderson and Richard Henderson.
Have fun, Charles Henderson, Florence SC

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