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There is a family tradition that the HENDRICK family left England
during the reign of King James II to excape religious persecution
and settled in Holland. From there they emigrated to America,
living in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Virginia.

Hans HENDRICK [or Hance] was bc 1680 and md ? patented land in
several Virginia counties, including Amelia.

I. Adolphus HENDRICK bc 1700--1763-10-24 probably in
Prince William County, Virginia and died in Halifax
County, Virginia [will proven there] md circa 1725 in
Halifax County, Virginia, unknown 1705--died before
1763-01-25 in either Halifax or Campbell County,
Virginia. Note that some of the children spelled their
a. Benjamin HENDRICK bc 1725--? may have lived in
Amelia County, Virginia. See WB 2:224. Mentions
son Bernard. This Bernard HENDRICK may be the one
who md Prudence GOODE. See below for this family.
b. Rachel HENDRICK bc 1727--?
c. Alice HENDRICK bc 1729--?
d. Mary HENDRICK bc 1730--?
e. Betty HENDRICK bc 1732--?
f. Moses HENDRICKS bc 1735--1794-11-09 born in
Goochland County, Virginia and died in Campbell
County, Virginia. He md circa 1758 in Cumberland
County, Virginia, Ruth ? bc 1735/1740--? Moses
and Ruth were Quakers. In 1791 he was living in
Halifax County, Virginia.
1. Amos HENDRICKS 1759-08-16--?
2. Chloe HENDRICKS 1763-05-04--? md 1783-09-21
Samuel WELCH of Campbell County, Virginia.
3. Sarah HENDRICKS 1764-11-20--?
4. Judith HENDRICKS 1766-09-07--?
5. Obadiah HENDRICKS 1767-10-26--?
6. Elizabeth HENDRICKS 1769-11-02--? md at the
Quaker Banister Meeting house in Halifax
County, Virginia 1791-10-16 to Thomas
BURGESS, son of Joseph BURGESS.
7. Jeremiah HENDRICKS 1772-10-20--?
8. Moses HENDRICKS, Jr 1778-02-12--1830/40 born
in Bedford County, Virginia and died in
Campbell County, Virginia. He md 1820-06-02
in Campbell County, Virginia, Sara MCREYNOLDS
"Sally" bc 1804--1830/40, born and died in
Campbell County, Virginia, daughter of Joseph
See the MCREYNOLDS and MCIVER families.
a). Catherine HENDRICK bc 1823--after 1880
born and died at Leesville, Campbell
County, Virginia. She md 1846-10-19 in
Campbell County, Virginia Abner Pugh
NASH and had issue. See the NASH
b). Elizabeth HENDRICK bc 1826-? may have md
MCIVOR. Her middle name may have been
McIVER and she md ? and had issue.
c). Moses Hurt HENDRICKS bc 1830--? and md
1855-11-28 in Campbell County, Virginia,
Elizabeth Ann EVANS "Betty" bc 1835--?
daughter of Rees EVANS and Martha Jane
ROBERTSON of Campbell County, Virginia.
See the EVANS family. Moses was listed
in the 1860 census of Campbell County
Virginia as living at Concord Depot.
g. John HENDRICK bc 1736--?
h. Jane HENDRICK bc 1738--?
i. William HENDRICK bc 1740--?
j. Christiana HENDRICK bc 1741--?
k. Jamina HENDRICK bc 1743--?
II. Zachariah HENDRICK bc 1710--?
a. Obediah HENDRICK bc 1750--?
1). John HENDRICKS bC 1906--? md Alma
Adella HECKLE.
c. Elijah HENDRICK
e. William HENDRICK
III. Gustavus HENDRICK bc 1720--? md Mary ? and lived in
Charlotte County, Virginia. Will there 1786-04-27.
a. Obediah HENDRICK
c. Gustavus HENDRICK
d. Barbara HENDRICK
e. Elizabeth HENDRICK

