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Hi, I thought some of you might like to see this.

State of Tennessee, Union City, Chapter Reelfoot
National No. 418376; Approved June 11, 1953

Mrs. Ethel Henderson Kerr; wife of James Walker Kerr, 602 S. 5th, Union
City, TN
Descendant of: John Henderson, b. probably VA 1748; d. Madison Co., VA,
Place of residence during the Revolution: Culpepper Co., VA
Will written 8-21-1822
Will proved 11-28-1822


First generation: Ethel Henderson Kerr, b. 10-18-1886 at Obion Co., TN; m.
6-12-1921 at Memphis, TN to
James Walker Kerr, b. 8-10-1892.
Second Generation: Alonzo Roland Henderson, b. 4-25-1854 at Obion County,
TN; d. Obion Co., TN on
6-28-1911. First wife: Mary Belle Corum, b. 6-22-1858 at Obion Co.,
TN; d. Union City, TN on 10-18-1937; m. 1-7-1866.
Third generation: Gabriel Henderson, b. 10-9-1800 at Madison Co., VA; d.
Obion Co., TN on 4-9-1865.
2nd wife Mary A. Hughes, b. 8-23-1809 at Graves Co., KY; d. Obion Co.,
TN on 12-22-1868; m. between 1841/47.
Proof: Tombstone Inscription;
Madison Co., VA Deeds Book 11, p. 230. Gabriel Henderson and wife
Jane, 1-18-1833, land deed.

Fourth generation: William Henderson, b. 1775 at Culpepper Co., VA (now
Madison Co.); d. at Madison Co., VA in Nov. 1847. 2nd wife Elizabeth
Batton, b. by 1784; d. after 1820; m. 11-27-1799.
Proof: Madison Co., VA Deeds, Book 12, p. 466; Wm Henderson exor and heir
of John Henderson.
Will of John Henderson dated 8-21-1822, probated 11-28-1822; Wills of
Madison Co., VA, Book 6, p. 380, 11-24-1836.
Administrators Account of John Henderson Estate sold after death of
Mrs. Sarah Henderson by
William Henderson, Adm, 9-22-1831. Mar. Reg. Madison Co., VA

Fifth generation: John Henderson, b. 1748 at probably VA; d. at Madison
Co., VA between 8-21-1822 and 11-28-1822; first wife Sara (Sarah), b.
1755; d. 1831 at Madison Co., VA
Proof: Pension S38014 and Census Records

William Henderson, b. 1775; m. 1st Nancy Kirtley 5-7-1794, dau of Thomas
Kirtley; m. 2nd Elizabeth Batton 11-27-1799.
Other children. Will of John Henderson mentions "all my children". No
names given.

John Henderson, private, Revolutionary War.
John Henderson was in militia by 1781 and possibly earlier. Culpepper
Classes, a manuscript in the VA State Archives and a copy of the same in the
DAR Library in Washington, DC gives:
"Class 83: Company of Captain Reuben Beale, shows the name of John
Private under Captain George Slaughter, Col. Muhlenberg, 8th VA Regt.

Vol. 37, p. 29. DAR Pensions S38014. Culpepper Classes, Company of Captain
Reuben Beale.

Documents aged and faded. Copies in poor condition.

John Henderson, b. 1748, Culpepper Co., VA; d. Madison Co., VA

Page 1: Virginia Roll. John Henderson, private. Capt. Slaughter . $8.00
per month. April 16, 18??.
Arrears Sept 4, 1818 ending March 1819, $85:6. Revolutionary claim,
Act March 1818.
_____Voluntary service.
Stricken off under act May 1820. Notification sent. Benjamin Cave,
Esq. Clerk, Madison County, VA; the 7th July 1820.

Page 2: State of Virginia. On this 22nd day of June 1820 personally
appeared before me ______Court, being a Court of Record for the County of
Madison John Henderson aged seventy years resident in Madison County in said
State of Virginia who being first duly sworn according to ____ _____ his
oath declared that he served in the Revolutionary War as follows: In the 8th
Virginia Regiment in the company commanded by Capt. George

Sworn to and declared in open Court on the day and year aforesaid; It being
a Court of record according to the Constitution and laws of Virginia.
Signed John Henderson.