The family of Moses Hurt HENDRICKS and Elizabeth Ann EVANS:

I. Ida Jane HENDRICKS bc 1856 md 1879-09-17 to James
MILES. Consult the MILES family.
1. II. James Luther HENDRICKS bc 1857 md 1879-01-01
FRANKLIN, daughter of William Jones FRANKLIN and
WOOD . Consult the FRANKLIN and WOOD families.
2. III. Asa Rees HENDRICKS "Ace" 1860-11-03--1944 md 1894-
Mary Alice PUCKETTE 1876-02-03--1949.
IV. Victoria HENDRICKS bc 1862--? Spinster.
V. Mary Willie HENDRICKS 1863-03-31--1924-11-22 md
1884-01-30 to Robert Edward MOORE. Consult the
VI. Kate Eliza HENDRICKS 1866-01-11--1941-06-08 md
01-22 James Edward CARWILE. They were md at
Virginia. Consult the CARWILE family.
3. VII. Thomas Hurt HENDRICKS "Tom" 1867-07-13--1951-06-
23 md
1890-12-22 at Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Rev.

BOEHM, to Margaret Frances CALLAHAM
1874-04-12--1957-01-17, the daughter of Charles
Merriman CALLAHAM 1839-11-28--1924-09-30 and
Catherine MULDOWNEY 1849-02-14--1944-12-22.
the CALLAHAM family.
VIII. Martha Sarah HENDRICKS 1872-07-12--1963-10-06 md
1892 Walter Rice CARWILE 1862-04-29--1932-07-17.
Consult the CARWILE family.
IX. Olin HENDRICKS [Olan?] bc 1872--? Never md. May
lived in Lynchburg, Virginia.
X. Ollie Elizabeth HENDRICKS 1877-11-22--1953-01-17
1896-12-23 Linwood Early CARWILE
1873-03-12--1952-01-14. Consult the CARWILE

1. The family of James Luther HENDRICKS and Elizabeth FRANKLIN:

I. Ruth Mae HENDRICKS 1881-05-21--1963-11-? md 1903-
Edward Tweedy EVANS. Consult the family of David
II. Annie Lillian HENDRICKS 1883-06-01--? md WILLIAMS.
III. Rachel Lettie HENDRICKS 1886-09-01--? md BRYANT.

IV. Martha Jane HENDRICKS 1888-01-17--?
V. Myrtle Franklin HENDRICKS 1890-03-31--?
VI. Patty Frances HENDRICKS 1892-04-22--? md LANGELY.

VII. James Luther HENDRICKS 1895-03-05--?
VIII. William Louis HENDRICKS 1897-05-17--?
IX. Elizabeth HENDRICKS 1900-01-05--?

2. The family of Asa Rees HENDRICK and Mary Alice PUCKETTE:

I. Sadie L. HENDRICKS 1895-11-16--? md 1913 Henry
Lived in Clarkton, Virginia.
a. Carrol W. BOMAR 1914-05-23--? md Neida QUEEN .
1. James B. BOMAR
2. Jerelene St. John BOMAR
3. Bobbie BOMAR
b. Mildred BOMAR 1917-03-01--? md 1941-07-? Clifton
BROWN. Lived in Lynchburg, Virginia.
1. Fleetwood BROWN bc 1946--? md John HAAS
2. Allen BROWN
3. William BROWN
c. Recie HENDRICK BOMAR 1919-11-20--? md
FEARS . Lived at Gladys, Virginia.
1. Recie Bailey BOMAR bc 1946--?
d. Arnita BOMAR 1921-02-18--? md 1940 Marcie DAVIS .

Issue eleven children. Lived in Nathalie
e. Margaret BOMAR 1922-12-10--? md 1942-10-26 Edwin
SAUNDERS. Lived South Boston Virginia.
1. Mary Queen SAUNDERS md Riley WILKS.
a) "Chip" WILKS
2. Sadie Vivian
a) Samuel BOGAN
f. Josephine BOMAR 1925-02-18--? md
1945-10-26 Walter
D. HARMON. Lived in Richmond,
1. Linda HARMON
2. Chris HARMON
g. Howard Beverly BOMAR 1927-02-01--? md 1947-
Homie PARKER. Lived Nathalie, Virginia.
1. Elnor BOMAR 1949-02-12--?
2. Howard Wayne BOMAR 1951-07-28--?
3. Timothy David BOMAR 1962-02-03--?
4. Judy Lynn BOMAR 1964-06-13--?
h. James Henry BOMAR 1929-08-29--? md Arlene
Lived Lynchburg, Virginia.
1. Allen BOMAR
2. Michael BOMAR
3. Russell BOMAR
i. Mary Helen BOMAR 1931-12-11--? md 1951-10-
Thomas B. WALLER. Lived Danville, Virginia.

1. Vickey Raye WALLER

2. Thomas Wayne WALLER

II. Everette William HENDRICKS 1897-09-26--? md 1916-
Lacy DEJARNETTE 1901-03-17--1928-05-07 and
secondly on
1932-12-31 to Mamie GUTHRIE .
a. Ozilla HENDRICKS 1918-07-25--? md 1935-11-24
T. WADE 1912-05-13--?
1. Merlene WADE 1936-03-25--? md 1954-07-31
William HARDIE. Lived at South Boston,
a) Dale HARDIE 1956-10-29--?
b) Denise HARDIE 1959-04-03--?
c) Donna HARDIE 1960-07-18--?
2. Malcolm WADE 1940-01-31--? md 1966-07-23
WHITE 1944-09-20--?
b. Dorothy HENDRICKS 1921-09-11--? md (1) 1941-
Howard LEWIS 1920-01-20--1944 and (2) 1947-
James GILLILAND. Lived Nathalie, Virginia.

1. Janice LEWIS 1942-06-18--? md 1963-07-27 Max
Ray GUTHRIE 1944-09-20--?
children by (2) James GILLILAND :
2. James B. GILLILAND, Jr 1949-04-06--?
3. Patricia GILLILAND 1950-07-15--?
c. William Everette HENDRICKS 1925-09-06--1958-
md 1947-03-01 Nancy SCOTT 1928-12-28--?
1. William Everette HENDRICKS II 1949-04-24--?

2. Scottie HENDRICKS 1953-07-30--?
d. Barkley Lacy HENDRICKS 1928-05-03--1962-12-
29 md
1948-08-14 Sterling POINDEXTER 1929-03-24--?

1. Keith POINDEXTER 1951-11-09--?

2. Pamela POINDEXTER 1953-07-16--?
e. Hugh Grey HENDRICKS 1942-01-19--?
md 1964-06-13
Peggy FOSTER 1941-07-05--?
1. Dwan HENDRICKS 1965-04-13--?

III. Marvin Asa HENDRICKS 1899-12-19--? md Thelma
a. Shirley Fay HENDRICKS 1935-02-02--? md 1960-04-01
Robert G. CLOWDIS.
1. Robert G. CLOWDIS II 1961-11-04--?
2. Martha Sue CLOWDIS
IV. Puckette Alvin HENDRICKS 1902-01-19--1928 md 1923
CRABTREE 1904-10-14--?
a. Edith HENDRICKS 1924-07-16--? md 1946 Harold Eliot
DAVIS 1924-07-16--?
1. Brenda Kay DAVIS 1947-07-22--?