I, Benjamin Cave, Clerk of the Court for the County aforesaid, do hereby
certify that the foregoing oath and the schedule thereto ______ are truly
copied ________United States in the Revolutionary War _____ on the 18th day
of March 1818 and that he hath not, nor hath any person in trust for him any
property or securities contracts or debts due to him nor hath he any income
other than what is contained in the schedule hereto ____ and by him

Schedule of real and personal property belonging to John Henderson
Tract of mountain land containing one hundred and forty

Page 3: acres, valued at one dollar per acre. One negro woman named S____
aged 80 years. One horse. Two head of cattle. Eight head of hogs. Signed
John Henderson.

The declarant, John Henderson, is by occupation a tanner, but quite infirm
and unable to work; his wife
Sarah aged sixty-five years also infirm having three persons in her

.......date of his original declaration is the 16th of April 1818. The date
of the certificate for the person under the original declaration given at
the war office of the United Lstates on the 9th December 1818. And solemnly
swore that he was a resident citizen of the United States on the 18th of
March 1818 and that he has not since that time by gift sale or in any manner
disposed of his property or any part thereof with intent thereby to diminish
it as to bring himself within.........
entitled "an act to provide........
schedule is Two hundred and fifty dollars. In testimony whereof I have
hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the court on this 27th day of
June one thousand eight hundred and twenty and in the ........Benjamin Cave,

Page 4: Know all men by these presents that I, Tarlton T. Henderson, of the
county of Washington in the District of Columbia, son of John Henderson who
was a revolutionary soldier of the United States accessed have made
constitued and appointed and by these presents do make ...... salute and
appoint R. L. Imal___ of this city of Washington........for me and in my
name and for my use demand and secure from the ____officer of the United
States authorized to settle and pay all such sum or sums of money or _____of
pay due and coming with my late father, the said John Henderson, giving and
granting unto my said attorney my whole strength and power in the premises
and with power to examine the ____ on file in the pension office in _____ to
any ______ this may be use to me as the heir of my late father. In witness
whereof Tarlton T. Henderson hath set his hand and offered his seal this
4th day February 1854. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of John
Smith. Signed Tarlton T. Henderson.

State of Columbia, Washington County, to wit:
On this 4th Feby 1854 before the subscriber, a Justice of the peace in
___for the county and District aforesaid, personally appeared Tarlton T.
Henderson and acknowledged the foregoing power of attorney to be his act and
deed for the purposes therein expressed. Signed John L. Smith.

Page 5: Commonwealth of Virginia. Madison County .
On the 16th day of April 1818 before the county court of Madison personally
appeared John Henderson aged about 70 years resident in this ____county of
Madison who first being duly sworn in the court according ..........An act
to provide certain persons engaged in the _______naval service of the United
States of _____ revolutionary war. That the said John Henderson enlisted in
the county of Culpeper in the state of Virginia .........of the year 1776 as
a private soldier in the company commanded by Captain George Slaughter of
the the 8th Virginia regiment _______establishment that he ........... on
the said corps or in the service of the United States two years the term for
which he enlisted when he was honorably dischared from the ____service in
the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania in the ____ ____year
He was in the Battle of Charleston ..........(remainder of page unreadable).

Page 6: Affidavits of Daniel Field; John Walker

Page 7: Statement of military history of John Henderson, a soldier of the
Revolutionary War
Date of enlistment: Early in 1776.
Length of service: 2 years.
Rank: Private.
Officers Under Whom Service Was Rendered: Capt. George Slaughter; Col.
State: VA
Frequently volunteered and reenlisted at other times. Officers not stated.
Battles Engaged in: Charleston; Camden; Siege of York
Residence of soldier at enlistment: Culpeper Co., VA
Date of application for pension: April 16, 1818
Residence at date of application: Madison Co., VA
Age at application: 70 years
Remarks: His wife, Sarah, was 65 yrs old in 1820, The above name was the
only John Henderson of VA found on the Rev War pension records and said
records fail to afford any information in reqard to Andrew or Samuel
Henderson of VA.

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