2. Harold Eliot DAVIS, Jr 1951-
3. John Alvin DAVIS 1955-09-15--?

b. Cornelia HENDRICKS 1926-10-21--?
md 1945 Irvin
1. Linda Gayle TUCKER 1946-09-15-
2. Patsy Jean TUCKER 1950-04-23--
V. Elburn Howard HENDRICKS 1904-07-22--? md 1928-12-
Holmes Virginia WEST 1908-02-29--?
a. Hayden Thomas HENDRICKS 1930-12-10--?
b. Howard Kyle HENDRICKS 1936-02-25--?
md 1954 Nancy
1. Cynthia Jean HENDRICKS 1955-
c. Virginia Ann HENDRICKS 1947-10-07--
VI. Ruby HENDRICKS 1906-09-21--? md 1924-11-08 Algie
GUTHRIE 1904-08-21--? See the GUTHRIE family.
VII. Clyde Andrew HENDRICKS 1910-08-21--? md 1931-12-
22 Ida
Mae HARRIS 1909-01-21--?
a. Carolyn Ann HENDRICKS 1934-04-21--?
md 1955-09-09
John Leslie PURYEAR 1930-09-05--?

1. Lisa Ann PURYEAR 1957-06-16--?
2. John Leslie PURYEAR III 1958-06-14--?
3. Denise Mae PURYEAR 1962-05-19--?
4. Andrew Kirk PURYEAR 1963-11-16--?
b. Jane Eoline HENDRICKS 1936-03-18--?
md 1962-11-10
Joseph Bryant HABEL, Jr 1941-05-21-
1. Joseph Bryant HABEL III 1964-10-12--?
c. Clyde Andrew HENDRICKS, Jr 1941-09-
15--? md
1963-12-22 Elizabeth CREWS 1943-12-
1. Michael Clyde HENDRICKS 1944-10-08--?
2. Richard Bailey HENDRICKS 1946-08-09--? md
1966-06-10 Brenda CARWILE 1948-11-25--?
VIII. Queen Elizabeth HENDRICKS 1913-12-31--? md 1933
a. Ellie Corenne DEJARNETTE 1935-01-24--? md
Edward CROWSON, Jr
1. Brian Edward CROWSON III 1964-01-31--?

3. The family of Thomas Hurt HENDRICKS and Margaret Frances

I. Arthur Boehm HENDRICKS 1891-09-14--? md Ruby
a. Willis Merriman HENDRICKS 1916-08-22--? md
1942-09-26 in Norfolk, Virginia, Thelma
HARLAN 1919-10-19--? . She was born in
Kentucky. He was a medical doctor and was
born in
Roanoke, Virginia.
1. Margarette Anne HENDRICKS 1944-03-25--? in
Nashville Tennessee md 1966-06-25 in
LaGrange, Georgia to Ensign Roy Lane PRICE

2. Willis Merriman HENDRICKS, Jr 1947-06-23--?
in Atlanta, Georgia.
3. Arthur Clayborn HENDRICKS 1949-10-14--? in
LaGrange, Georgia.
4. Cecilia Clark HENDRICKS 1951-11-29--?
5. Lisa Louise HENDRICKS 1953-09-17--? in
LaGrange, Georgia.
6. Virginia Lee HENDRICKS 1954-11-09--? in
LaGrange, Georgia.
7. Rosalie Kyle HENDRICKS 1956-09-12--? in
LaGrange, Georgia.
8. Harlan Judson HENDRICKS 1962-03-15--? in
LaGrange, Georgia.
9. Thelma Kathleen HENDRICKS 1965-11-04--? in
Atlanta, Georgia.
b. Anne HENDRICKS 1925-06-23--? born Roanoke,
Virginia md 1944-06-16 Alan Haymaker
1925-05-23--? also born in Roanoke,
1. Anne Heather ANTHONY 1946-06-27--? in Easton,

2. Alan Haymaker ANTHONY, Jr 1953-06-11--? in
Baltimore, Maryland.
II. Walter Eugene HENDRICKS 1893-07-07--? md 1916-12-
Viola MORRIS 1894-10-20--1923-04-15. After her
he md (2) 1923-10-28 Opal OGLE 1904-06-17--?
a. Lucille Victoria HENDRICKS 1918-09-
13--? md
1943-05-29 John Robert GARRIS
1. John Robert GARRIS 1945-07-21--?
2. Vickie Lee GARRIS 1947-12-20--? md 1956-05-
William Roger VANCE 1946-01-14--?
b. Lillian Frances HENDRICKS 1919-11-20--1921-
Children by (2) Opal OGLE:
c. Doris Jean HENDRICKS 1929-09-24--?
d. Walter Eugene HENDRICKS, Jr 1932-05-16--? md
1957-04-06 Letitia Ann PALMER 1935-01-01--?
1. Walter Eugene HENDRICKS III
2. John Palmer HENDRICKS 1965-05-27--?
III. Gilbert Hurt HENDRICKS 1895-10-28--? md 1921-10-
Ferel Marie DRABBLE 1898-06-04--?

a. William Gilbert HENDRICKS 1935-08-09--? md
1959-06-06 Marie Myrtle HURLEY .
1. Cynthia Marie HENDRICKS 1960-03-21--?
2. William Luther HENDRICKS 1961-08-16--?
IV. Grace Victoria HENDRICKS 1898-03-11--? md Frank
HICKMAN 1896-04-10--1949-12-10. Lived in
a. Frank Crist HICKMAN, Jr 1919-06-27--? md 1950-04-?
Bertha Magdaline KOWASKI.
1. Frank Crist HICKMAN III 1952-12-07--?
2. Madeline Victoria HICKMAN 1959-01-28--?
b. Mildred Frances HICKMAN 1922-08-03--? md
1941-08-01 Otis Bell CROUCH .
1. Michael Allen CROUCH 1945-08-28--?
2. Patrick Lynn CROUCH 1949-06-18--?
3. Shelly Elizabeth CROUCH 1953-06-26--?
c. Robert Wallace HICKMAN 1925-12-27--? md 1948-07-03
Alice Grey MURRAY .
1. Robert Wallace HICKMAN, Jr 1949-06-10--?
2. Jeffrey Lynn HICKMAN 1954-10-13--?
d. Helen Elizabeth HICKMAN 1927-12-17--? md
1956-06-30 Carson Perry STIFF, Jr
1. Carson Perry STIFF III 1958-03-23--?
2. April Elizabeth STIFF 1960-05-02--?
V. Geneva Lee HENDRICKS 1901-08-25--? md 1935-11-21
William Ernest BIBB 1901-04-06--? NI. May have
in Roanoke, Virginia.
VI. Thomas Mermon HENDRICKS 1903-09-17--? md 1933-10-
07 Amy
FERGUSON 1907-09-28--?
a. Mermon Lovell HENDRICKS 1935-05-25--? md
1961-10-06 Juanita HAULSEE 1942-04-06--?
1. Timothy Mark HENDRICKS 1962-04-28--?
2. Martin Todd HENDRICKS 1964-01-18--?
VII. Paul Edward HENDRICKS 1905-11-03--? md (1)
1926-08-19 Loretta JOHNSON 1905-09-19--? Two
children and then divorced. He md (2) 1936-03-30
Lazette GAMEL 1908-08-26--? One child.
a. Barbara Richards HENDRICKS 1927-07-27--? md
1950-08-05 at the Belmont Methodist Church,
Roanoke, Virginia to Harry BALLARD 1925-08-
in Bluefield, West Virginia. He was the son
Harry MAUPIN and Lillian JONES of Bedford,
1. Harry Richards BALLARD 1952-05-27--? at
Washington Hospital, Fredricksburg, Virginia

2. Barbara Alisa BALLARD 1956-04-19--? at
Roanoke Memorial Hospital, Roanoke, Virginia.

b. Donovan Edward HENDRICKS 1928-11-20--? md
1950 to Marian Clemens SIMMONDS . Divorced.

1. Donovan O'Shannessy HENDRICKS 1952-02-06--?

Children by (2) Lazette GAMEL:
c. David Edward HENDRICKS 1937-04-16--?
VIII. Luther Reese HENDRICKS 1908-05-05--? md 1925-09-
Mabel SHIVELY 1909-04-04--?
a. Josephine Frances HENDRICKS 1927-02-05--? md
1948-06-20 Henry Granger HELVEY, Jr 1921-11-02--?
1. Henry Granger HELVEY III 1959-09-29--?
2. Donald Jay HELVEY 1962-07-07--?
3. Michael Allen HELVEY 1965-01-28--?
b. Cleveland Hurt HENDRICKS 1929-03-15--? md
1951-06-07 Margaret Elizabeth HELMS 1933-10-31--?
1. Keith David HENDRICKS 1957-05-24--?
2. James Kevin HENDRICKS 1959-03-07--?
c. Betty Reese HENDRICKS 1931-06-11--? md (1) Ray
FOUTZ . One child. (2) Second 1961-04-04 Duane
A. RHODES 1936-06-22--? No issue.
1. Carolyn Lois FOUTZ
d. Linda Lee HENDRICKS 1945-02-13--? md 1966-06-11
Paul A. BARTLETT 1936-11-15--?
IX. Eva Margaret HENDRICKS 1910-05-04--1911-07-04
X. Virginia Catherine HENDRICKS 1915-01-03--? md
1939-07-07 Frederick Lee DAVIS 1912-07-06--?
a. Patricia Gayle DAVIS 1941-04-17--? md 1958-
James Leroy SWORTZEL 1939-06-10--?
1. Jeffrey Mitchell SWORTZEL 1959-04-15--?
2. Mary Catherine SWORTZEL 1963-03-29--?
b. Thomas Frederick DAVIS 1946-10-20--

Additional information on the HENDRICK family which has NOT been

Ezekial HENDRICKS bc 1764 md Nancy ? bc 1771. He was a farmer in
Campbell County, Virginia and Nancy was his second wife--first
wife unknown. He lived in Appomattox County, Virginia and was a
member of Wesley Chapel Methodist Church. Their children were:

I. Joseph HENDRICKS bc 1805--? md Martha ? bc 1810--?
was a farmer.
a. John A. HENDRICKS bc 1830--?
b. Joseph HENDRICKS, Jr bc 1832--?
c. Harriet HENDRICKS bc 1834--?
d. Nancy HENDRICKS bc 1836--?
e. Angelina HENDRICKS bc 1838--?
f. William HENDRICKS twin to Thomas

g. Thomas HENDRICKS bc 1840--?
h. Lorena HENDRICKS bc 1842--?
i. Martha HENDRICKS twin to Lorena
j. Virginia HENDRICKS bc 1844--?
II. Martha HENDRICKS bc 1810--? md JONES.
a. James JONES bc 1830--?
b. Martha Ann JONES bc 1832--?
c. Darken JONES bc 1836--?
III. Jonathan HENDRICKS bc 1815--? md Rachel ? bc 1812-
a. Margaret Elizabeth HENDRICKS bc 1837--?
b. Nancy Sue HENDRICKS bc 1839--?
c. John P. HENDRICKS bc 1843--?
d. Ezekial HENDRICKS bc 1847--?
e. Martha HENDRICKS bc 1850-07-?
IV. William J. HENDRICKS bc 1826--? md Ann Elizabeth ?
1828--? He was a teacher.

Elijah HENDRICKS md in Charlotte County, Virginia 1783-10-28 Anne
HARRISON, daughter of Thomas HARRISON .

Elijah HENDRICKS md 1801 Catherine G. BAKER.

Thomas HENDRICKS md in Charlotte County, Virginia 1813-02-10


Moses HENDRICK bc 1798--after 1850 md circa 1834 Nancy ASHER bc
1812--after 1850. Moses moved to Montgomery County, Virginia
circa 1858 and died there.

I. John W. HENDRICK bc 1835--?
II. Sarah HENDRICK bc 1838--?
III. Nancy HENDRICK bc 1840--?
IV. Amanda S. HENDRICK bc 1842--?
V. Eliza V. HENDRICK bc 1845--?
VI. Nathaniel S. HENDRICK bc 1847--?
VII. Letitia Woodson HENDRICK 1850-09-24 in Appomattox
County Virginia near Appomattox Courthouse and
died 1935-02-22 at Blacksburg, Virginia. She md
1878-12-18 in Montgomery County, Virginia, Oscar
Adolphus WILSON 1852-10-09--1925-10-08 born in
Montgomery County, Virginia and died at
Blacksburg, Virginia.
a. Ruth Anna Lee WILSON 1890-09-24--1939-10-04 born
and died at Blacksburg, Virginia and md in
Bristol, Virginia 1916-07-17 Phillip Dow HALE
1893-05-10--1941-01-16 born in Pearisburg,
Virginia and died at Blacksburg, Virginia.
1. Ruth Wallace HALE 1928-02-18--? born and md
at Blacksburg, Virginia 1946-06-27 George
Hyde BEW 1922-04-16--1979 born at Ventnor,
New Jersey and died at Capistrano Beach. In
1990 Ruth lived at Chesapeake, Virginia.
a) Jo Anne MOLL 1955-01-12--? born at
Hinsdale, Illinois and in 1990 living
at Jacksonville, Florida.
b. Edgar Rivers WILSON 1882-04-06--?
c. Mamie Stinson WILSON 1884-07-11--?
d. Hilda Best WILSON 1887-03-15--?
e. John Lloyd WILSON bc 1880--?


William HENDRICKS "Billy" md Amanda PUGH and they lived in
Campbell County, Virginia. After helping with the farm work all
day, Amanda would lie down and read intellectual books. Billy
helped her with the housework at the end of the day. They were
proud and ambitious people and those children who lived did well.
They were poor and not ashamed of it.

I. John HENDRICKS taught at Concord School. Went to the
University of West Virginia at Morgantown and became a
lawyer. "Uncle Joe", whoever that was, signed a note
for his college. It may have been Joe CARDWELL. John
was bright and intelligent.
II. Minnie HENDRICKS went to Farmville State Teacher's
College and was a governess for the children of Dr.
Thomas Washington EVANS.
III. Dora HENDRICKS taught school at New London.
IV. Mattie HENDRICKS died in teens with tuberculosis.
V. Gibbs HENDRICKS died with tuberculosis.
VI. Tommy HENDRICKS graduated from William and Mary College
in Law.

Author's note: I believe that this family lived under the hill
from Red Acres Farm at the bottom of what we called Stepp's Hill
near the home of Charles McFarland TORRENCE.

Sarah HENDRICK [Quaker] of Bedford County, Virginia and Thomas
TERRY were md 1797-01-17.


James HENDRICKS md Sarah ANDERSON and they lived in Russell
County, Virginia.

I. James HENDRICKS, Jr. 1788-01-14--circa 1829 md Sarah
Ann NASH Russell County, Virginia.
II. Rachel HENDRICKS md James L. LEE [LEA?]
a. Giles R. LEE md Susannah HENDRICKS.


George Thornhill TWEEDY bc 1860--? md twice: (1) 1882-12-13 Emma
John MOORE "Jennie" and (2) Ossie Virginia HENDRICK who died at
age 82 and is buried Bethany Methodist Church Cemetery, Campbell
County, Virginia. See the respective families.

Barnard HENDRICK md 1803-11-10 in Bedford County, Virginia, Lucy


Bernard HENDRICKS bc 1749--1781 md circa 1773 Prudence GOODE,

Data on Henriccks family from

Joseph W. Evans, 5103 Williams Fork Trail # 109, Boulder, Colorado
Phone 303-581=7905

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